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Rapture639Crazy GravityRapture639 won 3 Achievements in Crazy Gravity for 231 points
TXMOOKAery - A Journey Beyond TimeTXMOOK completed the game Aery - A Journey Beyond Time and is the 1,007th gamer on the site to complete it
TexhnolyzedMechAnniversaryTexhnolyzedMech is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Banco Billy at 00:46 on 28 Oct 2021

Happy Birthday to ya!

Comment by Achvement at 02:39 on 28 Oct 2021

Dayumm happy bday NERD!

TexhnolyzedMechTexhnolyzedMech has reached a new milestone: 2,000,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by Mister Buds at 23:47 on 27 Oct 2021


TexhnolyzedMechMotoGP '07TexhnolyzedMech won 19 Achievements in MotoGP '07 for 1599 points
K4rn4geRiders RepublicK4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Riders Republic for 35 points
Kovy88EarthfallKovy88 won 4 Achievements in Earthfall for 230 points
Kovy88EarthfallSupercharged achievementKovy88 won the Supercharged achievement in Earthfall for 150 points
Kovy88EarthfallRefueled achievementKovy88 won the Refueled achievement in Earthfall for 18 points
Kovy88EarthfallThe Good Life achievementKovy88 won the The Good Life achievement in Earthfall for 16 points
LORDOFDOOKIE69Fallout 4 (Windows)LORDOFDOOKIE69 completed the game Fallout 4 (Windows) and is the 530th gamer on the site to complete it
K4rn4geRiders RepublicK4rn4ge started the game Riders Republic
Yinga GartenEastshadeYinga Garten has rated the game Eastshade 3 out of 5
Yinga GartenEastshadeYinga Garten completed the game Eastshade and is the 2,034th gamer on the site to complete it
Yinga GartenEastshadeYinga Garten won 12 Achievements in Eastshade for 2304 points
K4rn4geFlowers by POWGIK4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Flowers by POWGI for 43 points
EDLESON2K6EDLESON2K6 has reached a new milestone: 595 Completed Games
EDLESON2K6EDLESON2K6 has reached a new milestone: 1,330,000 TrueAchievement Score
EDLESON2K6Reminiscence in the NightEDLESON2K6 completed the game Reminiscence in the Night and is the 484th gamer on the site to complete it
Clutch RinoDragon's Lair TrilogyClutch Rino completed the game Dragon's Lair Trilogy and is the 288th gamer on the site to complete it
HashmapClumsy RushHashmap started the game Clumsy Rush
BigNev44My Friend Peppa PigBigNev44 completed the game My Friend Peppa Pig and is the 83rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by EarthboundX at 03:54 on 27 Oct 2021

Did you really pay full price for that?

Comment by BigNev44 at 04:33 on 27 Oct 2021

I told you this years ago, i NEVER pay full price for my games, i got this for $6 and still paid too much.

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BigNev44Back 4 BloodSwarmed achievementBigNev44 won the Swarmed achievement in Back 4 Blood for 49 points
Comment by Robby7430 at 11:48 on 27 Oct 2021


Comment by BigNev44 at 22:43 on 27 Oct 2021


Snitty xWarframeSnitty x won 2 Achievements in Warframe for 295 points
Rapture639Rapture639 has reached a new milestone: 1,500,000 GamerScore
Rapture639Under LeavesRapture639 completed the game Under Leaves and is the 585th gamer on the site to complete it
TXMOOKMoonglow Bay
            Secret AchievementTXMOOK won the Secret Achievement in Moonglow Bay for 25 points
TXMOOKMoonglow BayTXMOOK started the game Moonglow Bay
TXMOOKTXMOOK has reached a new milestone: 1,150 Completed Games
TXMOOKDon't Touch this Button!TXMOOK completed the game Don't Touch this Button! and is the 1,106th gamer on the site to complete it
EDLESON2K6Aery - Broken MemoriesEDLESON2K6 started the game Aery - Broken Memories
Comment by EDLESON2K6 at 02:33 on 27 Oct 2021

Last of these aery games to do

Yinga GartenEastshadeYinga Garten won 4 Achievements in Eastshade for 536 points
Hurricane HamFar Cry 6Hurricane Ham won 2 Achievements in Far Cry 6 for 73 points
BwF SmokeBudnSFHalo Wars 2BwF SmokeBudnSF won 2 Achievements in Halo Wars 2 for 43 points
darkling1542Anthemdarkling1542 won 2 Achievements in Anthem for 90 points
darkling1542Dead Space 3darkling1542 won 5 Achievements in Dead Space 3 for 68 points
darkling1542Dead Space 3darkling1542 started the game Dead Space 3
Comment by SlayingUrchin3 at 07:52 on 27 Oct 2021

Only ever heard terrible things about this game, which is a shame :(

Comment by darkling1542 at 11:08 on 27 Oct 2021

I quite liked it so far. Started a co-op playthrough on hard and it's pretty crazy.

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Kovy88EarthfallKovy88 won 2 Achievements in Earthfall for 102 points
K4rn4ge shared the Age of Empires IV (Windows) achievement list at 16:50 on 26 Oct 2021Age of Empires IV (Windows)K4rn4ge shared the Age of Empires IV (Windows) achievement list
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games 628 View history chart 650,231 0.10
Gamerscore in All Games 1,806 View history chart 650,229 0.28
TA Difference in All Games 201 View history chart 650,181 0.03
TrueAchievement in Xbox Live Arcade Games 65 View history chart 560,036 0.01
Completed Games in Shooter Games Massachusetts 1 View history chart 947 0.11
Gamerscore in Shooter Games Massachusetts 1 View history chart 947 0.11
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
UpcountryTripod <> GAMERS STILL ON THEIR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT <> Public 116 2,801 4.14
Stealth David Cheaters should be banned from TA! Public 46 443 10.38
AC1DGro0ve 3o3 TA's Badass of the Week Public 36 160 22.50
lucas1987 One Xbox All The Way!!! Public 7 67 10.45
Pants Optional Public 2 42 4.76

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