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So a long time ago I played SE-3 at a buddies house after playing and loving SE-V2. With the pending release of SE-4 I decided to pick up a copy and give it a whirl. Plus with the ongoing political landscape, I felt like shooting Nazis in the dick. It was just as satisfying and I thought it would be. I love the action cams. Blowing through an enemies lung, leg, or nuts is amazingly graphic.

In the first couple of hours I found that I could play the game a couple different ways. I could go balls to the wall shooter (Rambo/CoD) style or I could go more stealthily. I preferred the Rambo style, so I am going to start with the stealth option. I played the entire second map trying to be as sneaky as possible. I found that it was very enjoyable, and it played similar to a military based version of Hitman. In the Rambo playstyle, I was able to find a nice defensible position and start popping off shots with my m1 Garand.

I really enjoyed all of the single player aspect of the game. I tried the multiplayer modes and it was ok. It was really long and drawn out. I also found it hard to find the enemies. I don't envision playing it more than for achievements.

If you enjoy stealth games or military shooters, put this one in your tray. You won't regret it.

This is going in the Fuck Yes pile!
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In World of Warcraft, the goblins say "time is money, friend" quite often. It is probably the thing they are most known for in the game. Well just like in WoW, time is a valuable asset in the real world. So I have decided to start reviewing the games I play based on the first 2-3 hours of the game.

With the way I play games, I am looking for really great games to sink my time into like Forza Horizon 3, games that I think are good only when playing with friends (Madden dynasty leagues, Battlefield 1 mp etc.) . I am looking to avoid games that are just plain awful, I am however a bit fond of the old gamerscore/trophies. As such, if the game is hot garbage but I can stomach through it long enough to get 1k, you probably can too.

The games are going to get scored into different classes or scores:
The first is Hell Yeah. These are games that I want to go back and play after the initial review is over. Recently this would be Forza Horizon 3 as I mentioned earlier.
The next is Hell No. These are the games I wouldn't waste my time on even for that juicy score. I know that it's an older game, but Jumper: Griffen's Story comes to mind.
The third option is Backlong. Games that were ok, and I would like to finish them at some point, I just don't know when that will be. Another older game in this is Bee Story. It really wasn't that bad, if I had a free copy of it I would Probably go back to finish it. Kind of like Sleeping Dogs definitive ed.

I think as I have gotten older, I try to chose how I spend my time a bit wiser. I work 40 hours a week. I have responsibilities. I want to spend the little gaming time I have on things I enjoy. I am confident that most people do as well. I hope I can point you in a direction that will help you maximise that free time.

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