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I got jokes again! This time, it's actually on me. Stick around and I'll tell you.

In just a minute.

One moment.

Ready? Let's go.

During my onsalught of phone game completions, I came across a fun little game called Beards & Beaks. While the game was very enjoyable, it had that one annoying achievement where I basically had to leave my phone idled throughout the night. Basically, you can use these power-ups, but had to wait for them to recharge in order to use them again. It took 2 in a half hours for them to do so.

Anyway, there's a total of four different powers you can use, one of which was a "whirlwind" ability of sorts. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to use it in the game. It did not seem to function like the others, so after swiping and acting like a gopher on my screen with my finger tips for a few minutes, I went to the Internet to seek out a solution. In the very beginning of my research, I noticed a comment that said, "you have to blow into the phone."

I thought to myself, "Look at this d-bag. He's trying to be a wise guy! Way to be helpful, punk."

Of course, I discreetly blew onto my screen and felt silly. I knew it wouldn't work! You know, just like that one joke that states "you can't lick your elbow" but you still try it anyway and the joke calls you out on it later: "You tried licking your elbow just now, didn't you?"

Fast forward several minutes, I come across a different site that says the same thing, but specifically says, "blow into the microphone." I think to myself once more, "Hm. This guy actually seems serious. Let me try it."

I blow into the phone's mic.

A tornado forms and wrecks havoc on the crows.

I'm dumbfounded and amazed all at the same time.

With that said, that was an incredibly unique feature for a phone game that I don't think has ever been utilized before. Well done, game developers.

Oh, and I guess I owe that "d-bag" an apology too. wink

  • 100 Completions on All Platforms

On top of my Genre Project, I discovered something else to strive for. I could be the first person to do something on this site and that is to complete 100 Kinect Required AND Windows Phone games. Out of 360,000+ users, it was actually easy to figure this out; considering there's only three other gamers that have completed at least 100 Kinect games.

Anyway, since I can see myself achieving this feat soon, I wanted to up the ante. Let's reach 100 completions on ALL of the platforms/filters available. Here's the tally so far:

Xbox 360: 339

Xbox Live Arcade: 119

Kinect Required: 97

Windows Phone: 96

Xbox One: 80

ID@Xbox Completions: 45 (only have access to 43 more titles)

Windows: 40 (only have access to 33 more titles)

Outside of the Indie and Windows games, I can definitely see myself earning 20 more Xbox One completions. For the lack of games on the other platforms, I either need to wait for more free titles, current games to go GWG or get access to them through some other means. I probably have access to more games and I just haven't added them to the collection sheet yet. Need to double check that digital library.

Regardless, being able to reach 100 completions for 5 out of the 7 platforms isn't too shabby!

  • For Next Time

I'll be talking about some updates for my Genre Project, what games I've started (and probably completed), and the toll of how pre-loading achievements heavily year in and year out can do to your body.

That last part is somewhat of an inside joke as I recently came across someone's Twitter account from a forum and noticed the changes of this guy over the years: kind of like how a pregnant lady balloons up. Stay tuned for next time if you want to know more. All I can say for now is what a friend observed, "Look at those man titties!" laugh

And, with that - blow into that phone.

[UPDATED: May 01, 2017]

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PermalinkHomeless Guy & Tooth-to-Gum Ratio
My breaks at work are consumed by Windows Phone games lately. Normally, my breaks would be the perfect time to blog, but I'd rather game instead. Anyway, thought I would take a break from gaming and post something today.

Wait - that actually doesn't make sense. Who takes a break from gaming? Kind of a strange concept.

Well, then. Let's get to it.

Let's address the title. I thought I was a destroyer of words, but it turns out these new friends of Dawn (mine too, I guess) that she met at her job are absolutely brutal! Since our wedding is an ongoing topic, it's only natural that our old friends sometimes get brought up. Anyway, her friends were curious what they looked like, so Dawn obliged and dug up some old photos from her phone. Their comments were priceless!

For instance, they said Cracks Corn IDC looked like a homeless guy whereas Mundane Monday actually looked like a bitch. Even threw out a notorious Family Guy saying and mentioned her gummy smile.


Like I said, brutal. Might have to keep them around. They're funny.

Since the last blog, I've started and completed a considerable amount of games, so I'm going to change up the usual layout this time. That said, don't get used to it. It won't be the standard. Got it? Good.

  • Started & Completed:

Asphalt 5 (WP)

+ Just another racing game. Enjoyed it, at least.


Madden NFL 11

+ I love me some football games. The Madden Moments was a neat challenge too.


Bellator: MMA Onslaught

+ Was granted access to this and boosted the wins with my homeboy, Jon. This also completes another genre for my ongoing project - Mixed Martial Arts. Only 20 more to go! ...I think.


