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My current BOOST LIST!
Games listed at the with the earlier # will be the ones I'm most interested in boosting, and ones with the lower # are ones I'm least interested in boosting. Hit me up if you want to get started.
(D) = I digitally own it.

Games removed from the Microsoft Store:

Tetris Splash-single player
Dirt 3- single player
Mortal Kombat- single player
Magic Duels- single player
Halo 3- single player
UFC Undisputed 2009- single player
3 story missables:
Call me " no touch
Hall of famer
Trophy collector

Marble Blast Ultra- single player
Rocky and Bullwinkle- single player
Earthworm Jim HD- single player
Pure- single player
Quantum of Solace- online
Boom Boom Rocket (plus delisted- but backwards compatible)- single player
Defender- single player
Bliss Island- single player
Cyberball 2072- 1 online achievement
Cabela's Alaskan Adventures- single player
Shoot Many Robots- single player
Spider-Man 3- single player
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows- single player
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game- single player but need DLC
Doom II: Hell on Earth- single player
Overlord- single player (4 story missables)
OutRun Online Arcade- single player
Wolfenstein 3D (NA)- single player
Root Beer Tapper- single player
Legendary- online

Updated 5-30-2022
330/330 stamps (Rare Replay)

Games I'm currently focused on:
Command and Conquer 3: red alert or w/e online time: +16hrs +( 25 hrs?)

Mortal Kombat 9 (single player), aca neo Geo art of fighting (single player).

Call of duty 3 boosting- ranked CTF matches, 8 players needed. Host will search Custom matches by himself- when screen says need 8 more to be ready then others can search. Current points = 5617. Global leaderboard. If failed to connect to people then everyone needs to back out all the way back to main menu.

And any DLC achievements or online related ones I may not have in Overlords for the same reason.

Do I own Lost Planet: Extreme Condition? Not available digitally

#1 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (D) (sometimes online server issues)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Monreal
Release dare: October 2013

Committed to the Cause- level /55 in multiplayer.
Master of the Carribean- complete all 7 training missions and the 8th test mession in multiplayer>Wolfpack>discovery mode.
All Rounder- play on every game mode (complete the waves on Wolfpack mode), and use every ranged ability (15) and weapon (5) in multiplayer:
You unlock 2 new abilities every 6 levels until level 48:
Game modes: Wanted
Artifact Assault
Wolfpack Discovery
Wolfpack Unleashed

Abilities: Disguise (level 0)
Money Bomb (level 0)
Time Phase (level 6)
Decoy (level 6)
Morph (level 12)
Firecracker (level 12)
Tripwire Bomb (level 18)
Bodyguard (level 18)
Booby Trap (level 26)
Glimmer (level 26)
Wipe (level 34)
Animus Shield (level 34)
Teleport (level 42)
Poison (level 42)
Smoke Bomb (level 48)

Weapons: Disruption (level 0)
Knives (level 12)
Sabotage (level 28)
Pistol (level 38)
Poison Dart (level 48)

Queen Anne's Revenge- as Blackbeard, perform an acrobatic kill and a gun kill in less than 10 seconds.

Preemptive Strike- As Orchid, block 10 abilities from opponents with Sabotage.

Elevator to the Gallows- kill a player using a lift that has been trapped with a Booby Trap.

#8 Super Street Fighter IV (Ironclast, Entitled, and Overachiever may all have slight online requirements for parts of them. Also missing 300 matches won and all fighters to C rank.

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Release date: April 2010

#6 Fatal Inertia (need 7 other people, so far :me, ) 2 online: win 1 event online, win 50 events online (50 is buggy)

Publisher: KOEI
Developer: KOEI
Release date: September 2007

#13 Rockstar Table Tennis (D) only need tournament wins 4 people req. Rookie circuit and ameteur curcuit are buggy.

Publisher: Rockstar
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Release date: May 2006

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (D) beating users time trails.

#11 Tom Clancy's The Division -

3 Last Stand DLC (working on Last Stand slowly with random 16 player groups doing 4 teams of 4),
1: Captivated- capture 50 tactical objectives. (Secret and have done some ___)
2: Buffing...Please Wait- grant your team a Perk 10 times. (Secret and have done some___)
3: Stand Taken- win 50 rounds of Last Stand. (Secret and have done some___)

5 Survival DLC,
1: Born Survivor- Survive and escape in Survival.
2: Tools of the Trade- Craft ty he Virus Filter and Flare Gun in Survival mode.
3: Subzero Hero- obtain clothing to get a survivable temperature rating of -22°C/-7°F.
4: Survival Instincts- Achieve Master Rank in Survival Mode.
5: For the Hoarder...- Successful extract 100 items from the Survival Dark Zone.

