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darkling1542RiMS Racingdarkling1542 started the game RiMS Racing
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MasterNero14Chivalry 2MasterNero14 started the game Chivalry 2
darkling1542darkling1542 has reached a new milestone: 1,840,000 TrueAchievement Score
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Comment by SlayingUrchin3 at 14:21 on 04 Oct 2022

Looks like an interesting game to get completed

Comment by darkling1542 at 15:49 on 04 Oct 2022

unfortunately since i never got the partially discontinued on pc when i had it won't be able to complete this. Definitely quite a fun game!

darkling1542F1 20102 and 5 achievementdarkling1542 won the 2 and 5 achievement in F1 2010 for 85 points
darkling1542Anniversarydarkling1542 is celebrating their 11-year anniversary of joining
Comment by MrZombieChicken at 00:30 on 04 Oct 2022

Happy birthday!!

Comment by MagicalChild at 19:26 on 04 Oct 2022

Happy birthday!

Comment by darkling1542 at 20:41 on 04 Oct 2022

haha been a long time

ArcCscWits & WagersArcCsc completed the game Wits & Wagers and is the 216th gamer on the site to complete it
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Comment by NastyMastaDaddy at 08:17 on 03 Oct 2022

nice dude

darkling1542Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360) darkling1542 won 3 Achievements in Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360) for 166 points
darkling1542Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360)Superhighway achievementdarkling1542 won the Superhighway achievement in Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360) for 47 points
Comment by SlayingUrchin3 at 09:35 on 02 Oct 2022

Gotta get this done at some point, not long finished the One version MP, servers are in pretty bad shape xD

Comment by darkling1542 at 09:52 on 02 Oct 2022

yep this one scared me. Getting it done as fast as i can

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EddieM1974Golf PeaksEddieM1974 won 5 Achievements in Golf Peaks for 733 points
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