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Assassins creed 3
hey achievement hunters,

So i got assassins creed 3 on games for gold and i must say, WHAT a game.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, even with some of those awful mission objectives that felt like total bull.
I've not played the online for AC3 yet but looking to smash that soon.

So i am wondering,
1) what order does the assassins creed games go in, is it as simple as 1, 2, 3 ect
2) Does the storyline follow through one game to the next or is it like a new story/perspective within each game.

Do let me know your thoughts on the AC games, what is best/worst, greatest addidtion/improvement throughout the series or worst change.

There is one thing i wanted to change in AC3. when you sent a boat convoys overseas, i wish it would let you know that the boat was in trouble like the land convoys would, allowing you to go help and save them.
I wanted any excuse to go out and shoot my boat cannons at anything because i love the boat missions, they were awesome.

Anyway, thanks for reading people and keep on gaming.

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