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PermalinkBreaking Down Fighters Uncaged - Part 1
Thought I would do something different and break down the fighters you face in Fighters Uncaged. I won't be doing them all at once, but just the ones I've beaten 20 times in the Open League so far. Believe it or not, the game is deep. On the surface, it might seem basic since there's not a main story scripted -- would have been nice if there had been one -- but each opponent you face has their weaknesses and strengths. For instance, if you're facing off against a heavyweight, they're susceptible to leg kicks. If you start trading blow for blow, your character won't last long. Their damage output is much higher than yours, especially in the Open League.

With that said, let's begin by discussing one of the heavyweights, Rider.

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Fighters UncagedYour tricycle's waitingThe Your tricycle's waiting achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 106 pointsWin 20 fights against Rider

Basically, you want to attack his leg(s). He tends to just throw haymakers and a bit on the slow side, which makes countering incredibly easy by simply leaning back.

The recipe to beat him is simple: dodge, leg kick until you cause enough leg pain and... kick him some more. laugh

I have triggered him into staggering a few times before with a combo that involves a spinning heel kick -- I like being fancy sometimes -- and from there, I just repeatedly punched him in the face until he couldn't take it anymore and was able to knock him out.

I'm not next to my console to verify these high scores, so I'll just include a figure that's around the same ballpark.

EDIT: Back home now and can verify.

High Score: 11,340

* I'm positive I can do better; was mostly working on miscellaneous achievements and not focused on score


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Fighters UncagedGet lostThe Get lost achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 117 pointsWin 20 fights against Mover

Despite Mover being a middleweight, he attacks just as slowly as Rider does. He's not quite as susceptible to leg kicks as Rider, but if you throw enough hook shots to the body, he'll become breathless and you can hammer on him with knees and kicks until he recovers.

After that, I would just repeat that process and focus most of my attacks to his body and wear him out.

He doesn't do himself any favors by taunting either, which just opened him up for more uncontested shots.

High Score: 15,439


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Fighters UncagedBack to the sandboxThe Back to the sandbox achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 119 pointsWin 20 fights against Ratface

Ratface is considered a lightweight and while he's much faster than his counterparts and prefers leg kicks from a distance, he can't take a punch at all, especially to that dome of his.

Since he mostly utilizes ranged attacks with his legs, they are just as easy to counter as anything else, but with one slight difference. If Ratface attacks with a low roundhouse kick, just do as real UFC fighters defend it, lift up your knee.

In the game, there's obviously some differences and you can only counter with a sweep. After you get Ratface on the ground by tripping him, just repeatedly throw straight jabs and punches to his head until it's lights out. He normally doesn't defend it right away and can usually knock him out before he's realizing what's going on.

In most rounds, he's knocked out within 10 or 15 seconds.

High Score: 18,219


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Fighters UncagedReap the whirlwindThe Reap the whirlwind achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 141 pointsWin 20 fights against Jawbreaker

Not sure what weight class Jawbreaker falls under - either middleweight or lightweight. Anyway, he's mostly a mixed bag. While he's susceptible to body shots to become breathless, he had a predictable pattern with his kicks.

For instance, if you don't manage to check his low kicks with your knee, he always follows up with another kick. Just duck under it, sweep, and follow that up with a barrage of punches to his face. There were times he wouldn't be able to recover and have actually knocked him out within the first ten seconds before.

High Score: 18,565

  • Outside of Fighting

Finally found The Simpsons Game for under $20, brand new. It had been vastly overpriced for what seems like forever, so glad I happen to stumble upon a great deal. From what I've been told, I might be looking forward to the DDR level with God the most. Heh.

Still preparing for that Savage Run event in late September too. I've mostly been working out to improve my cardio, core and hand strength -- that mostly involves a ton of pull ups. I'm feeling stronger in those areas, so that's a huge boost to my confidence. I've actually looked up some videos of what to expect from the race. Having a visual to go by on versus depending on my crazy imagination makes the race seem tamer. Some obstacles look intense, but hopefully I'll be able to pass most of them, if not all. Take a look at what I'll be running through:

This race is definitely going to be more enjoyable than -- let's say -- waiting in line for hours on end. wink

And, with that - have a great weekend everyone. I might dabble in some DOOM over the weekend, so let me know if you want to partake. Later!

