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Howdy Folks,
I have not really gotten too much chance to crack down on the to-do list. I got a little bit further in Child of Light. I am closing in on the second achievement from that game on the to-do list. I also did the first real chapter of Battlefield: Hardline. It is a pretty interesting take on a crime shooter. The misses was sick most of the week. I did hammer out a few achievements in Andromeda. That has really been a time sinker.
Speaking of Andromeda I really like it. I haven't really noticed too many of the graphical errors people were complaining about. The one that annoys me most is the weird lipstick on female Ryder.
I did get all of Eos done. I am about to go back to the main ship and on the the next planet.

I did try out a couple new games this week. I got an offer for gamefly for $1 plus tax for 30 days. I put a couple ps4 games in the queue. I also tried out For Honor and Overcooked. I actually thought FH was a turd. I played Overcooked solo. I liked it better than FH, but they were both quick returns for me.

If I can keep away from the WoWCrack I think should be able to get back into the flow next week. I really do a lot of a good work on sundays when the misses is at work. Speaking of which, I was able to cross the first game off the to-do list. I knocked out NHL 17's Upgrade achievement.

Number is parenthesis is how many I improved upon previous week.

Easy 2,808 available (17)
Medium 4,817 available (16)
Hard 2,325 available (5)
Very hard 1,478 available (9)
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Quick update. The project is off to a great start. I was finally able to finish ROBLOX the other night. I had been trying for 52 days to get the 20 streak achievement.
Next up was choosing between either Andromeda or the to-do list. I went with the to-do list. I whittled away at Child of Light. I was able to get one achievement from the to-do list and an additional one. I have been following the guide on TA, so hopefully I will be able to finish it pretty easily. My to-do list only had 2 achievements from Child of Light on it, the second of which is unlocked early into chapter 4. I will probably just stop progress on that game as soon as I pop that achievement. I have a word document going with my progress in each game so it becomes a little bit more of a pickup and play.

2825 easy remaining

4833 medium remaining

2330 hard remaining

1489 very hard remaining
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I have been working on creating some gaming goals lately. I follow a guy named Br0ximar on twitter who introduced me to the idea of minimalist gaming. I had been having some issues as to what sort of goals I wanted in my gaming life. I figured why not come to TA to help find them.

Without further adieu, my goals.

1. Hit 300k
2. Raise my completion percentage.
3. Complete 2 games for every new game I purchase.

This gives me a milestone to shoot for, and gives me a longer term side goal to be able to see progress. My buddy xerostomia has been a longtime friend and gaming peer. He is about to hit 300k and it will be the first 50k milestone he has beaten me to. He does a lot of great things especially with his completion %. Lastly, I kind of stole this from President Trump. I want to complete 2 games for every 1 I buy. I have a massive backlog, and that isn't even including 360 games that are at my mother's house. I really need to trim this down.

So, the plan. I am going to be using my Sunday's as my guide work days as that is really the only time I have to game away from the Misses. I was able to use 2 screens on my office computer to push out games like Doodle God and Fire Ungh's quest. Other nights are going to be free nights. I am going to finish the story of Mass Effect Andromeda while working on this project because, hey it works for all 3 categories. For nights I don't want to get too deep into story, I am going to be using my (to-do) list as a guide of what to play. I set it up with 100 random Xbox One (also backwards compatible) achievements. I am going to work off of this list. I oftentimes find myself unsure what to play or without a plan. This gives me a plan. Don't want to play Andromeda, work on the to-do list. I will refill the list once I have done every achievement associated with a game. For example, there are currently six achievements for "Wolf Among Us" in the list, once all 6 are done, I will refresh the list.

Currently at 42.42% completion
265932 GS
18.5% RPG GS
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