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The difference between good and liking something
It has become much more noticeable to me that people will hold their thoughts on something, no surprise there. However, I've increasingly noticed that people use terms like "Good" and "Bad" to echo their opinions on something, whether they like it. It seems 90% of the people in the world think that something they like is good, while something they don't either sucks, is bad, or suckin fucks. But, good and bad determine the quality of something, liking or not liking something is independent of said quality.

I like a lot of things that a lot of people don't, again pretty obvious if you know me. I'll be the first to say a lot of the things I like can be pretty bad quality-wise. But that's the thing, LIKING SOMETHING AND THINKING IT IS GOOD ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Let's take the ever Testosterone-bleeding Halo for a minute. I don't really care for Halo games, they're okay. But don't think that makes me think they're bad games, because they aren't really. They have solid graphics, and the music is usually well done. But I don't care for the gameplay itself, so the games are of little consequence to me. Lets look at it again: I don't really like the games, but I can admit they are rather solidly done, not 10/10 good, but perhaps a good 7 or 8. And we'll leave the lasting impacts the game has had on the industry, how gamers are viewed, and how the cesspit that was xbox live was born for another tale.

It defies the English language, and I can excuse non-native speakers, because they probably don't know. But it really does piss me off that people are ignoring such a blatant cockup. People seem to have developed this idea where if you like something it's good. Which okay, that's fine and all, but if you don't look at the bigger picture you devalue whatever it is you're talking about, your opinion, and everyone who's around to hear or read it. Not liking something doesn't make it bad, it just means you don't like it, and there's nothing wrong with not liking things.

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Comment by TheOnlyMatto at 10:06 on 12 May 2021


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                Status change by omgeezus at 10:59 on 11 May 2021omgeezus status: 6 years sober - my worst day sober is still better than my best day drinking <3
Comment by xMANNY FRE5Hx at 12:47 on 11 May 2021

Amen to that. Happy Birthday zus!!! I’ll be 5 years in July 🙂🙏🏻

Comment by HeyFriday88 at 14:11 on 11 May 2021

That's an incredible achievement, congratulations, that's something to be really proud nice one 😊👍

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Comment by albajos at 21:31 on 10 May 2021

and 442 000 GS - 23,89 GS on average

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Comment by omgeezus at 11:04 on 10 May 2021

I think I'll go back and work on a NFS game at some point in the near future. I miss playing them!

Comment by LitaOsiris at 12:40 on 10 May 2021

Yeah they’re good fun...mostly 😄 Not a fan of the aggressive cops in the likes of Heat and Rivals. Most Wanted (2012) had a good balance.

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                Status change by omgeezus at 11:06 on 10 May 2021omgeezus status: Looking to finish Phoenix Wright tonight, then return to Planet of the Apes and The Council - what's everyone else working on?
Comment by imaidiot19 at 11:09 on 10 May 2021

Resident Evil Games all month

Comment by Injury 19 at 12:00 on 10 May 2021

Not sure yet. Probably going to go through the Artifex Mundi games

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Comment by Beanpotter at 18:14 on 10 May 2021


Comment by HeyFriday88 at 00:10 on 12 May 2021

Aww 😉

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Comment by PensiveOregonad at 01:00 on 10 May 2021

A little wine and dine tonight?

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Comment by Injury 19 at 00:51 on 10 May 2021

I know it's a good game but I think it takes a tad too long. Have to go through it all again at some point

Comment by omgeezus at 01:46 on 10 May 2021

Yeah, I'm at a point where it's really feeling like I'm trudging through it. I'm very determined to finish it, but I find so many of the plots similar that I think if

Comment by omgeezus at 01:47 on 10 May 2021

there was more variance, it'd be a lot more fun. I kinda wish I'd played them one at a time instead of doing all the stories back-to-back

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