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Streak LeaderStreak Leader has reached a new milestone: 1,560,000 TrueAchievement Score
KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD has reached a new milestone: 810,000 TrueAchievement Score
heynongman32912 Days of Christmasheynongman329 registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
KARMAgoesHARDGTASC 2019KARMAgoesHARD has been eliminated from GTASC 2019 - Individual
Comment by KARMAgoesHARD at 13:09 on 09 Dec 2019

Ran out of scans!!

                Status change by Slayer Reigning at 05:47 on 09 Dec 2019Slayer Reigning status: Halo Reach LASO 3/9 Missions - Gears 5: ReUp 17 Level 35, Honor 9k/26k
Slayer ReigningWandersongSlayer Reigning has rated the game Wandersong 5 out of 5
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 05:35 on 09 Dec 2019

Can't beat free, less than 1 hour Gamerscore.

Comment by Ace#4617 at 10:19 on 09 Dec 2019

Was wondering with the dev menu if this was sub 1 hour. Gotta add it to my next 10k gs day list.

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MetallicaGhostMetallicaGhost has reached a new milestone: 1,200 Games Played
Slayer ReigningWandersongSlayer Reigning completed the game Wandersong and is the 82nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 05:34 on 09 Dec 2019

2019 #161

Slayer ReigningWandersongSlayer Reigning won 20 Achievements in Wandersong for 1768 points
NiteJokesterNeed for Speed HeatNiteJokester won 2 Achievements in Need for Speed Heat for 59 points
Slayer ReigningWandersongSlayer Reigning started the game Wandersong
Elmo TeH AzNElmo TeH AzN has reached a new milestone: 400 Games Played
IrishWarrior022Rogue Trooper ReduxIrishWarrior022 completed the game Rogue Trooper Redux and is the 168th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 01:57 on 09 Dec 2019

Completion #123 of 2019


                Status change by Slayer Reigning at 22:49 on 08 Dec 2019Slayer Reigning status: Gotta catch up on Xmas challenge. Another Reach LASO mission and then back to Gears 5 XP grinding.
planting42Wandersongplanting42 has rated the game Wandersong 4 out of 5
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 22:39 on 08 Dec 2019

You do the quick way?

Comment by planting42 at 22:41 on 08 Dec 2019

Amazing story and real easy to keep playing. Also there's a chapter select it seems but I'd still recommend playing it through for the dialog alone.

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planting42Demon's Tiltplanting42 has rated the game Demon's Tilt 1.5 out of 5
Comment by planting42 at 22:40 on 08 Dec 2019

Just 1 table. I like that they tried something different, but they failed spectacularly. Pinball is about skill and not about random which this game is. Retro FX, meh.

Comment by Slayer Reigning at 22:48 on 08 Dec 2019

It's alright for a some quick plays here and there from gamepass. But Pinball FX offers so much more.

SweetArkhaneGwent: The Witcher Card GameSweetArkhane has rated the game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game 3 out of 5
Tandar1Tandar1 has reached a new milestone: 17,750 Achievements Won
Clearly InsaneDeath SquaredClearly Insane started the game Death Squared
FrostbiteMy Friend PedroFrostbite won 3 Achievements in My Friend Pedro for 72 points
FrostbiteMy Friend PedroFrostbite started the game My Friend Pedro
Tandar1Rayman LegendsTandar1 won 2 Achievements in Rayman Legends for 249 points
KARMAgoesHARDDeath SquaredKARMAgoesHARD started the game Death Squared

                Status change by omgeezus at 13:30 on 08 Dec 2019omgeezus status: so close to the end of the semester...
Comment by LitaOsiris at 15:53 on 08 Dec 2019

When do you finish?

Comment by omgeezus at 16:14 on 08 Dec 2019

Technically, I'm scheduled to take my last final on December 15 (next Sunday), but I'm working on a ton of extra credit quizzes this weekend to figure out if I can

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MetallicaGhostNHL 18MetallicaGhost won 2 Achievements in NHL 18 for 49 points
MetallicaGhostNHL 18MetallicaGhost started the game NHL 18
Shadowless EdgeWandersongShadowless Edge completed the game Wandersong and is the 29th gamer on the site to complete it
Shadowless EdgeWandersongShadowless Edge started the game Wandersong
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Fancy Bacon TRUE TITTIES Public 14 84 16.67
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