[UPDATED: July 20, 2017]

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AI can be very predictable in video games. Take Fighters Uncaged for example, a game I played over the weekend. Your opponent always retaliates right after you take the offensive. Since I'm actually a counter puncher in real life, the gameplay just catered to me. I would bait them into attacking me, dodge/block afterwards and basically countered them at will. That doesn't mean there wasn't a learning curve involved, but at the end of the day, I'm at a spot in the game that less than 2.25% of people on True Achievements have reached. If we're talking about the entire world, that number drops all the way down to 0.59%. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is. It's a testament to my willpower, my drive, and skill level.

Hold on. Let me toot this horn real quick. laugh

I kid, I kid.

I am surprised I'm not nearly as sore as I probably should be right now. It's like I've told others: I can box all day long. It's when you add in grappling is when that stamina gets sapped right out of you. Fighters Uncaged is all about striking, so I suppose that fact held true with me and why I'm really not all that fatigued.

Then again, I probably didn't need to exert that much wasted energy since I was able to manipulate the opponents so easily, which helped me anticipate their actions beforehand. My manipulation capabilities will never be as good as they were when I casually made someone I knew into making a ton of regretful purchases towards videos games just to bump up their score higher than mine. Without even lifting a finger, I'm sure they're constantly looking over their shoulder and stressing out over something I could care less about; so trivial. Pretty talented, eh? I need to pat myself on the shoulder for that one. wink

Bah. Let's not dwell on this; there's bigger fish to fry. My faith in humanity takes a hit when that shell of a man gets brought up and I'm trying to limit my negativity here. Heh.

  • What's the deal with Crowns?

In Ages of Empire: Castle Siege, you should know that gathering crowns can be a big deal to some. I'm closing in on 2,000 crowns myself -- less than 200 to go -- so that will be a huge achievement scratched off the list in that game. Everything else will essentially be a waiting game. A looong waiting game. Regardless, I'm still loving every second of it and plan on gaming long after I get all of the achievements. It's a fun distraction while at work.

Plus, it's enjoyable to manipulate my attackers into deploying their troops to where my traps are, mostly due to my current layout. You'd think humans would be trickier to manipulate due to all of the variables, but it's not. As I brought up briefly before, some are so weak-minded that it's almost effortless to get them to react how you want them to.

It did come as a small surprise to me that Fighters Uncaged rewards you with crowns as well. That's how you advance in the League system they have implemented. Thought it was a neat coincidence that two entirely different games uses crowns as bragging rights. Crazy, huh? Fortunately, for this Kinect title, there's not nearly as much waiting involved to obtain crowns as there is in AoE.

  • On the Menu

- Fighters Uncaged

At the moment, I'm wanting to see this game through and complete it at some point during this week. The only reason it's not completed already is due to time restraints: gym, job, etc. The point where I'm at in this game is essentially a grind. Arguably, the most difficult achievement in the game is already unlocked, this 9.99 ratio one:

Fighters UncagedCombo expertMr GranstaffThe Combo expert achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 150 pointsPerform all combos

Of course, there's three other achievements I'll have to be a little mindful of, but nothing I won't be able to handle. From here on out, I just need to beat each opponent 20 more times in the Open League and another Kinect completion will be under wraps.

- Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Planning on going through the Halo 2 story campaign with my buddy, Brian. That should help with my Bean Dive recovery immensely - might even help me recover completely. Achievements are aplenty in that game, that's for sure. Heh.

And, with that, "People are so touchy on words." - Conor McGregor

[UPDATED: June 16, 2017]

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Permalink"U Mad Bro?"
Yep. laugh Some little turd from Rocket League sent that message to my friend and me - in that little chat box that's located in the upper left-hand corner. Never thought I'd see the day when someone would ask me that. Basically, we were at a disadvantage since my buddy kept lagging -- BADLY -- so trash talk was coming at us aplenty that night.

