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PermalinkIt's been ten years since I created an Xbox account...
I slowly awake to the sound of my fan blasting onto my blanket-wrapped body. I curl up in my trifecta of blanket layers to the feeling of being woken up before I turn on my back slowly to look over my room. My blue window curtains on my left threatening to split apart from all the summer light shining against it. I look to the right and see the back of my brother's head: a helmet of hair on the then eight-year old. I roll my eyes: what's the point in locking my door anymore, his room is right next to mine and he just stealths in here all the time.

I roll over and reach behind my fan and snap it off. As the loud chorus of wind whirling around me began to quell, the noises of "Mission failed: we'll get them next time!" start to become audible from my 22-inch 1080i HDTV. So too do the lobby voice chat, filled with horrible bluetooth ear mics and echo. I picked up my Envy 2 and check the time: "10:21." My brother was in none other than a Call of Duty 4 lobby. It's what everyone played in 2008. Or at least in middle school like myself.

It was then I realized I needed a console of my own to give the family PS3 to Logan. It was then I got to experience an Xbox 360. And I did so that summer, but I didn't get Live until the following summer: August 5, 2009.

Ten years, a lot happens. I moved rooms downstairs a few years after. My younger sister was born. I graduated high school and entered the military. I lived in Germany for two years and have changed bases four times. My Aunt nearly died giving birth to twins, sadly losing one during her fight. I'm about to deploy to a foreign country. I endured years of abuse from my father every other weekend when I was legally forced to see him. Through all of these events, one of the constants in my life was video games.

Xbox wasn't the first game console I owned, but it was the first I bought with my own money. I was 12 when I saved up a school-year's worth of report card money to buy an Xbox 360 with 20GB HDD. Entering party chat for the first time felt so funny. PS3 never had that, I had to actually exit the game (there was no dashboard either) and enter a lobby then wait until my friend's avatar floated in a bubble to talk. Games are sort of what kept things... together. I felt like no matter how much things changed, I could always rely on playing games to help me cope, escape, mend and ultimately entertain myself.

When I first created my account, I aptly named myself what I was most excited about: "gamerscorhunta." Why I didn't spell it correctly, I don't know why.

I then noticed I could create my avatar. I set him with some shaggy-looking black hair down to his eyes, some biker gloves, and some sunglasses. I was some real edgy back then, even if my modern Motley-Crue get-up didn't really reflect who I was at the time, a pudgy tall kid with Bieber-like length brown hair.

To those of you who've been around for even longer, and there are plenty, I hope you've been able to enjoy these last ten years like no other. So many great games and memories have been made, and I look forward to the next ten, whichever console you choose to play. Myself: I will be rolling out of bed, sleeping in on weekends, and using my TV remote to start my Xbox. Things have changed, but our love and passion of games haven't.

Thanks, Microsoft <3
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