Guitar Hero 5 (WP)

+ The difficulty was watered down in my opinion, but it had a good selection of songs though.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (WP) (plus all stack variants)

+ This was interesting. I usually never stack, but since they were relatively easy, I thought, "Why not?" Of course, the French version was a pain in the butt. Silly French people and their wine. You're drunk, don't make another game.


Butterfly (WP)

+ This game was just another tramp stamp along with those Hannah Montana games.


Feed Me Oil (WP)

+ Very good game. Highly enjoyed it.


Dream Track Nation (WP)

+ Opposite to the general public's opinion, I actually thought the physics were neat in this game. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.


Fast and the Furious: Adrenaline (WP)

+ Another movie tie-in. That equals to a piss poor game. The drag racing mode was somewhat neat.


Star Wars: Cantina (WP)

+ A bit repetitive, but I liked it. Then again, I'm a Star Wars junkie. So much in fact, I know the Emperor's FIRST name. Do you?


Beards & Beaks (WP)

+ Such a shame this game only had two sets of levels. Outside of that, I recommend it. Neat implementation of strategy.


Lode Runner Classic (WP)

+ It's a classic. What else can I say?


Bubble Town 2 (WP)

+ Average puzzle game that was short and sweet. A couple levels took multiple attempts, but nothing mind melting.

  • On the Menu:

iBlast Moki (WP)

+ Funny story. I started this game up by accident since I didn't think my first action in the game would unlock an achievement. Heh. No bother. It should be completed in a day or two.


Adera (Win 8)

+ Was granted access to all of DLC from a friend, so opted to start it the other day. Superb graphics, even compared with today's standard. Just have one achievement left, which could be potentially annoying to unlock. We'll see.


KenKen (WP)

+ This will be an ongoing project for awhile, maybe. It just depends how much progress I want to make towards it in each setting. There's just So. Many. Puzzles. Hundreds of them!

  • 100 Completions - Kinect & WP

Approaching 100 completions in both Kinect Required and Windows Phone titles. Wondering if I would be the first to do so?

With that said, is there a certain game I should strive to do in each platform as the 100th completion? Let me know.

And, with that - let me dive into another phone game. Leave me alone already.

[UPDATED: May 01, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 18 May 17 at 16:36 | There are 4 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
PermalinkStoring Balls At Room Temperature
It seems like it's a never ending quest to unlock all of the online achievements before they become discontinued. Well, not all of them, you silly reader(s). Just for the games I actually own. I've gotten more relaxed when it comes to online achievements though. For instance, it's been over a month since I booted up Battlefront and may want to revisit it soon since the sequel to the game is set to be released later this year. I would join some of the boosting sessions that I keep seeing pop up too, but would rather wait for another XP event before really cracking down on it.

Speaking of discontinued, it's been irritating to hold off with my Windows Phone for the past few days. Apparently the syncing services are down once again, so don't want to take any chances on unlocking any achievements during this outage and them not syncing with my profile later on. I've been fortunate by not having anything in limbo though as I got wind of the bad news beforehand. There's a joke that's been going around since the outage happened on 4/20: MS got high and forgot to sync achievements. Typical, I know. roll

Lately, with my genre project in the works, trying to see if I could focus on something else concurrently, like putting more of a dent into the leaderboards I've been following, such as Health & Fitness or even On Rails. I get indecisive at times, but I'll probably get back around to those eventually. For now, I'm slowly chiseling away on just wrapping up previously started games.

At the moment, I've actually been more active in RL than the digital one. Whenever I do dive into this digital world we all share, I can truly say it's been more relaxed. I don't get carried away with contests, other people's scores, streaks, or anything of that nature. I'm just not about that life anymore; been gaming on my own terms. I don't see myself going back to those things, but you never know. For now, gaming is casual and I'm loving it.

You know, I thought about this for awhile and figured I would add a bit more of a consistent structure with my random blogging ways too, so opting to set out a section of what I'm currently playing in most blogs going forward.

  • Started:

+ NPPL Championship Paintball 2009

Got this from GameFly, so my train of thought is to always try to get rentals completed as soon as possible. Game is different from other FPS and while it's a nice change of pace, it's still mediocre at best. It's neat to finally experience a paintball game though. Learned that you should store your paintballs at room temperature, otherwise they'll become too brittle or hard. In other words, I'm going to freeze mine and make the other team suffer! laugh

  • On the Menu:

+ N.O.V.A. 3 (WP)

This isn't your typical phone game. It's not like you can play in spurts. It acts like a retail game, truth be told. Once you start a level, you're going to be involved for at least half an hour. The game is a bit cliche with the plot though, but more enjoyable than other FPS I've played in the past. That's for sure.

+ Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

Currently the focus is on the MP achievements, especially those challenges, with Shinnizle and a Fi1thy Casual. I think we got through 4 challenges in one sitting, so that's not too bad. We got wrecked pretty hard our first attempt, but my own setback was because I forgot the controls. laugh

Of course, our latest attempt still stings. We didn't pass a single challenge, but I think we developed a good strategy before we called it quits that night. Someone's mic is on the fritz, so it makes communicating a hassle at times, but all in all, being able to communicate isn't a huge deal. We just can't continue to go in blind and hope we'll pass it by being lucky. Planning beforehand will go a long way with us.

+ Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

Started playing this with a local buddy of mine some months back, but since he's normally not available until late, it's been a chore getting together lately, especially since I've been getting my beauty sleep on earlier. Can't fault him for that since he's got a family, but since sometimes a month will pass before we do team up again, it's difficult to get back into the swing of things. I'm tempted to start over since I really don't know what's going on anymore with the story. Fortunately, I would only have to redo Act I and hopefully we'll be able to get on a better schedule from there. Personally, I don't like playing a game for only an hour at a time, especially when the Sandman is sprinkling its dust over my eyes.

+ Mirror's Edge Catalyst

This will probably be an ongoing project until it's completed. If I'm going to go back to my usual ways and actually complete games in a more timely manner, I might as well start that process with this game. So far so good, I must say. Completed all of the side missions over the weekend, so making decent progress and hopefully a completion will happen in due time. I might temporarily shelve the game when it comes to finding the collectibles, but we'll see.

  • Completed:

+ NPPL Championship Paintball 2009

As I mentioned before, rentals usually get completed right away. In this case, after a couple of boosting sessions and some time spent with the career mode, I put another notch on my belt for my Genre Project. Paintball is now one and done! Not sure what I'll tackle next. Might try to get a Dungeon Crawler completed or go after one of the rare sports, like, Badminton.

  • Outside of Gaming

Nothing too new. Opted to get my teeth whitened professionally for the first time ever and the results are great. It's amazing how much money you have leftover when you save it for something that never materializes. wink

Unfortunately, I have to be mindful of what I eat and drink for another week since my teeth is susceptible to staining due to the procedure. That means no coffee, soda -- have to avoid anything that could stain a white shirt basically. That being said, I've drank nothing but water and have actually been eating pretty clean. The first day was miserable since my teeth became highly sensitive -- ZING! -- and also developed a caffeine headache, but after that, it's actually been smooth sailing. I still get my cravings for certain foods, but that's expected. All in all, pretty proud of my self discipline. I deserve a pat on the back. Heh.

The vegetable gardens and pots are taking off surprisingly well. I'm starting to see a few blooms form, so getting excited to see how much produce I'll get in another month or so. If only the grass in my front yard would get the memo. Since I have what's called centipede grass, I had to de-thatch the dormant areas, so I have some bare spots throughout the yard for now. I have an irrigation system out there to keep it watered and just spread out some fertilizer too, so hopefully within next month, the yard will start looking lush, like it should.

And, with that - I'm out!

[UPDATED: April 16, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 24 April 17 at 20:58 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
PermalinkGenre Project - Completing Them All
Since the genre classifications have mostly been solidified, I thought to myself, "Maybe I can try to complete a game for every genre there is. That should continue to keep me amused." I mean, the contest forums can keep me entertained for so long before it acts like a broken record again for the umpteenth time. Plus, there's only so many brothers out there that's willing to conspire together in an effort to snipe another team's bonus. wink

No, but seriously. I might have taken a peek at the forums twice this year and just because contests no longer appeal to me at this point in time doesn't mean I'm going to downplay them. I had a blast when I competed and in doing so, resulted in some of the best times I ever had while being on this site. I sincerely hope people find enjoyment in competing though. Personally, I don't understand the lengths some people go in an effort to win since most of that silliness goes against the spirit of it all, but that's for the people that take it more seriously to hash out among themselves. For me, I'm continuing to enjoy the casual aspect of gaming and blessed enough to have friends to share this hobby with. I might have my poisons that differ from the masses, but it's what I want to do that's enjoyable to me and don't feel pressured into doing them either.

As I read from someone's signature on here, "The real achievement is bettering oneself and not trying to overtake others." Or, something along those lines. Regardless, it rang true to me and thought it was well said. I suppose I'm developing a viewpoint similar to that saying. In the process of doing so, I'm finding out there's less hassle going by that as opposed to following others, such as gaming for the wrong reasons - whatever that may be.

