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That awkward moment when i unlock achievements i won back in August 18th, 2014........

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Month In Review (January 2014)
Hello everybody and welcome to another Monthly Review it was a really exciting month for gaming got some good amount of points towards my goals i have set for myself both monthly, and yearly i am closing in on the 200,000 mark for gamerscore which is going to be an amazing milestone for myself and it will only be getting better after that. Lets start off with my goals for last month and see how i did:

1.Sleeping Dogs
2. Sleeping Dogs (GER)
3. Rogue Warrior
4. geoDefense
5. geoDefense Swarm
6. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Win 8)
7. Velvet Assassin
8. Cross Channel: Memory of all people
9. X-Men Destiny

Now before anyone says it yes the only goals i didn't complete are 2 really easy 5 hour arcade games.... To be honest i am disappointed in myself for that because A) they are so easy B) it was sure laziness that made me not do them... Its whatever i'm over it they will get done eventually maybe while i am doing a super grindy game *Cough* Bioshock 2?

So i started the month off with a Bang Completing 3 games Afro Samurai, Monopoly Millionaires, and Need for speed: Rivals(Xbox one) I then completed Saints Row 3(GER) and Rogue Warrior couples day later i was really happy to get to play SR3 again i love that game so much i could honestly play that game 4 times and it would not lose its entertainment value :P Mixed with the Constant swearing Of "Dick" from Rogue warrior made for a good day of gaming :P Now after that i started my Journey of the sleeping dogs I did Sleeping dogs (GER) Which was a great game!! I have never played the game before and had only heard good things about it and it did not disappoint from the moment i popped my first achievement to the end was an entertaining ride!! But then... i started and finished X-men Destiny Now there is not many games I "Hate" But we can go ahead and put that in the "Hate" category because that game is proper shit and TBH i am glad the company that made it got sued cause the game was that bad!! Now you may see a gap of 2 days where i scored no points... Well this is incorrect.. This where comes the one flaw of sleeping dogs is that if you do one of the versions if you go to stack it has to be done Offline because the gold medals are server based and don't allow you to get all the medal achievements again unless your gamertag is Offline.... But with that being said started and finished Sleeping Dogs In the next four days i had popped some achievements in the following games Painkiller H&D, Completed DreamTrack Nation Couple days later i had some days off WOO!! So started and completed Velvet Assassin had too much coffee that day.... So i said screw it i will do Brothers- A Tale Of Two Sons which is probably one of the better arcade games i have played in the last little while, these lat two games were the only real achievements i had gained the next week was pretty slow but i was working towards completing Cross Channel: Memory of all people Which brings me to the weekend i had completed in the spam of two days Cross Channel: Memory Of All People, Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper, and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes which would bring me to the end of the month which brought me to these final; stats...

Michaelthedude won 500 Achievements in 23 games, for a total of 15,316 TrueAchievement points (10,855 GamerScore).

Relatively good month i would say.. smile

This is a different part of the blog not going to be a normal thing buttttt..... I want to officially introduce a new "Dude" in the Dude clan which he has changed his gamertag making it official from Jake2355 to Jakeythedude honestly really love the name of course we would have rathered Jacob or Jake but Jakey is going to be the new trend of awesomeness now with this change we are up to 3 members in our clan WOO!! Maybe we can get a 4th for GTASC next year ;) So once again welcome Jake!!

Now lets move on to the goals for the month of February smile

1) Assassin's Creed 1
2) Assassin's Creed 2
3) Sniper Elite V2
4) Portal 2
5) Brother In Arms: Hell's Highway
6) Dishonored (All DLC)
7) Lollipop Chainsaw
8) Amazing Alex
9) SSX
10)Tiger Woods 11(890)

Well that's another month down and i still have a lot of stuff to get done to hit My yearly goals... Maybe i should actually get started on my Devil May Cry's??? laugh

Anyway til next month guys! Remember if you guys like my blog please follow and leave a comment let me know how you like it!! :)

Posted by Michaelthedude on 06 February 14 at 20:58 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
I know what everyone is thinking Michael why the hell are you so bi-polar with these blogs!! I know i have been really bad even my friend Jake2355 who i motivated to do a blog every month is giving me shit but i am finally sitting down to write this so be happy everyone I'm losing valuable achievement points right now!!! HAHAHA laugh

So lets start off with something that again Jake2355 inspired me to do which was my top 3 games from 2013 now you're going to look at these and say those??? really??? In all fairness i did not play alot of new games this year... Mainly older games so these are my top 3 from 2013

2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
3. Zoo tycoon (Xbox One)

YEs so out of every game i played this year those are my top 3 only one of which i have 100% the others hopefully will be coming this year :) Now i am also going to name my most favorite DLC this year now for people who know me this may come as a suprise...

1. Dunwall City Trials (Dishonored)

Yes out of every DLC i have played this is by far my favorite i played now let me tell you hard as hell hardest thing i had done for a long time and honestly that is why i loved it so much it brought a challenge to the achievements not just giving me the score.... Lets move on to both my yearly and monthly TA stats :)

Year: Michaelthedude won 3,102 Achievements in 122 games, for a total of 109,892 TrueAchievement points (72,950 GamerScore).

