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K4rn4ge shared the Relicta achievement list at 00:16 on 04 Aug 2020RelictaK4rn4ge shared the Relicta achievement list
AC1DGro0ve 3o3Watch_Dogs 2AC1DGro0ve 3o3 won 2 Achievements in Watch_Dogs 2 for 28 points
Rapture639Rocket ArenaRapture639 won 2 Achievements in Rocket Arena for 39 points

                Status change by darkling1542 at 20:21 on 03 Aug 2020darkling1542 status: R.B.I. Baseball 14 (xbox 360) unobtainable is potentially completable.
Comment by darkling1542 at 20:22 on 03 Aug 2020

All you have to do is play through a full season 5 times to see if it works. You know how long that is? Only like.. 100 hours or so for one full season.

Comment by ArcCsc at 22:28 on 03 Aug 2020

Didn't someone do 6 playthroughs :o

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dreamweaver1984Hellpointdreamweaver1984 won 4 Achievements in Hellpoint for 44 points
A Dreadful ShotDante's InfernoTrials of St. LuciaA Dreadful Shot started the Trials of St. Lucia DLC for Dante's Inferno
Comment by A Dreadful Shot at 22:21 on 03 Aug 2020

Of course there’s a co-op achievement.

Comment by Elyoh at 22:46 on 03 Aug 2020

It's not THAT hard, but you can't carry each other. You need 2 people who know what to do.

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A Dreadful ShotDante's InfernoA Dreadful Shot started the game Dante's Inferno
Comment by DJ KOOLAIDE at 22:52 on 03 Aug 2020

Need a partner?

Comment by A Dreadful Shot at 00:56 on 04 Aug 2020

You for real?

A Dreadful Shot shared the news item Several Xbox 360 games have been relisted on the Microsoft Store at 18:40 on 03 Aug 2020A Dreadful Shot shared the news item Several Xbox 360 games have been relisted on the Microsoft Store
Comment by A Dreadful Shot at 18:41 on 03 Aug 2020

The delisted DLC for Dante’s Inferno and Operation Flashpoint: Red River is currently available!

FEAR EPIDEMICSamurai Shodown NeoGeo CollectionFEAR EPIDEMIC won 15 Achievements in Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection for 857 points
dreamweaver1984Hellpointdreamweaver1984 started the game Hellpoint
Hurricane HamFortniteHurricane Ham won 2 Achievements in Fortnite for 98 points
K4rn4geClan NK4rn4ge started the game Clan N
BigNev44BigNev44 has reached a new milestone: 31,500 Achievements Won
HashmapReCoreHashmap won 3 Achievements in ReCore for 230 points
HashmapReCoreIdentity Crisis achievementHashmap won the Identity Crisis achievement in ReCore for 83 points
HashmapReCoreToxic Transit achievementHashmap won the Toxic Transit achievement in ReCore for 63 points
Hurricane HamCubers: ArenaHurricane Ham completed the game Cubers: Arena and is the 4th gamer on the site to complete it
LORDOFDOOKIE69Retro TanksLORDOFDOOKIE69 won 2 Achievements in Retro Tanks for 106 points
FEAR EPIDEMICFEAR EPIDEMIC has reached a new milestone: 585 Completed Games
FEAR EPIDEMICBounty BattleFEAR EPIDEMIC completed the game Bounty Battle and is the first gamer on the site to complete it!
Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 02:00 on 03 Aug 2020

#CompletedDeleted #StayAway #FinallyOver

Comment by MaliceMike2121 at 02:09 on 03 Aug 2020


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FEAR EPIDEMICBounty Battle FEAR EPIDEMIC won 2 Achievements in Bounty Battle for 452 points
FEAR EPIDEMICBounty BattleMy Tailor is Rich achievementFEAR EPIDEMIC won the My Tailor is Rich achievement in Bounty Battle for 265 points
Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 02:05 on 03 Aug 2020

To get all skins, you have to do every level of Tournament mode without dying.

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 03:05 on 03 Aug 2020

Sounds fun

BwF SmokeBudnSFFallout 76BwF SmokeBudnSF started the game Fallout 76
AndreFlash83BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTENDAndreFlash83 completed the game BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND and is the 53rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by MasterNero14 at 01:12 on 03 Aug 2020

Aoooooo parabéns Flashao 😁💪🏻

Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 01:28 on 03 Aug 2020

Boa clap

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AndreFlash83Complete Specific GameBlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTENDAndreFlash83 achieved their Goal - Complete BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND before MasterNero14
Comment by MasterNero14 at 01:12 on 03 Aug 2020


Comment by AndreFlash83 at 01:43 on 03 Aug 2020

Eh não foi dessa vez 😜

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Prolific BudsAnniversaryProlific Buds is celebrating their 10-year anniversary of joining
EvrClr666Forza Horizon 4Update #23EvrClr666 completed the Update #23 DLC for Forza Horizon 4
dreamweaver1984Rocket Arenadreamweaver1984 won 2 Achievements in Rocket Arena for 48 points
Prolific BudsGene Rain Wind TowerProlific Buds won 18 Achievements in Gene Rain Wind Tower for 1079 points
LORDOFDOOKIE69LORDOFDOOKIE69 has reached a new milestone: 475 Completed Games
darkling1542Speed Brawldarkling1542 won 3 Achievements in Speed Brawl for 54 points
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