3 Underground DLC
1: Objectively Experienced- complete each of the 6 different mission objectives in the Underground.
2: The Beast Below- Reach Underground rank 40.
3: Gone Spelunking- Retrieve all 55 audio logs and 25 UrbEx Diaries (in?) the Underground.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Release date: March 2016

#25 Grand Theft Auto IV (D)

Publisher: Rockstar
Developer: Rockstar North
Release date: April 2008

Teamplayer- kill 5 people (not on your team) in a ranked match.
Cut Your Teeth- earn a rank promotion in mulitplayer.
Join the Midnight Club- win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much while vehicle damage is enabled.
Fly the Co-op- beat our ranked time in "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE", and "Bomb da Base II".
Taking it for the Team- be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.
Top of the Food Chain- kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.
Top the Midnight Club-

Missable: Driving Mr. Belic- unlock taxi ability (get Roman to 75% like)

#3 Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation- (now is Backwards Compatible as of 1-17-2019)

Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
Release date: October 2007

Battle Royal (30), Battle Royal (50), Battle Royal (100), Team Battle (30), Team Battle (50), Team Battle (100), Siege Battle (30), Siege Battle (50), Siege Battle (100), Online Kills (100), Online Kills, (200).

Siege battles take about 2 hours exactly if you have 1 person lossing team (Bravo) and a few people winning team (Alpha). Suicide to decrease the timer. Get 1 kill 1st round for winning team n crash rest of both rounds. Go

#5 Quantum of Solace

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release date: November 2008

Buggy in a bad way single player achievements:
The World is Not Enough-
For Your Eyes Only-

4 players required and are buggy in a bad way:

I Know Where You Keep Your Gun- unlock and purchase all weapons. (Means primary weapons, secondary weapons, and all grenades. Also 26,000 total credits will be the required amount needed for this one).

Quite the Body Count- unlock and purchase all weapons attachments. (14,400 credits needed to buy them all).

Ejector Seat, You're Joking?- unlock and purchase all gadgets. (18,700 credits needed:
Flak vest
Proximity mines
Extra grenade type
Extra ammo
Explosive awareness
Extra damage
Extra health
Multiple armaments
Explosives expert
From the hip
Blind fold
Attack radius
Silent footsteps
Faster reload
Increased fire rate)

Goldfinger- unlock and purchase all golden weapons. (28,800 credits needed).

Chemin de Fer- unlock and purchase all weapons, grenades, attachments, gadgets, and golden weapons. (90,300 credits needed).

For England, James?- earn +100,000 credits.

4 players required:
Yes. Considerably.- play 100 online matches.
Shaken, not stirred- win 5 Territory Controlled matches.
A measure of comfort- kill 1,000 players across all modes.
Die Another Day- Escape as Bond in Bond Evasion mode.

Boosters: #1 darkling1492

#14 Street Fighter X Tekken (D) use arecade fight request 30 times and fight 500 matches on live (200 left), also Zenith has some related online requirements.

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Release date: March 2012

#17 Cyberball 2072 (you must be skilled) (D) Super Shutout.

*Game is removed from xbox marketplace*

Publisher: Midway
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Release date: September 2007

Boosters: #1 KinectKid333

#18 Lost Planet 2 (D)

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Release date: May 2010

#1 A Collector's Collector- Unlock all Items (weapons, abilities, and noms de Guerre) (requires online skill) (requires 4 players).
#2 Committed til' the End- earn all the Good Job awards, items, and Career
Levels available in the game (requires online skill) (requires 8 players).
#3 Good Job Soldier- earn all the Good Job awards. (Requires 8 players)
#4 Hot Shot- gain the promotion rank of Gunner (requires 4 players).
#5 Welcome to the battle- play 1 online match.
#6 War Vet- play 500 online matches.
#7 Centurion- win 100 online Ranked matches.
#8 Slayer of a Thousand Men- get 1,000 online kills.
#9 Me against the World- complete 93 areas online without the help of other players.
#10 Two is better than one- complete 386 areas with 1 or more players.
#11 Let's go VS Force- merge 2 vs units.
#12 Professional Turncoat- fight for a number of different factions in a Faction match.

#20 Domino Master (D) ( Doubles and All 3's Guru help boosting)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: TikGames
Release date: September 2008

Domino Explorer- win a game in eachgame mode at least one, single player and multiplayer. Disconnecting and quitting don't count as wins, Mexican train is longest mode. Player match can be done vs computer as long as you choose the option "one on ones". In player match if your human opponent leaves then he is replaced by a bot and if you win that DOES count.
5 single player modes:
5 player match multiplayer modes:
5 ranked match multiplayer modes:

Boosters: #1 ThaHawka

#21 Hard Corps: Uprising (Reserved for doing with Monkytilldeath) (D)

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Arc System Works
Release date: February 2011

#22 Hunted: Demon's Forge (co-op)

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: inXile Entertainment
Release date: May 2011

Buggy bad: Crystal Clear (this one is also host only)-
Bump you up-

Missable: Above the Influence-

Boosters: #1 ThaHawka

#9 Splosion Man (D) collect 47 cakes in multiplayer and complete multiplayer.

