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smrnovSpider Solitaire Fsmrnov completed the game Spider Solitaire F and is the 297th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovSpider Solitaire Fsmrnov won 2 Achievements in Spider Solitaire F for 488 points
Maka91F1 2020Maka91 won 3 Achievements in F1 2020 for 132 points
Maka91F1 2020Maka91 has rated the game F1 2020 4 out of 5
Mr Oscar KYakuza 0Mr Oscar K won 2 Achievements in Yakuza 0 for 86 points
Mr Oscar KYakuza 0
            Secret AchievementMr Oscar K won the Secret Achievement in Yakuza 0 for 43 points
Mr Oscar KYakuza 0Lucky Star achievementMr Oscar K won the Lucky Star achievement in Yakuza 0 for 43 points
NBA KirklandNBA Kirkland has reached a new milestone: 605 Completed Games
unequalized joeunequalized joe has reached a new milestone: 270,000 GamerScore
unequalized joeFragments of Himunequalized joe won 2 Achievements in Fragments of Him for 204 points
SillvaSiNKRSillva completed the game SiNKR and is the 978th gamer on the site to complete it
SillvaSiNKRSillva won 3 Achievements in SiNKR for 299 points
SillvaSiNKRLeveled achievementSillva won the Leveled achievement in SiNKR for 138 points
SillvaSiNKRX achievementSillva won the X achievement in SiNKR for 46 points
SillvaSiNKRIX achievementSillva won the IX achievement in SiNKR for 115 points

                Status change by Dat Boi Treezy at 00:05 on 11 Jul 2020Dat Boi Treezy status: Is it time to be 'better safe than sorry' with any remaining Minecraft achievements?
Comment by ClockWrkPhantom at 00:07 on 11 Jul 2020

Yes especially since with the current world they only take a few minutes depending on how many updates your behind.

Comment by Dat Boi Treezy at 00:10 on 11 Jul 2020

I'm laughing with the XB1 and W10 versions as I'm only 1 update behind. It's the other versions I lose my patience with. Shitty Android at the time, weak WP phone...

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SillvaSiNKRSillva won 7 Achievements in SiNKR for 461 points
SillvaSiNKRVIII achievementSillva won the VIII achievement in SiNKR for 91 points
            Secret AchievementSillva won the Secret Achievement in SiNKR for 45 points
SillvaSiNKRVII achievementSillva won the VII achievement in SiNKR for 91 points
SillvaSiNKRVI achievementSillva won the VI achievement in SiNKR for 68 points
SillvaSiNKRV achievementSillva won the V achievement in SiNKR for 67 points
            Secret AchievementSillva won the Secret Achievement in SiNKR for 44 points
SillvaSiNKRIV achievementSillva won the IV achievement in SiNKR for 55 points
smrnovFaeria (Win 10)smrnov won 2 Achievements in Faeria (Win 10) for 477 points
smrnovMinecraft (Gear VR)smrnov completed the game Minecraft (Gear VR) and is the 64th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by ClockWrkPhantom at 00:08 on 11 Jul 2020

What phone are you using for this?

Comment by smrnov at 00:11 on 11 Jul 2020

Samsung A10

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Mr BlackMagik DRM Gamecast - Destiny Completion Competition Private 34 35 97.14
Mr BlackMagik DRM Gamecast - Witcher 3 Completion Competition Private 4 32 12.50
Dakrkplayer2 achievement whoer club Public 5 10 50.00
Mr BlackMagik LA Lakers Haters Public 1 5 20.00

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