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I can't stand the rating system here. Everyone is either extremely dishonest or completely butthurt for no reason. I recently received negative ratings for being a "No Show" despite there only being 18/24 people in the session. I have also received a salty negative from someone claiming the entire session was unorganized and unfair... good thing I was not the person that organized the session. I admit it was extremely unorganized, but that was simply because the host was extremely new to gaming sessions and organizing 24+ people can be painstaking.

I also got a nice neutral from someone with extremely low GS claiming I "held up the session at the beginning". The achievement is quite simple. Start last, finish first. Players complained that I was in the wrong car haha. Why would car class matter when I didn't complete a single lap of the race in the entire 3 1/2 hours. Not to mention there were countless other players that did not choose E class which everyone was telling me to switch to.

Long story short, stop being so lame about ratings. I too have sat in Forza sessions for at least 12 hours trying to get the underdog achievements, but each time the session has been cut short just ahead of my turn to go. You don't see me negative bombing everyone because of it.
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