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Moelhede42Two Point HospitalMoelhede42 won 2 Achievements in Two Point Hospital for 138 points
EverStoned77Gnomes Garden: Lost KingEverStoned77 completed the game Gnomes Garden: Lost King and is the 190th gamer on the site to complete it
EverStoned77EverStoned77 has reached a new milestone: 450,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 21:48 on 26 Feb 2020


Comment by EverStoned77 at 14:08 on 27 Feb 2020


Sence22Two Point HospitalSence22 started the game Two Point Hospital
Comment by Moelhede42 at 06:45 on 27 Feb 2020

De kunne ligeså godt have kaldt det Theme Hospital Remastered :) Men det er heldigvis en god ting

Sence22KINGDOM HEARTS IIISence22 started the game KINGDOM HEARTS III
EverStoned77Achievements WonEverStoned77 created a new Achievements Won Goal - 10,000 by 31 Dec 2020
EverStoned77Completed GamesEverStoned77 created a new Completed Games Goal - 300 by 31 Dec 2020
EverStoned77GamerscoreEverStoned77 created a new Gamerscore Goal - 300,000 by 31 Dec 2020
EverStoned77TrueAchievement ScoreEverStoned77 created a new TrueAchievement Goal - 500,000 by 31 Dec 2020
Moelhede42Moelhede42 has reached a new milestone: 360,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by EverStoned77 at 23:18 on 25 Feb 2020


KCAKUnoJust a Machine achievementKCAK won the Just a Machine achievement in Uno for 191 points
EverStoned77 shared the Mortal Kombat X achievement list at 02:57 on 24 Feb 2020Mortal Kombat XEverStoned77 shared the Mortal Kombat X achievement list
EverStoned77INSIDEEverStoned77 has rated the game INSIDE 5 out of 5
EverStoned77Unravel TwoEverStoned77 has rated the game Unravel Two 4 out of 5
EverStoned77Tracks - The Train Set GameEverStoned77 has rated the game Tracks - The Train Set Game 4 out of 5
EverStoned77BATMAN – The Telltale SeriesEverStoned77 completed the game BATMAN – The Telltale Series and is the 59,122nd gamer on the site to complete it
Moelhede42Forza Horizon 4Moelhede42 won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 159 points
Sence22For The KingSence22 won 7 Achievements in For The King for 93 points
Sence22For The KingSence22 started the game For The King

                Status change by EverStoned77 at 09:44 on 21 Feb 2020EverStoned77 status: No TADpole badge for me, just 3 more achievements but I've been down with flu most of the event & spend too much time sleeping, oh well next time 😊
Comment by EverStoned77 at 09:46 on 21 Feb 2020

& on that note I'll get yet another nap, only slept 12 hrs so no wonder I'm tired again ... HATE being sick 🤒

Comment by DrSchlepenstein at 23:22 on 21 Feb 2020

I made it to 11 leaps and I doubt I will make it past that. Anything else I could get, I either gave up on getting a while ago or it's to far into the game to get.

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