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My thoughts on Wolfenstein the New Order
I have been playing Wolfenstein the New Order for the past several days and it has been fun but that game needs a few tweeks. From what I understand a host of items I didn't like about this game have been updated in the next game, Wolfenstein the New Colossus, so I will withhold my judgement for the time being.

There are 2 items I really found to be rather disagreeable throughout the game while I was chasing achievements and collectables that I am not sure if they are addressed in the ensuing game that I would like to point out - skippable cutscenes should be mandatory and a few different drop-in points in a chapter and not having to play the ENTIRE chapter to get to one point 2/3's of the way through the chapter for a collectable, would really REALLY help.

Overall, the the story was excellent, the colors were well thought out and the textures were rarely clashing with the model they were assigned to. I fell through the floor only twice the entire time I was playing the game, which in today's market place (I am looking at you Fallout 76!), twice out of 40+ hours, is amazing. The gameplay was excellent and the varied locations are well done, perhaps a little far fetched, but I am playing a video game to be entertained and I was very entertained by this title.

8/10 stars - I am looking forward to playing the next one but not right now. I think I am on Wolfenstein overload and need to step away for a while.

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Comment by Pedle Zelnip at 03:58 on 29 Jan 2023

Easy one for me as well: Plague Tale Requiem, Psychonauts 2, Lego Skywalker.

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Comment by Pedle Zelnip at 03:55 on 29 Jan 2023

Finally a reason to mop up Psychonauts 2

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Comment by Pedle Zelnip at 04:01 on 29 Jan 2023

This one is...obscure. Defs going to have to find a new game for this. Wonder how this is going to work as folks unlock achs in games the diff will change.

Comment by Pedle Zelnip at 04:17 on 29 Jan 2023

Looks like Walking Dead: the Final Season is a winner -- 24 achs that meet this criteria.

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