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EDIT: I meant to post this blog earlier this week, but kept slipping my mind. This occurred last weekend. Regardless, hope you enjoy the read!

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I was so close! It's not like I choked or anything. Felt like I continued to remain calm and what not. Pretty sure my arm mechanics and motion all remained the same throughout the entire game too.

Heck. I had kept my right foot planted in the same spot for so long, it left a temporary imprint into the carpet, lol.

Anyway, my eyes watered and might have swelled up a bit due to the disappointment, but let the record show that I didn't shed a single tear!

Regardless, I figured in another lifetime I would manage a perfect score, but not in this one. So, I kept on my merry way, settling on average performances that would never be news worthy.


But, after a few games later...

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Boom! Perfect game!

Gavin Sharpe never stood a chance.
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Was debating on doing some sort of April Fool's joke, but everyone is way too savvy on this site to fall for it. For instance, I was going to pretend I was burnt out and going to retire from achievement hunting. Then, I was going to sell my gamertag for a thousands of dollars and go live out the rest of my days as a monk.

You all would fall for that, right? Pretty sure retiring from this hobby seems to happen every other week on here, so all of that would have been entirely believable, yeah?


Anyway, what I'm about to tell you is not a joke. Shortly after my last blog -- otherwise I would have included it and gained a hundred followers from the entertainment value alone -- but my house was allegedly broken into last Friday.

We use Vivint for our security measures and have been pretty pleased with the services especially with the low amount we pay per month. Feel like we're getting a steal, truth be told. For instance, we have sensors on all the doors and most windows (includes glass break detection), smart lock on the front door, doorbell camera with two-way audio, sleek looking control hub (7" touch display), Nest Thermostats, and smoke and CO detectors.

I'll have to wait and see how much money we are actually saving, but according to the sales person, it would shock him if we didn't save $30 or more off of our utilities bill by having the Nest thermostats. That said, this whole Vivint experiment should pay for itself, basically.

Enough about that. You all want to hear the specifics of the break-in. First off, nothing bad happened, so let's get that out of the way.

So, I'm at work doing stuff and I get an alert on my phone. States something along the lines of the back door being open and the alarm is going off. Vivint personnel calls me and asks me if everything is OK. I tell her that it probably isn't since neither my wife and myself are currently at the house. I had actually just got off the phone with Dawn before this happened, so knew she wasn't there. Regardless, for whatever reason, Vivint think it's a false alarm and I'm, like, "Uh. No. It's not. You need to dispatch the authorities." I guess because I was acting so calmly and not freaking out by it, they just thought it wasn't a big deal, lol.

Soon after, dispatch calls me and says they are sending someone and are enroute. While I'm appreciative of law enforcement, it did take them roughly 25 minutes to get to my house. Can you imagine how many of my consoles and video games they could have taken in that time span? Even my ultra rare Taiwan import! wink

As I'm looking at the front camera from my phone, three police officers show up and Dawn shows up soon after. They request her assistance to get our two dogs outside so they can scout the entire house without consequence. The little one was more cooperative and jumped right into Dawn's arms. She told me her heart was racing so much -- she's the more skittish of the two. Anyway, the big one (99 pounds), wasn't cooperative and still upstairs, barking towards one of the spare bedrooms.

Now, before that point, I was thinking it was just a false alarm and that the backdoor probably wasn't closed all the way and the wind blew it open. After hearing about how my dog was behaving, I started to think that there was actually some sort of home invasion going on especially after Dawn tells me the officer's gun is drawn while cautiously walking up the stairs, yelling out commands, like, "Make yourself known! Get on the ground!"

After the officers are done making their rounds, they concluded that the wind did in fact blow the backdoor open. Apparently, the back gate door was wide open as well, so I really don't know. Regardless, due to the lack of visibility in that area of the house and an effort to be proactive about this, I bought one of these:

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I mean, I could have Vivint install cameras in the back, but that's an extra expense I would rather not endure. Plus, this camera seems waaay cooler and doesn't seem so permanent. If I had cameras installed, it would be mounted, cable management may not be nearly as clean and things like that.

That whole ordeal certainly made me feel helpless too. I was worried about my dogs more than anything else. I joked about my games collection and stuff, but I'd rather all of that get taken than my dogs get harmed. I'm glad that they have a short attention span because once I got back home, they acted like nothing happened. Tails wagging and all.

Oh. On a much lighter note, something funny occurred to me after I got back home. Can you imagine if one of my props that I occasionally use for Kinect games were in action? I have used Mr Wiggles, an air dancer, as of late and I'd be embarrassed if it was dancing all over the place when they walked into that room. laugh

Poor guy could have been shot full of holes and would never be able to dance again...
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