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SashamorningBean Dive
Sashamorning won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
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The Fury I84IKyubTorticollis achievementThe Fury I84I won the Torticollis achievement in Kyub for 169 points
Comment by BreakingPad68 at 18:57 on 22 Jun 2017

I love this game. One of my all time favorites

Comment by The Fury I84I at 19:48 on 22 Jun 2017

It's fun, but I clearly suck at it laugh

                  Status change by MattiasAnderson at 17:38 on 22 Jun 2017MattiasAnderson status: The game Ikaruga is fun but the achievements DESTROY the game. It makes it really boring. The achievments are made boring!
Comment by planting42 at 17:46 on 22 Jun 2017

See? I thought you'd like it.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 18:01 on 22 Jun 2017

I actually hate it! lol the achievements break the game. it makes it very repetitive trying to hit the right ones to get enough chain and then repeat. Super boring!

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 18:02 on 22 Jun 2017

This will be a nightmare to complete! And maybe even more boring than Spelunky and Battleblock. Not sure I would go that far but could be the case. :(

EmDad Beat DadsVolunteer achievementEm won the Volunteer achievement in Dad Beat Dads for 42 points
EmDad Beat DadsQuick Scope achievementEm won the Quick Scope achievement in Dad Beat Dads for 40 points
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MusquitoAnodeTriaconta- achievementMusquito won the Triaconta- achievement in Anode for 57 points
MusquitoAnodeFull Load achievementMusquito won the Full Load achievement in Anode for 68 points
MusquitoAnodeSpace Cadet achievementMusquito won the Space Cadet achievement in Anode for 13 points
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Mike MarcelaisSubmergedEnd achievementMike Marcelais won the End achievement in Submerged for 117 points
MusquitoActive Soccer 2 DXMusquito started the game Active Soccer 2 DX
MusquitoAIPDWeapon Master achievementMusquito won the Weapon Master achievement in AIPD for 138 points
Mike MarcelaisSubmergedMike Marcelais started the game Submerged
SashamorningActive Soccer 2 DXSashamorning completed the game Active Soccer 2 DX and is the 595th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Sashamorning at 03:25 on 22 Jun 2017

2017-77, but right now it's all about the sixes. smile

Comment by fighterx93chipp at 03:34 on 22 Jun 2017

Holy shit laugh

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                  Status change by Sashamorning at 03:23 on 22 Jun 2017Sashamorning status: I don't need Threes, I've got SIXES!!!
Comment by Sashamorning at 03:23 on 22 Jun 2017

Some people have said I'm evil over the years... here's the proof. wink

Comment by omgeezus at 03:31 on 22 Jun 2017


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Sashamorning has started broadcasting Other on their Mixer feed at 01:45 on 22 Jun 2017MixerSashamorning has started broadcasting Other on their Mixer channel
SashamorningSashamorning has reached a new milestone: 530 Completed Games
Comment by oxBURN3Rxo at 01:51 on 22 Jun 2017


Comment by Sashamorning at 02:05 on 22 Jun 2017

I know, I'm kinda shocked myself when I see the completed game milestones.

SashamorningTRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!Sashamorning completed the game TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE! and is the 2,234th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Sashamorning at 01:00 on 22 Jun 2017

2017-76. Why do game have "Play XXX games" achievements?

Comment by Living Legends at 05:04 on 22 Jun 2017

So you play it for longer than you should had. Quake 4 is a good example

Comment by Sashamorning at 17:32 on 22 Jun 2017

Yup. All of Ubisoft's game shows have them too. Family Feud, The Price Is Right, etc.

SashamorningTRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!Winner Wonderland achievementSashamorning won the Winner Wonderland achievement in TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE! for 280 points
Comment by Allgorhythm at 01:06 on 22 Jun 2017

Exactly 100 GamerScore to go to hit 666,666 smile

Comment by Sashamorning at 01:14 on 22 Jun 2017

And a 100 Gamerscore achievement teed up to go!

LitaOsirisLitaOsiris is celebrating their 8-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
Comment by Allgorhythm at 00:26 on 22 Jun 2017

toast Happy Anniversary!

Comment by petee moobaa at 00:30 on 22 Jun 2017

...and a Happy TAnniversary to you, my TATwin :D

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SashamorningBean Dive
Sashamorning won 2 achievements in 2 new games as part of their Bean Dive

                  Status change by Sashamorning at 18:28 on 21 Jun 2017Sashamorning status: Handydarkness, I hope you find the peace that you so desperately needed. Rest well.
Comment by Har Miggido at 18:45 on 21 Jun 2017

Aw no, this guy had the decency to congratulate my team on a second place finish during one period of the gtasc. Shocking news :(

Comment by Ashe Arthur at 18:45 on 21 Jun 2017

He died ????? From what ??? :SSSS

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                  Status change by MattiasAnderson at 17:16 on 21 Jun 2017MattiasAnderson status: FINALLY Done with Battleblock! That was a pure grind. So nice to be done with it. For me it was one of the most boring games i played this year.
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 17:17 on 21 Jun 2017

I am so happy that I have had two people helping me with this game! Would have been a true nightmare if it wasn't for my very good friend that helped me with co op.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 17:21 on 21 Jun 2017

Ikaruga will be my 2nd game but will also do Wreckateer as my 3rd at the same time. (Because its a Kinect game and I cant play too many hours of Kinect).

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Shadow KisuragiParking Mania (WP)Shadow Kisuragi completed the game Parking Mania (WP) and is the 426th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 16:56 on 21 Jun 2017

3 #@$@#$@ playthroughs of this later. Tracked down the save loss issue to hopping around to later missions.

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 17:26 on 21 Jun 2017

lol congrats

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Shadow KisuragiParking Mania (WP)Complete Specific GameShadow Kisuragi achieved their Goal - Complete Parking Mania (WP)
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