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Wandersong is a solid game: let's stop arguing over the cheat code
I'm about to finish Wandersong after attempting to do so for about a month--I've been slacking badly. While it's not a masterpiece, it's a solid 7/10 game for me. It has a lot of cute characters and is teeming with personality, and although the middle portion was a drag, it definitely has enough changing scenery and the story is so back and forth that I'm really looking forward to finishing it tonight.

Last night, I also happened to read through the article (Wandersong's Scene Select Can Get You 1000Gs in an Hour – But Please Don't Do It) posted to ask gamers NOT to activate a cheat code that allows them to obtain all achievements in an hour or less. What I noticed in the responses really concerned me: people went on the defense. Taken like a full-frontal assault on their ways of finding the shortcuts to obtain as many achievements as possible, the community had a lot of people treating the subject like it was an us vs. them mentality of those who take short cuts vs. those who try and do things legitimately. I see this argument pop up now and then: boosting vs. just playing, cheat codes vs. just playing, exploits vs. just playing.

I think it's important to remember: we are all on an achievement website. Our very objective being a part of this website has been to help people track and almost game achievements across all platforms. It's really been an amazing experience being a part of this website for a little over nine years. So it's sad to see the modern culture where everything comes off aggressive to people has bled into TA.

Long story, short: I am coming to the defense of the author. They didn't attack you if you for using cheat codes to get achievements. They're simply reminding you behind the cheat codes is a fairly rewarding game that you could maybe get more from if you play through instead of using cheat codes and deleting the game after the one-hour 1000G.

I'm not so sure why people vehemently reacted. As a journalist for my organization, I'd like to think my bullshit detector is fairly calibrated, and I didn't get anything judgmental from the article. Simply put, carry about doing your business: so long as you aren't using third-party exploits (hacking, basically) to get achievements, you are as valid as any other person on this website. The author wasn't suggesting otherwise, and I think this could be a great opportunity for people to sort of curb their defense mechanisms a bit to realize not everything that comes off like a call out actually is.

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