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PermalinkI'm competing in Super Smash Bros Melee today
Wow, well it's been a few years since I've played this game minus 2 single days this year. One of the games I've been most skilled at ever in my entire history of gaming. Anyone else familiar with this game? Super Smash Bros Melee, such good memories. The competition I am competing at has around 25 competitors so pretty small. When I found out I was good at this game I started hosting tournaments and had my own challenge. It started out as I would charge people $20 to fight me and if they won then they would win $40. Then I progressed to $20 to try and $100 if they won, and ended the competition at $30 to try and $300 if they won. No one ever beat me 1vs1 but one guy that was out a state from Kentucky had me at 300+% damage on my last life on Final Destination before I made a comeback and won, I thought for sure I was finally gonna have to payout on that fight. His character was Marth. I've had about 120 people fight me 1vs1. Let's see how rusty I am. My main has Always been Samus Aran with a former main as Dr. Mario, and third as Marth.

Tell me about yalls Smash stories!
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