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Giving up on the hotspot achievements on Yesterday Origins for now, think I must just be blind :')

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The road to 100 completions
Having just recently hit my 85th Xbox completion, and not done any blog posting in a while, I figured now is as good as time to any to get writing ...
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SuperS0nicSam won 5 Achievements in SMITE for 160 points

                  Status change by K4rn4ge at 18:29 on 06 Dec 2016K4rn4ge status: NEW GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away 2 copies of new ID@Xbox game Wand Wars. Follow AND go HERE:
Comment by K4rn4ge at 18:30 on 06 Dec 2016

Will be drawing the winners on Friday night, so get your entries in asap :)

Comment by K4rn4ge at 18:30 on 06 Dec 2016

Also probably streaming this and Dead Rising 4 today / this week

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Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 16:39 on 06 Dec 2016

Congrats. Wish more people weren't afraid of the first one though. Such a good game.

Comment by LifeExpectancy at 16:58 on 06 Dec 2016

Im not afraid of it. Just not interested in it. This one was only because of UHH.

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LifeExpectancyPrototype 2
LifeExpectancy won 3 Achievements in Prototype 2 for 292 points
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Comment by KURSED SOULS at 15:14 on 06 Dec 2016

Level 100 headspin

Comment by K1NG ARTHUR III at 15:44 on 06 Dec 2016

Only 75 gamerscore for the final DLC? They better even this out at 2000 with future content

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                  Status change by DubtricksGaming at 12:50 on 06 Dec 2016DubtricksGaming status: anyone got a bearded dragon if so can anyone give me any tips as im saving for one :D
Comment by Mighty Krizpp at 13:48 on 06 Dec 2016

Don't let it kill you. best tip I can think of

Comment by Stealth David at 14:45 on 06 Dec 2016

Wasn't you saving for a house? The other day now a bearded dragon

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Comment by Lavindathar at 08:53 on 06 Dec 2016

Really decent game. Incredibly cheap, but incredibly short.

LavindatharI, Zombie
Lavindathar won 3 Achievements in I, Zombie for 479 points
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                  Status change by PiCkLE SQU1D at 07:50 on 06 Dec 2016PiCkLE SQU1D status: Huntmaster - Ask Trion Directly Please pass the word around and help out.
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                  Status change by Strategy One at 06:40 on 06 Dec 2016Strategy One status: Not to point fingers but one good thing about unobtainables on this site is a big red flag for investigation and usually ban. *Looking at Dog of War
Comment by Strategy One at 06:43 on 06 Dec 2016

I truly wish that game was completeable because it was one of my best strategy milestones. Most likely #1 for X360

Comment by WAFFLETRAIN7997 at 07:00 on 06 Dec 2016

At least it's obtainable on PS ;/

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MusquitoRISK (Xbox 360)Musquito started the game RISK (Xbox 360)
PiCkLE SQU1DTrueAchievementsPiCkLE SQU1D joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game TrueAchievements
Comment by PiCkLE SQU1D at 06:10 on 06 Dec 2016

I guess someone already did that. #FAIL

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Comment by K4rn4ge at 05:31 on 06 Dec 2016

I'll be streaming it tomorrow (Tues) & maybe some ID games too

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Comment by GheeButt3rSnaps at 12:33 on 06 Dec 2016


Comment by DementedSquire7 at 16:08 on 06 Dec 2016

Nice - well done

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