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Games to either Start / Complete on Xbox 1 and 360 2020 [UPDATED]
Here is a list of all the games that i have to either finish or start on The Xbox 360 and Xbox One

If you can help me out with any of these games that i have achievements left in please let me know then we can work something out.

Xbox One

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Base 1000G) 3 Achievements Left. DONE

Gears of War 4 (Dlc Remaining to do Base game done 18 achievements left including latest Dlc released 06/03/18) (3195/4000) DONE

Halo MCC : 19 Achievements Left Halo 1 & 2 Legendary Speedruns + Misc achievements left

Titanfall: Gen 10 and Get to Gen 10 achievement without using a skip certification left (Currently Gen 7/8)
Divekick - 2000 Ranked Matches and 500 Ranked Matches achievements + 1000 matches in Versus Mode left to do.

To Start- Metro Redux Bundle - 2000G

Ken Follett's The Pillar's of the Earth 1480G

Road Rage - 1000G

Xbox 360

Happy Wars 465/600 26 of 36 achievements left to do Server closure on the 17/12/18 [SERVER CLOSED DOWN :( ]

WET - 21 of 43 Achievements Unlocked (370/1000G)

Defiance - All Multiplayer achievements Base 1000G 465/1000 Want to get this done Asap Lemme know if you have this game and want to boost the Multiplayer stuff together :) (Sever Closed down on May 25th 2020)

Far Cry 4 Single Player achievements done (31/57 done)

Halo 3 ODST: 42 of 47 Done Al Few firefight Achievements left to do 950/1000 Done

Saints Row Gat Outta Hell - 830/1000 39/45 All Challenges left to do plus a few Misc left to do. DONE

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Survival Mode Achievements Left to do + Collection 3 to do in Co op.

Assassin's Creed 3 Story Missions to 100& Each area left plus some Misc achievements.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Only 2 Heists left to do plus 25 Platinum Medals and $8M to get for that achievement. DONE

Alien Vs Predator- Online Achievements plus a few story achievements left to do 30/50 achievements done.

Madden NFL 11 - Madden Moments Achievement left to do 900/1000 G

Madden NFL 12 - Only a Few Achievements left all online ones are done. (10/36 achievements Won.)

Fable 2 - Need to finish off the Majority of these achievements including all Dlc to do.

Grand Theft Auto 4 - All Online Achievements to get plus a majority of the Story and Dlc Stuff.

Splinter Cell Conviction- Only Last Stand Game mode left to complete on Rookie and Normal plus 1 Misc Co op Achievement. (51/54)

Star wars Force Unleashed - 1345/1345 only a few achievements left 57/59 achievements. DONE

Brink- Most of the achievements i need in this game including the Dlc which is unstarted currently.

Resident Evil Operation Racoon City- Most of the Multiplayer stuff left to do and Campaign on Professional Difficulty.

The Orange Box (All Multiplayer achievements Done just Portal and Half life 2 Left to do) - 21/99 achievements done.

Torchlight - Full game to do

Age of Booty - Full game to do

Skate 3 - Full base game to do (0/1500G)

Kick Ass 2 - Full game to do DONE

That's about all i can think of for right now i will update this list as i Work on each game i will add new games to do as i work down the list.

If you have any of these games and can help me out please let me know as i'd like to get them done this year


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