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Who is actually going to read it?

I feel like writing this but.. seriously? A gaming blog or something here really does not make a ton of sense without some sort of marketing feature.

Anyways.. I was thinking today about how many cop movies I like, and always wonder why I don't particularly enjoy the 1997 film Copland. It has essentially all the characters and ideas that could make an average to above average late 90s movie. Stallone, DeNiro (Who could be overated? (Only because of his proximity to Al Pacino)), and Patrick (T-1000). This is spoiler free so I better not divulge any further details. I don't understand why 80s cop movies (That I have seen at least) seem, well like there are just so many more.

After both a Lethal Weapon Christmas in 2014 and Die Hard Christmas in 2012 & 2013 (Referring to watching these films during December), I realized something.. Hair makes no difference whatsoever! Mullet Gibson? Well Bruce Willis has had the same head for the last 20 years or so, no difference whatsoever. Unfortunately a standard I role with is how closely their chief adhere to the immediate stereotype of a hard pushing chief who you just can't take seriously! It has to had that, Die Hard missed this boat but Beverly Hills Cop more then makes up for it, (Its sad I had to auto correct chief with a MS). Anyway as far as personal favorite's go, Police Story 3, Aka Supercop is definitely up there, but not for any conventional reason, mainly for the end of the movie with the blooper real where that sidekick girl jumps the dirtbike onto a train. When we start to factor in that, you need to look at The Killer & Hard Boiled, but not really, nobody really cares too much about that stuff, but those movies may/may not be worth watching.

I did get a successful boost in for Binary Domain :), every success counts, hopefully the same happens consistently.
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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 18:39 on 23 Jul 2017

already sneaking one in?

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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 07:04 on 23 Jul 2017

we might as well start from Ep1-1 and do it on sniper elite difficulty. it says we can change it to enemies for 1 player and still get the achievement.

Comment by MiserlyPluto459 at 07:14 on 23 Jul 2017

Ok we can do that and do the bottles and bars at the same time?

Comment by Kanchanaburi at 07:16 on 23 Jul 2017

yeah, i don't see why not. we can leave the collectibles to you this next session. start fresh on 1-1 on SE and i may have a 4th.

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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 07:15 on 23 Jul 2017

we should just go SE difficult. I invited Sefton as our 4th. wait to accept 4th random until he tells me

Comment by MiserlyPluto459 at 07:34 on 23 Jul 2017

Yeah i was editing it. It's done now. I'll wait on sefton

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Comment by AbyssalOrc33 at 22:38 on 22 Jul 2017

Thank goodness for a free multiplayer weekend!

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