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Comment by EarthboundX at 02:09 on 28 Oct 2020

Gratz! What did you think overall?

Comment by Ichiban Noob at 10:57 on 28 Oct 2020

Eh, it was just OK. Dialogue heavy games that don't let you skip the dialogue really annoy me lol. If you're going to make me play through a second time to make different

Comment by Ichiban Noob at 10:58 on 28 Oct 2020

choices at least let me skip the parts I've already seen. I'm a fan of a couple of the voice actors so that helped.

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NismoR034AnniversaryNismoR034 is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Joel78 at 03:02 on 28 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday!!

Comment by NismoR034 at 04:50 on 28 Oct 2020

Thanks mate. :)

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Ichiban NoobAfterpartyIchiban Noob won 4 Achievements in Afterparty for 338 points
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Ichiban NoobAfterpartyIchiban Noob started the game Afterparty
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Comment by EverStoned77 at 10:25 on 26 Oct 2020

Well done Nismo clap Any tips, I suck at this laugh

Comment by NismoR034 at 10:40 on 26 Oct 2020

Are you using the trigger to brake? I found it easier to use the A button kinda like a handbrake, as you only need enough to get the car drifting to make most corners.

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NismoR034Xenon RacerNismoR034 completed the game Xenon Racer and is the 69th gamer on the site to complete it
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