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Anyone having problems with a huge loss of Gamerscore atm? Games at 0/1000 but the achievement unlocks at 100%?

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I want to fall in love with games again... Part 2 (Best and Worst Games and Anticipations)
Well... That Blog Title is a mouthful...

Hey guys, Krauser here. And in the last blog post, I went on about how I want to love games, and play more games to enjoy them and less as a chore. I promised I would make a "Decade" list of sorts, talk about games I liked/loved which im gonna sorta do down below, but im gonna also add things im excited for in the near future.

I won't carry on much longer, just want to say that obviously some spoilers will be ahead though i'll warn you ahead of time or cover it up, and I want to quickly point out that im not writing this as a "Best games from 2010-2020 release dates" Decades List, but rather games i've played in general, and some quick thoughts. Ill have honorable and dishonorable mentions, and i'll end with a little blurb of what my next blog will be. I want to make it VERY CLEAR, just cause I add a game to Dishonorable Mentions doesen't mean it's a bad game. I may not have played much of it and just didn't like what I played at all, or it might not have been my cup of tea... that may change in the future.

So that being said, all of the following is clearly just my opinion, you have yours and I completely respect that, comment below your top and worst games, and without further ado, here we go:

One Last Note: I got really lazy and didn't expect how much I typed up here... So if you see short answers it's probably that. If you wanna hear more, please comment below!

My All-Time Favorite Games List
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Honorable Mentions
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Dishonorable Mentions
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Games I Own/Am Buying That Interest Me
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My Most Anticipated Titles
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Games I Wish Would Come Out
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Thanks for reading guys! In the coming weeks, i'll probably be putting a few lists together, like games I plan on completing/boosting this year as is the norm in these kind of blogs. I really want to write a piece about boosting sessions that I remember or were unusual/massive community events. Maybe a few top 10's or actual work pieces like gaming experiences/moments, top females in games, top horror games of all time, easy games to complete that are actually good games, etc. And i'll be streaming a lot more with my new setup which im excited is finally up! If you guys wanna see whats to come by or check out what I plan on doing in the future, I appreciate any follows over on my channel: http://www.mixer.com/mikhailkrauser

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I'm on 🔥

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Comment by Lord Kingslay3r at 11:30 on 01 Jun 2020


Comment by smrnov at 12:31 on 01 Jun 2020

Strange, something must have been added to the RPG genre because I didn't get any RPG gs in the last bit. Anyone know if there's a genre changelog?

Comment by smrnov at 13:37 on 01 Jun 2020

Figured it out, Sinner was removed from RPG, which I hadn't played but moved me up.

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Decent month, definitely could’ve been better.

Comment by Paul Laserbeam at 12:03 on 01 Jun 2020

Nice job

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Comment by BulgyDragonZord at 06:14 on 01 Jun 2020

Not Bad for a Boosting Month. But I hope to do better for June since I'm Offline.

Comment by Angelus at 12:43 on 01 Jun 2020

Nice mate. Sniper GW helped a bit.

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