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MeszerusNORTHMeszerus completed the game NORTH and is the 12,018th gamer on the site to complete it
MeszerusNORTHMeszerus won 10 Achievements in NORTH for 1018 points
MeszerusNORTHThe last letter achievementMeszerus won the The last letter achievement in NORTH for 103 points
MeszerusNORTHPolice test achievementMeszerus won the Police test achievement in NORTH for 103 points
MeszerusNORTHThe doctors test achievementMeszerus won the The doctors test achievement in NORTH for 103 points
MeszerusNORTHPrayer achievementMeszerus won the Prayer achievement in NORTH for 103 points
MeszerusNORTHGood worker achievementMeszerus won the Good worker achievement in NORTH for 102 points
MeszerusNORTHJob description achievementMeszerus won the Job description achievement in NORTH for 100 points
MeszerusNORTHListener achievementMeszerus won the Listener achievement in NORTH for 100 points
MeszerusNORTHSpecial pills achievementMeszerus won the Special pills achievement in NORTH for 101 points
MeszerusNORTHMeszerus started the game NORTH
NicoleRenee00Minecraft (Kindle Fire)NicoleRenee00 won 29 Achievements in Minecraft (Kindle Fire) for 1894 points
NicoleRenee00Endless Legend (Win 10)NicoleRenee00 won 17 Achievements in Endless Legend (Win 10) for 292 points
NicoleRenee00Win StreakNicoleRenee00 is currently on a 1000 achievement win streak
Comment by Ace#4617 at 13:49 on 28 Oct 2020


Comment by venomthanosfan at 15:14 on 28 Oct 2020

Kudos & congrats on having earned such an amazing & impressive achievement win streak Nicole :-).

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NicoleRenee00Win StreakNicoleRenee00 is currently on a 45 day achievement win streak , which is a new personal best
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 06:22 on 28 Oct 2020


Comment by SoupaBuoy at 11:30 on 28 Oct 2020


NicoleRenee00Minecraft (Kindle Fire)NicoleRenee00 won 23 Achievements in Minecraft (Kindle Fire) for 1386 points
NicoleRenee00Minecraft (Kindle Fire)Update 1.1.0: Discovery UpdateNicoleRenee00 completed the Update 1.1.0: Discovery Update DLC for Minecraft (Kindle Fire)
Comment by Ace#4617 at 08:53 on 27 Oct 2020

Staying alive I see smile

Comment by NicoleRenee00 at 16:31 on 27 Oct 2020

Barely! I miss my RPGs, but they’re terrible for leap frog laugh

Comment by Ace#4617 at 20:57 on 27 Oct 2020

Yeah, I got some longer games I do my best to sneak in playing now and then in between the leap frogging.

MeszerusBatman: The Telltale SeriesMeszerus completed the game Batman: The Telltale Series and is the 70,917th gamer on the site to complete it
MeszerusHand of FateMeszerus won 3 Achievements in Hand of Fate for 310 points
TropicalJimbo92TropicalJimbo92 has reached a new milestone: 225 Games Played
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