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Release date: July 2009

Boosters: #1 KinectKid333

#10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release date: November 2006

#16 Red Dead Redemption (D)

Publisher: Rockstar
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Release date: May 2010

9 players: Kingpin (Online)
8 players: Posse Up! (Online)
6 players: Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace (Online)
Compulsive Liar (Online)
Have Gun Will Travel (Online)
Slow on the Draw (Online)
Hit the Trail (Online)
The Quick and Everyone Else... (Online)
Go Team! (Online)
Most Wanted (Online)
Smoke that Skinwagon (Online) (Buggy +)

Co-Op: You Rule! (Buggy +) (Buggy -)
Have Posse Will Travel (Buggy +) (Buggy -)
Struck Gold (Buggy -)
The Mother Lode (Buggy -)
Singleplayer: In a Hail of Bullets (Buggy +)
Long Arm of Marston (Buggy +)
Bullseye (Buggy +)
Six Years in the Making (Buggy -)
Missable: Spurred to Victory (Singleplayer)

Dodge This-
Call it Comeback-

#23 OF: Dragon Rising (D)

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Release date: October 2009

#24 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition(D)

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Release date: January 2007

#1 Grand Slam (is buggy in a negative way)- collect all 4 types of medals in matches online.
#2 Ace Medal- get 10 in Elimination matches.
#3 Hunting Medal- get 10 in Fugitive matches.
#4 Elimination Medal- get 10 in Team Elimination matches.
#5 Conqueror Medal- get 10 in Post Grab matches.
#6 Online Master- achieve level 50 in online battle.
#7 Online Century- logged more than 100 online matches.
#8 Chain Killer- waste 10 opponents in a row in an online match without dying.
#9 Head Hunter- get 50 online headshots.

#25 Over G Fighters (single player must be done before multiplayer,a bit of multiplayer)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Taito
Release date: June 2006

#26 Forza 2 (earn 1,000,000 online credits from Tournaments and Career races)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Turn 10
Release date: May 2007

#27 Minesweeper Flags (D)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: TikGames
Release date: February 2009

Mine, Mine, All Mine!- win 5 or more games of each game type.
#1 Classic Customized games won:
#2 Classic Easy games won:
#3 Classic Medium games won:
#4 Classic Hard games won:
#5 Campaign games won:
#6 Single Player games won:
#7 Multiplayer games won (must NOT be ranked):

#7 Turning Point

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Spark Unlimited
Release date: February 2008

(leaderboards stats are off) 1,041/2,500 kills
Use the grenade trade kills method, only requires 2 players. Both nade at same time.

#12 Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Los Angeles
Release date: May 2007

No Life- play MP for 100 hours. 8/100 hours online.

#4 Project Gotham Racing 3 Style Racer Badge (performing every kudos manuver in an race ,can be online).

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Release date: November 2005

#19 Legendary

*game is removed from marketplace*

Publisher: Gamecock Media Group
Developer: Spark Unlimited
Release date: November 2008

- Jazz Hands!, Petting Zoo, Animal Control, Savage Law of the Jungle are all single player buggy ones. Combat Veteran play 200 ranked multiplayer matches (need 6-8 people and always watch the cut-scene after each match fully) and King of the Jungle play 50 ranked multiplayer matches. Also theres talk of playing this game online, resets other online progress in games.

Boosters: #1 ThaHawka

#2 Call of Duty 3

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release date: November 2006

- all 3 achievements require 8 players- Major, Colonel, General.

#28 Quake IV

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Raven
Release date: November 2005

#29 Gears of War (not on boosting list just yet)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Epic Games
Release date: November 2006

#15 Sea of Thieves (they lowered the achievements requirements recently) (they drastically lowered they achievements requirements yet again after the 1st person ever completed it!) (Log into get spartan ship!)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Rare
Release date: March 2018

Games I don't Own yet but need to buy so I can finish boosting on them:

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath & Beyond (need to buy)

Buy Time Pilot digitally before it's delisted.

Unobtainable list:

#1 Smash TV: Game Master
#2 Rayman Raving Rabbids: RAYMAN LOVES CHALLENGE (1)
#3 Rayman Raving Rabbids: RAYMAN LOVES DRAWING (1)
#4 Rayman Raving Rabbids: GREATEST RAYMAN EVER (1)
#5 Mighty No. 9: A Helping Hand
#6 Warlords: Earl

Discontinued list:

#1 Madden NFL 07: Live Opponent
#2 Darksiders 2: Pay it Forward
#3 Darksiders 2: Unlock Everything
#4 Gears of War Judgement: Sybarite
#5 Forza Motorsport 2: Car Broker
Last person to earn this was September 23, 2017, offline was August 3, 2017. Still discontinued?
#6 LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth II: General- unlocks Ohta
#7 LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth II: King of Kings- unlocks Fhaleen
#8 LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth II: Entrepreneur- unlocks Celebrim
#9 LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth II: My Heroes are better than yours- unlocks Felek
#10 Lost Planet 2: Professional Turncoat

#1 ESPN: 1 of 9
#2 YouTube: 9 of 10
#3 Netflix: 1 of 10
#4 Movies n TV: 3 of 10

Partly Discontinued list:

#1 Madden NFL 07: need NCAA 07 for a partly discontinued achievement.

Single player strategies and notes on specific games:
#1 The Darkness: beat the game on easy then use trick for beating it on normal and hard.
#2 OF: Dragon Rising:
#3 Scott Pilgrim DLC

Rush to finish these games as they have been removed from the marketplace:
#1 Tetris Splash (D) (removed on 7-25-2019)

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