Anyway, since the family tree of genres on here has been rehashed, I had to do the same to my original list. And, this structure of mine might change as more progress is made towards these genre completions, but for now, I'm rolling it out like this:

  • Completed Genres (63):

(fun fact: including my earlier completions per genre; figure those are less likely to change over time)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

  • Missing Genres (20):


Billiards: Pool Nation (13/20 achievements)

Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition, Dead Island (Xbox 360), or Borderlands

* surprisingly haven't completed this genre yet; solid candidates to get the job done though
Skating: Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect (14/19 achievements)

Survival: How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition (32/37 achievements)

Turn Based: Worms Battlegrounds or Child of Light




Australian Football: AFL Live 2

Badminton: Blazing Birds - OWNED

Bullfighting: Toro - OWNED

Handball: Handball 16

Lacrosse: Casey Powell Lacrosse 16

* slim pickings for this genre and since this game seemingly has an unobtainable achievement, I'll pass for now
Motocross: Motocross Madness

* This is a questionable genre here as the only game officially classified as such is no longer available digitally, but hoping the game listed above will be considered as such eventually.

Personally, I think this genre should just be scratched because there are actual Motocross games that are just listed as Arcade Racing instead. It's a puzzling one.
Paintball: NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 - RENTING

Rollerblading: On a Roll

* not released yet
Skydiving: Skydive: Proximity Flight - OWNED
  • Genre Combinations

The discovery of all the different combinations of genres that exist will be enjoyable to find and actually interest me a great deal. I probably won't dive far into those possibilities until I wrap up the main genres first or at the very least -- uh, we'll say over 90% completed or something

Some combinations I've found were redundant, like this: Shooter | First Person Shooter. laugh

Have any of you found any clever combinations that warrant some interest? Let me know. I would love to hear them.

  • Recent Events | Real Life

What should I consider recent? I guess we'll just go back to last weekend.

Since I prefer to tackle most games that include online achievements over others, I opted to start Mirror's Edge Catalyst a little sooner than I would have liked due to a few user-generated achievements that were dependent on some online functionality. Regardless of my prior feelings of starting something before I felt ready to, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it was the perfect game to play at that time. I actually enjoyed it far beyond what I was expecting. The whole "first-person platformer" concept really appealed to me.

I ended up playing through the main story over the weekend and tidied up a few miscellaneous achievements as well. Heavily considering on going back to my usual ways and sticking it out until it's completed with all of the achievements unlocked. From there, I see myself going on massive cleanup duty and approach other games in a similar manner, mostly the started ones. We'll see. Unlocking every achievement in a game can seem like a chore, so I'm wanting to find balance and avoid that feeling. Moderation continues to be the key.

Speaking of completions, I managed to add a few more notches to the belt last week:

2006 FIFA World Cup
+ used the Road Glitch to 1000; not much else I can say other than it's your standard soccer game

Chickens Can't Fly (WP)
+ definitely one of my favorite WP games; such a simple concept yet so addicting

Dead Space: Ignition
+ always have enjoyed the Dead Space series and was interesting how it tied the first two games together despite this one just being another puzzle game
Other than that, been currently preoccupied with this WP game, N.O.V.A. 3 (WP), during slow times at work. Would you believe me that the first level lasted over 40 minutes? 40 minutes?! For a phone game! Craziness if you ask me.

It's actually better than most Shooters out there, believe it or not. After the first level, I sensed some back story that I'm clearly not getting, so planning on looking up the plot from the other two games through a wiki of some sort. That way, I'll get a better understanding of what's going on.

Since I mentioned Shooters, I can't forget to mention Splinter Cell Double Agent. Actually got my feet wet with the challenges. It was rough at first, but starting to get easier. All I want to say is that those mercenaries/guards are sooo OP. That's not a good thing either. Anyway, looking forward to wrapping that all up. It might end up being one of my greatest gaming accomplishments due to the persistence it'll take to get the job done.

Other than gaming, opted to give vegetable gardening another go. After my hiatus last year, I've been making up for some lost time and getting all kinds of projects finished. There's nothing too special about my layout: three 4x4 raised garden beds and experimenting with some pots too. I have a combination of tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and sweet potatoes planted. Dawn even found a purple bell pepper to grow. Never heard of them, but apparently it's a sweet pepper.

I'll have to post a picture later once everything starts growing.

Anyway, Let me stop here and get back to doing something productive at work other than drinking the company's coffee. laugh

Talk to you all later!

[UPDATED: April 16, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 18 April 17 at 14:36 | There are 12 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
PermalinkCommon Decency, Entitlement & Ethical Gaming - Part Two
As some of you may have noticed, I went on a tear and started stacking Minecraft - just a little bit though. Nothing too crazy. I've only completed six out of the possible nine variations. roll Oh. What's ridiculous is once I decided to start stacking this series, I'm noticing a new achievement surface - that Haggler achievement. What were the odds? I tell you what though - if GS is your thing, Minecraft is one heck of an investment. Can't go wrong with a seemingly endless amount of free achievements in our future.

Does make me wonder when the 360 version will be discontinued. As it stands, it's believed that anything on that platform is capped at 99 achievements, so I'll be curious on how mobile platforms will be affected. Those probably won't be, but still leaves me in anticipation.