Month (December): Michaelthedude won 470 Achievements in 25 games, for a total of 18,181 TrueAchievement points (12,790 GamerScore).

Now to point out for the year i think that is a really good score for the amount that i have to work... If i had not slacked on distractions Pokemon Y, COD Multiplayer ETC i think that could have easily been 85,000-90,000 and as for the last month of December i really wanted to prove to some people that if i put my mind to it i can score and i can score BIG!!! *cough* Best ln Philly

Now this month was pretty crazy but i will try and summarize as best as possible!!!
I started off the month scoring some decent points in Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) which made me really want to ask for it for X-mas luckily i was fortunate to get it WOO HOO!!! After that i was like Hardcore point time... So next Day i Started and Completed both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Open Season both of which are really easy completions now when i had done COD 4 it gave me so much motivation to do *gulp* Call of Duty 2 which honestly i think it was a mind over matter thing because as much as i was worried about it was not nearly as bad as i remember doing it before... In saying that still was not a walk in the park took me roughly 3-4 days of playing not straight but playing... Now here comes a big stream of completions in a row the next week i Started and Completed the following PIA Carrot, Hulk Hogan: Main event, Need for Speed Most wanted (2006) Galactic Reign (WP) and (W8), The Testament of Sherlock Holmes(EU) Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, and Carvival Games Monkey See Monkey Do (TAI) Now i did these in the span of a week which is quite impressive and doing these made me actually like going for gamerscore and seeing that number rise!!! Next game i did was Bully: Scholarship Edition after this game was X-mas day and that when i got the games i had asked for and some more shit. Which was good cause i had brought 1 game with me to my Dad's for X-mas which believe it or not was Afro Samurai and trhis game if you have not played it i highly recommend it one of the best games i have played hack and slash wise other than Ninja Gaiden 2. After that it was New Years day and whil;e most people were out getting wasted i actually stayed inside drank Tequila and played WP games in one night i finished Need for speed: Rivals(Xbox One), Monopoly (WP) and Monopoly millionaire (WP) which was fun!! Now that pretty much summarizes my December it was a great month and i am extremly proud of the month and great way to end a great gaming year!!! Now i am going to lay out both my monthly goals as well as my Yearly goals!!!


1.Sleeping Dogs
2. Sleeping Dogs (GER)
3. Rogue Warrior
4. geoDefense
5. geoDefense Swarm
6. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Win 8)
7. Velvet Assassin
8. Cross Channel: Memory of all people
9. X-Men Destiny

Now its not that much but it will get better through the months!!


1. Devil May Cry HD Collection
2. Devil May Cry 4
3. Devil May Cry 5
4. 83% Completion
5. 260,000 GamerScore
6. 269 ;) Completed Games
7. Top 5 in Trueachievement, Gamerscore and Completed Games in ALL of Alberta

One last thing i gotta say that i am thankful for all the friends i have made through this site in the last year some people to mention Jake2355, Best ln Philly, FunniestCloud, all of which i am thankful to have on my friends list Also a shout out to my longest standing friend you all probably know him Dallasthedude! Here's to another good year of gaming and scoring everyone and i hope the next gen brings us some awesome times in 2014!! As always if you have any suggestions or anything about the blog feel free to comment also if you could maybe click the follow button tell me how you like it would be amazing!!

Thanks Guys!
Posted by Michaelthedude on 09 January 14 at 02:32 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Import Games that i have for Sale Upon Completion!
So i have a bunch of out of region games that i just want to throw out there in case anyone is interested maybe it might give me a kick in the ass to actually complete them :P

Just a note if the game is still on the list it is still available!! Just message me for details either on XBL or here on TA :) *Note* ALL PRICES IN CANADIAN CURRENCY

1. Steins Gate 1 28$
2. Steins Gate 2 26$
3. Cross Channel Memory of all people 35$ (reserved)
4. Pia Carrot 4 25$ (Ready to go)
5. 11 Eyes Cross Over 25$
6. Tenchu z (JP) 22$
7. Velvet Assassin (JP) 16$
8. Stranglehold (JP) 15$
9. Eat Lead (JP) 28$
10. Alone in the dark (JP) 18$
11. Bioshock (JP) 28$
12. Saints Row 3 (GER) 33$ (reserved)
13. Wanted WOF GER 35$
14. Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the ripper (EU) 30$
15. Looney Tunes ACME (EU) 25$
17. The testament of sherlock holmes (EU) 20$
18. Eragon (EU) 20$
19. Bioshock (GER) 35$
20. The Darkness (JP) 20$
21. Bullet Witch (JP) 25$
22. Overlord (JP) 25$
23. Darksiders (JP) 28$
24. Wanted WOF (JP) 22$
25. Brink (JP) 28$
26. 50 cent BOTS 25$ (ready to go)

Just a note if anyone wants to buy in bulk IE 3 or more games and can lower the cost of games a little and reduce cost in shipping.

Posted by Michaelthedude on 31 October 13 at 18:36 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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