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January Weeks 1-3. Override Free Play Weekend, Celeste <3. Screw White Night, Friday the 13th Shutting down?
Completions 2019
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Hey guys! As always I am your Host: Mikhail Krauser, and let's get these thumbs blistered.

So this is going to be the last of the first blogs that aren't just a "week in analysis". Last one was a 2018 retrospective, but this one is going to catchup the month of January. Not much to discuss outside of games i've played, no new news on the servers or stuff going on. Alright, here we go.

As you can see, kicked off the last few weeks with 7 completions as of writing this. I may have an 8th tonight with Override: Mech City Brawler, along with Happy Wars (sans Battle Master if it still doesen't work) but ill update next week if it works.
In these completions, there was a few things I wanted to bring up. Celeste, is an ABSOLUTELY amazing game. And I don't like "Super Meat Boy" style games. I get too frustrated. But there is an easy mode where you can't die and after collecting your first heart, you can infinitely dash making the game a breeze minus the 8-bit game achievement. You'll have to do that legitimately. Strongly recommend.
White Night was a massive disappointment. I was intrigued for years, but when I finally got it, it was more annoying than anything. I hate to say it, but I can't recommend it. It may be delisted, and involves real world moon cycles for the completion, but the story sucked, and some of the pathfinding mixed with camera angles makes it very hard to enjoy.

Stepping aside from Completions, massive progress has been made in Happy Wars. Should be finished any day with Jujii8, just got a few matches to win, get level 50 which im a few matches from, and get Battle Master. BM glitched on me on 360, and it seems it's doing it again on the One. That being said others have reported that they got stuck at 95% and moved to 97% before finally completing, but ill update if I can get it to work.
Happy Dungeons on the other hand is fully done minus Level 50 and idling time. If you're gonna do this, you can do everything in about a week or two. But the level 50 is a hell of a grind. Im between 43-46 in level, and guessed I have about 200 runs of the level Infection on Death solo to do. If I can get 4 players though it cuts it severely down. Ill have this done in the next week or two depending.
Now this weekend is Free Play for Override. 3 of us pretty much completed the game in just a day. Just grinding the items which you can 1v1 a bot and just keep rematching. Even if you lose you're getting items and money for dupes which can be used to buy items including the infection items etc. If you got a Chronus or Turbo you can just hammer it.

As far as coming up, i'll be getting Resident Evil 2, and Kingdom Hearts III, perhaps Ace Combat. So streams will be coming soon. (www.mixer.com/mikhailkrauser)

Beyond that, for boosting, i'll be starting Friday the 13th with Jujii8 soon. Admist the still ongoing lawsuits we ain't waiting for potential Discontinued Achievements. It seems P2P versus using servers and all can be boosted privately, but I don't like maybe's.

Pre-Order List is still coming, but my big game currently is Mortal Kombat 11. Day one baby!

Also, im adding goals tonight that you can follow and keep up to. Check em out on my page!

As a side note, my top 10 games to play this year is going to be updated and added to the next blog. I omitted it here because I don't have the list in front of me from where im writing this, and I want to make a quick adjustment to set it in stone.

Thanks for reading guys, follow to keep up to whats going on!

Streams: www.mixer.com/mikhailkrauser
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikhailkrauser
Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 19 January 19 at 10:41 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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When I can though °3°/

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Happy now, Don? laugh

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cmon, you cant mean this! lol

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I'ts such a good game though

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