Not sure what compelled me to stack all of those platforms. Perhaps I needed a reason to own another device or something. I like owning gadgets and gizmos. The Android tablet I managed to snag, for about 85% off from it's retail price, is a wonder piece of tech - the Ellipsis 10.

External image

Lately, just wrapped up all of the Chaos Squad achievements in Sunset Overdrive and been snagging online achievements in a variety of games as of late, such as Double Agent, ExZeus 2, and more. I do have to admit. I had a ton of fun in the Chaos Squad game mode and even though DOOM was boosted, it was a hoot with the group that was involved. I'm hoping I feel like playing the MP later on because it seems like it's played at my type of speed: fast and frantic!

I've also been planning on blogging about all of my completions that helped me reach that 500 milestone with mini reviews of each. I've seen it done in a series of posts before from someone else and it might be something cool to do. Also seeking out to complete a game in every genre too since that whole debacle has been ironed out now. I actually have a majority of them already, but I'm missing about 10 of the rare sports ones, like Badminton and Skydiving.

Anyway, one of the main reasons for starting this blog is I thought I'd sit back down and put a bit more effort into getting part two of this post done. You know, just get it out of the way since quite some time has passed since the last one was posted. Plus, I felt like it was unfinished business to not complete it, so with that said - Here. We. Go.

Well, this is slightly embarrassing. Not quite sure where to expand from the last blog since life goes on and haven't really missed a beat. Ironically enough, things have been even more stress-free and much quieter. I do not miss Mundane Monday's obnoxious voice, that's for sure. That said, guess I'll just pick up from somewhere and run with it? If it wasn't for the extra content that I left out from the last blog and managed to set those notes to the side, I would've forgotten all of these other juicy details. That would've been a shame for all of you followers, huh? You all could have missed out on some funny material!

Let's start off with how Dawn had gotten concerned on what both Monday and Cracks Corn IDC might have said about us to their family and friends. Bah. Who am I kidding? I'm almost positive they already have since they've been quick to bash their other "friends" to us. Heck, Monday even talked junk about her own mom on how evil she was. Even talked about how manipulative and hypocritical she could be. Doesn't even speak to her anymore either. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Regardless of what might have happened, I quickly reassured Dawn that she shouldn't worry because of two things: they don't have any "true friends" nor we will never see anybody they associate themselves with ever again.

Personally, I could give a dingle berry's worth of a crap on what they say about us - it wouldn't be the whole truth. They like to cherry pick certain things in an effort to sway people on their side. You know, playing the victim only like a SJW knows how. That whole friendship could be viewed metaphorically as layers of an onion. Unfortunately, after enough layers were taken off, a rotten core eventually showed itself. It's shame since we put forth so much effort to keep it afloat and moving forward, but alas - it's a tiny ripple in the scheme of things now.

External image

I mean, we should've seen the red flags and warning signs. For instance, Cracks Corn and I have a mutual friend when it came to gaming and it was disturbing how he'd bring up tasteless things about him. One thing that stood out was how he would say, "I think Xbox is the only thing he has going in his life." It's sort of ironic because Cracks Corn would often go to him for achievement help. I mean, don't take my word for it. There are game clips showing where he's essentially letting our friend lead the way for him and do all of the dirty work. I guess his idea of gaming for fun is holding onto his buddy's belt from behind. Sounds like a leech, yeah? The only thing that might be worst than that is having your brother come over to game for you in an effort to snag a bonus in some gaming contest. Too soon? wink

Monday wasn't apparently any better of a person. As I had mentioned, Monday often spoke ill of her friends (current and former) too, so the common denominator was clearly them. They'll never admit it, but perhaps the issues were within them all along and not with everyone else like they want other people to think. As another example of her poor character, a week or so prior from their meltdown with us, she even felt torn on going to her grandfather's funeral or not because she had already booked a trip to go out of town. Huh?! Pettiness on full display there. Needless to say, both Dawn and I didn't approve of that mindset. If we had to deal with something like that, it would be a no-brainer for us and there would be no second-guessing on what needed to be done. Family comes first. Always.

Anyway, what still baffles me was how they were trying to portray themselves as the perfect friends, but as soon as I dispute that, they get their panties in a wad. Both of them. I don't know what Monday was trying to accomplish by not referring to us as "good friends," but they certainly need some thicker skin if they're going to continue making accusations like that with other people. How's that saying go? They can dish it out, but can't take it. Huh. Just figured something out. They're narcissists!

I must say that I had always felt Cracks Corn had double standards and just as petty as his wife. For instance, he teased me about starting games that were just for score back in the day, but yet somehow it's acceptable for him to do so. It makes me shrug my shoulders at such narrow-mindedness. I even recall a time where he exclaimed on how he enjoyed EVERY game he plays. Riiight. He's clearly in denial by having a game like Vampire Rain or Energy Cycle on their tag. Oh, but wait - I bet a cousin started it or something. facepalm He even told told me once that he "got scared" during one time I was aggravated with him a little and he didn't initially wanted to be friends anymore due to my choice set of words that I had for him then. Sigh.

On top of all that, according to his wife, he was trying to stay ahead of me in GS for whatever reason. He even resorted to that infamous Avatar game when I happened to be closing the gap. laugh I mean, that is pretty impressive to hold out on starting a game like that - think he started it earlier this year. I personally wouldn't have the patience because it's so gratifying to unlock achievements right then and there. It's just lame since he obviously spent more time trying to desperately stay ahead on GS than interact with me. If he wasn't too busy trying to play the victim from our last spat, we could've patched things up, but nope. It's a bit funny how much money he's spent on trying to stay ahead of me too. If regret hasn't set in, it will soon. I mean, it's been back and forth, but I've already passed him - several times - so, don't understand his mindset; it's silly. It is what it is. He can continue to stress over it for all I care while I go at my own pace.

Oh. Something I didn't bring up in the last blog was that according to Dawn, they proceeded to remove us from social media and things like that, right away. I'm not joking - it was almost instantaneous It must've been done in record timing too, almost as if they had plenty of practice beforehand. Just think about that for a second. If they would've put forth that much urgency and effort towards our friendship, it might not have gotten to that breaking point. But, at the same time, Cracks Corn didn't give me an opportunity to say my two cents after the fact. Forgive my language once more, but he "pussied out" of the conversation because he knew they were in the wrong. How else is anyone supposed to look at it? It was just weird after our last communication especially when he said, "Don't bother replying back. We're removing your numbers." Such a little girl!

To quickly summarize what made this escalate was that they felt like my message to them was an attack, but declaring Dawn and I "not good friends" wasn't one? I only defended Dawn like a real man would and didn't consider what I sent an attack at all; more of a reality check and setting the record straight. Not my fault they wanted to act like a drama queen over it. A couple of other things that stood out from his last communication to me was when he said, "we had a good run." Who says that?! laugh I'm sorry, but there's no shred of normalcy with that sort of behavior. A true friend would sit down, hash things out, and then shake hands. It would've been different if something like this happened on a daily basis, but it didn't.

He also brought up how they were happy for Dawn and me, but reiterated that they wouldn't be there to share it with us on our wedding day. Uh, not sure why he was making that last part out to be a bad thing. We're beyond thrilled that they won't be there any longer. Probably would've just complicated things since Dawn's other bridesmaids were having issues with Monday's pessimistic character from their prior interactions. I'm sure Cracks Corn would've gotten along with the rest of my groom, but can't say that with absolute certainty. With his apathetic nature, he could've brought us down in spirit or something. Bullets dodged, perhaps?

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Before I forget, what do you all make of this? I brought up social media and Facebook earlier because that was something we were all friends on. Dawn had noticed that Monday blocked her on there, but then kept removing that setting (unblocking, if you will). She hasn't checked in awhile, but why was Monday doing that? I later found out that when you block someone on FB, it works both ways. You can't look the blocked person up either. I'm certain that she unblocked Dawn so she should keep tabs on her/us. Having second thoughts? Regret? Or, just being nosy and a weirdo?

When Dawn told me this, I just shook my head. It's rare that I post anything on FB so it really didn't affect me at all, but the most I looked at was to see if Cracks Corn IDC had already removed me from XBL and TA; sure enough - he did. Plus, my coworker is oddly passionate about where I'm at in comparison to Cracks Corn's score. It seems he brings it up at least once a week and then I feel obligated to look. Ha. And, as you all know, I've passed him before, so despite his best efforts to stay ahead by throwing money at games that were blatantly played for quick GS, it was all for nothing.

My scope of discovery is limited, but I can only imagine his spastic behavior and sleepless nights as he's padding his GS as much as he possibly can. It's sad on what he's resorting to, unfortunately. His playing habits have obviously consisted of spending money just to stay ahead of me. Such an unhealthy obsession. Sad. What I find interesting is that while he's pouring his life's savings into a questionable number that some of us are seemingly obsessed over, I'm not spending anything close to his totals. In fact, with the resources that's been shared to me, I'm not spending...well, anything, really. I'm probably actually enjoying the titles I've been starting more than him too. I can almost say that with absolute certainty.

Let's see if I can put this all into perspective and find out what those totals could be. Let's take a peek at his games list...

OK, I'm back. So, since we stopped being friends back in mid-February (don't remember the exact date), he's spent well over $300 in that time span. It's probably more than that since I can't tell what he hasn't started, but that was for games that was obviously for a quick score bump in GS. NEOGEO, anyone? God knows how much he'll spend during this Spring Sales event. And, at the risk of looking like a freeloader, I might have spent $50 and most of that was from the season pass for DOOM I got from someone else on this site. I knew his gaming habits and tendencies were an odd one, but he's never been this obsessed over GS before. I guess it's important for him to have this lone victory over me. Meh.

Speaking of odd, let's give you all an example of this. He once told me he didn't want to "start" Titanfall 2 because of one difficult achievement that he couldn't unlock. Uh, has he looked at all of the unobtainable, discontinued or glitched achievements he has? What's one more unattainable achievement gonna do? laugh He needs to worry about the 15 pages worth of online achievements he's got locked or they'll become discontinued. I point all this out because he obviously doesn't make a lick of sense, so it's no wonder he wanted to terminate the friendship so hastily. I suppose what takes the cake is those spending habits - they're just ridiculous now especially for such a petty reason. I just don't find that impressive. I could easily turn my $250 Wal-Mart gift card I won from my work's Christmas Party and convert that into MS digital money. From there, I could easily bump up my GS with that dough and just crush his totals, but I won't. I'm better than that. wink

He was a bit quirky with his gaming too - hid offline, always took their time getting back to me (not always, but enough to be irritating), and seemingly never instigated anything. Remember, he's apathetic. I mean, the dude only worked two hours a day and according to his wife, never worked a real job in his entire life. I've also noticed that he'd get his game on in the early morning time. I kind of suspect he did that because his wife was too controlling in the late afternoons and wouldn't let him. I have a hilarious story about the guidelines she set for him when he wanted to join the GTASC this year too. She made him repeat those guidelines to his teammates in a party chat over XBL and they even had to verbally repeat them back to her. I mean, you can't make this stuff up! I don't remember the details, but it was probably about how he couldn't play when she got home and things of that nature.

At the end of the day, my score is high enough. I sometimes watch videos on GameSprout and I imagine they're having more fun than the rest of us who are valuing our numbers as something to brag about. It's not quite as meaningful to me as it once was and I hope one day I can pry myself from feeling the need to unlock achievements completely. Well, maybe not completely. You all know what I'm trying to get at. smile

Going back to all of their money being spent, his wife would only complain to Dawn about anything and everything - that's what she seemingly did whenever they would talk. When she needed minor outpatient surgery, she made it out to be like it was going to be open heart surgery. She would whine, like, "Poor me. I'm in so much pain." The question the pops up is me wondering where is the husband in all of this, to support her and console her? Anyway, the main topic was usually about their "financial situations." I just remember her unnecessarily talking REALLY loudly over the phone and I wasn't even the recipient; I would be sitting from the other side of the room and still hear her. I mean, all of that whining would get annoying after awhile, right? I can just see Dawn rolling her eyes now. We all tolerate that one friend, don't we? We still love them, but man, they can make it tough to like them sometimes.

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Anyway, she just seemed to be oozing with pessimism, hypocrisy, pettiness, double standards - the whole nine yards - especially when finances were the topic of their conversations. Needless to say, I was never a big fan of her poor attitude and overly critical mindset. Mundane Monday would not only continuously bring up money problems, but yet they would constantly go out to the movies and travel out of town (even out of the country in some cases) to go to these comic conventions; they would even partake in the whole dressing up bit - that stuff gets expensive quick. I mean, all of those action-packed events tally up quickly, but at the same time, didn't make any logical sense on why finances were ever brought up to begin with. We suspect she said this to garner artificial sympathy from us or simply wanted attention because Cracks Corn parents were living comfortably (they had money) as far as we could tell. Could be wrong with that speculation, but there's a real possibility we could be right with those suspicions.

And, since I'm a video games aficionado, I'm fully aware of how much Cracks Corn IDC probably spends on his collection, so there's that too. Spoiler: as we just discussed, he spent a lot. In his basement [cliche alert!], he's got shelves among shelves of collector's items. Don't get me wrong, I thought the collection was pretty cool despite me not being that into collecting things; that's what museums are for, right? wink Plus, I don't warrant enough company at the house to show off any collection I would ever want to invest in. But, here's the point I'm trying to make: if you're having money issues, shouldn't you save up and not continuously purchase stuff that's not really practical in the scheme of things? It's just common sense.

Dawn and I always suspected money was never an issue unless their money dilemma was them not getting as much pity money from the parents. Regardless, I understand there's two sides to every story, but you really can't expect to take their word for it. They like to only pluck a few facts and leave out the rest of the truth to make themselves look like the victim. I have no reason to shuffle up the facts. If you really know, I don't need to use any misdirection. Of course, this post isn't about who was right or wrong. I'm aware I've been a little hateful, but that's just my personality when it comes to blogging. I'm a little too grandiose for my own good, but I think most find it amusing, so I roll with it. If these blogs was a true reflection of myself, then it might turn out being bland, so I got to add a little spice to them. Ha.

Oh, and get this. Friends, family, and coworkers all said that their actions were shocking while a few even shared their suspicions and claimed they were trying to find a way out. Of what exactly? Beats me. Was it just the trip, the friendship? Meh. We don't care, just pissed off about their lack of decency more than anything else. After all, Dawn actually planned around Monday's schedule for Disneyland and the Bridal Shower. But, what does Monday do when one thing doesn't go her way? She canceled that trip hastily, dropped out of wedding, solidified her bitch status all because of a discussion that revolved around finding a middle ground and compensating (which is what Dawn and I end up doing most of the time). God forbid we act like the wedding was for us or something.

Their behavior was quite disrespectful. Monday didn't give Dawn the common decency that they weren't being friends anymore either. I had to relay that information to her. They'll never know this, but we were good sports during the times they stepped over the line. We just let it go like good friends do. For example, Monday constantly nagged Dawn about me making payments towards that Disney trip because she was worried about us dipping out and they would be stuck with the reservation. Oh, how ironic that statement came out to be. And, she had the nerve to state Dawn didn't trust her with that whole dress debacle (Part One of this blog states the particulars on that subject). Um, not sure if she ever realized that it actually wasn't her wedding. I'll be blunt here: just because Monday didn't have the wedding she dreamed of doesn't mean she had the right to take over Dawn's and try to live vicariously through it. Not my fault she felt like her own wedding didn't live up to expectations - I say that because Monday harped on on how her bridesmaids weren't there for her. Big surprise there, but she also complained about the lack of communication about Dawn's Bridal Shower among the bridesmaids, but apparently there's some things you can't reserve that far out in advance, so there was no need to communicate that. And, as an insult to injury, Dawn's bridesmaids had already reserved a room for her, from the little they could reserve.

Did I mention how delusional they are? Get this: all of us had taken turns to visit each other over holidays and what not, but this one time was so ridiculous on what they constituted as "their turn." When they decided to go on one of their numerous trips, this particular one was to to Florida. Since they were passing through GA, they asked if they could stay for a night at our place. We didn't have an issue with that because we like to be there people in need, especially friends. We had to tweak our work schedules to make sure we were home, but that wasn't a big deal. What makes this story comical is the fact that Monday had the audacity to say, "OK. It's your turn to visit us now!" How is that even remotely fair? I told you they were delusional and if I hadn't, now you know.

I admit. They truly did us a huge favor by canceling that trip. While Dawn has gotten over the fact she's not going anymore, I feel she's realized Disney was hyped up and we need to save up for our eventual trip to Paris, a place that is going to be much more meaningful to us. Plus, I think Jim Gaffigan describes adults who go to Disney without kids perfectly (hint: they're weirdos):

I somewhat mentioned this in a status update of mine, but with the extra money we now have, we opted to use part of the trip money to spruce up our landscaping, make some vegetable gardens and I tell you what: that money was well spent. I feel more at peace and relaxed when I pull up in the driveway; the yard just looks fantastic now. It's quite therapeutic to me to look at everything and soak in all in. Well, that's until my allergies hit me and I start sneezing uncontrollably. Ha.

All in all, I do want to say this. They were good friends, just not for us, especially if there were going to be hidden agendas, cry-bullying going on, and pointed fingers directed towards us. Remember this folks: if you point a finger at somebody, there's going to be three more pointed back towards you. Think about that for a second. I'll still be here.

And, before I wrap things up, I just made a recent discovery. I would have never thought I had the capability to dictate what and how someone games or even what they end up purchasing. Neat, huh? Then again, I'm sure if I stalked someone's profile long enough, I would develop their tendencies, boost what they play after the fact and - well, you all know what I'm getting at.

Now, how do I know if someone has been keeping tabs on me or not, you might be asking to yourself. I have my ways, but I'm not going to sit here with a God complex and pretend to know everything, but at the same time, a copycat only functions one way. However, it could just be a crazy coincidence, but after awhile, coincidences no longer seem like it. Catch my drift?

As I always say, it is what it is. It's flattering that someone I'm no longer friends with still checks up on me, only like an ex knows how. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It actually amuses me more than anything else, but let's be done with this chapter of my life. I've vented enough, if you could call it that. There probably won't be a Part Three and while the gloves didn't come off per se, it's when the socks come off you have to worry about. Things get real then.

Anyway, looking forward to blogging about completions and this genre project I have going on. I think all of you will find that interesting going forward. However, more importantly, future blogs will feature stuff that will be more focused with my gaming rather than real-life drama. I can imagine that there can only be so much drama that can be created within my vicinity, right? Bah. Who am I kidding?

Take care everyone and have a great weekend. Later!

[UPDATED: April 13, 2017]

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