And, nooo - he wasn't just saying that each time he messed up. His ping was getting out of hand - spiking hard. I saw it. Heh.

Anyway, during the match, my friend got juked pretty hard and that turd ended up scoring. He also stated it was, "2 ez" in the chat.

I'll admit. It ruffled my feathers some. Fortunately, I was able to return the favor and score 30 seconds later. I was compelled to post a quick message saying, "way 2 ez." Ha!

You could tell it got under their skin because they became more aggressive and ended up whiffing the ball all over the place. Ultimately, with my buddy's lag becoming out of control, they held onto the lead due to that disadvantage and ended up winning, but they did send us both a "gg" after the match, so it was all in good fun. It's one of the few times I've continued on playing a game after earning all of the achievements. Hope to continue that trend with other games down the line, but while there's achievements to be had in my backlog, it probably won't happen often.

  • Solid Gaming Weekend

These don't happen often, but with Dawn working the weekend, I had some extra time to game to my heart's content and got a ton of stuff accomplished.

The highlight of the weekend was getting some tough achievements unlocked in Star Wars Battlefront. Most notably, these two achievements:

Star Wars BattlefrontI’ll take that betMr GranstaffThe I’ll take that bet achievement in Star Wars Battlefront worth 244 pointsGet 20 kills with the X-8 Night Sniper and the EE-4. (Multiplayer)

Star Wars BattlefrontThat got him!Mr GranstaffThe That got him! achievement in Star Wars Battlefront worth 128 pointsUse a tow cable to destroy an enemy AT-AT in Walker Assault

The requirements for obtaining the EE-4 blaster is tricky because you need 10 generator defenses. Fortunately, my buddy Kyle told me of an excellent way to achieve this: Dioxis Grenades. So brilliant, I had to kick myself for not thinking of it sooner.

I'm also going to post the video for taking down an AT-AT with a tow cable. The achievement can be really tough if you're getting blasted while the tow cable is attached, but fortunately my lone successful attempt only let me get tagged once. Check it out:

That feat left my hands shaking. Doesn't happen often, but it sure was exhilarating.

Did some more cleanup for Halo CE within the Halo MCC too. Probably have one more manageable achievement in the first story before moving onto the Halo 2 campaign. I'll do all of the par times, speed runs and the Legendary playthrough later on.

The only achievement that escaped my grasp was this one:

Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP)CastellanThe Castellan achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP) worth 34 pointsSuccessfully defend your castle 10 times

Had three opportunities to get a successful defense over the weekend, but it wasn't meant to be. I'd like to think if my Ballistic Tower wasn't in the process of being upgraded, I probably would have won. After all, I only lost this one battle with five seconds remaining too. Oh, such a heart breaker!

I'm not fretting too much about it. As my friend, Shadow, told me, "People are stupid eventually." laugh

  • Bean Dive 2017

Opted to not do a huge dive since I don't like limiting myself on what I can play, know what I mean? For me, the goal is to give some of my "dust collectors" more visibility and motivates me to actually put a dent into games I've started.

The Dive is also going to help me gain more traction towards my Genre Project. For instance, I've already checked off Pinball and working on Bullfighting currently. With a quick cross reference check on some of the more rare genres, no one on this site has completed every sub-genre yet, so would love to be the first one to do so. Only have 14 left, including the ones under the Other Sports category. If we're just talking about main genres, then I only need 4 more.

Hm. I don't think I can easily check Main Genres due to the popularity of some of them. Will need to find one with the fewest games attached and go from there. Check back later on that.

Think that about covers it. Looking forward to revisiting my dived games, but for now, my focus will be on Toro in order to check off Bullfighting from the Genre Project and will be starting up the Halo 2 story. Have yet to check it out in its remastered glory, so it should be cool, I think.

And, with that - “Stay on target.” – Gold Five

[UPDATED: June 16, 2017]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 10 July 17 at 16:32 | Last edited on 10 July 17 at 20:14 | There are 6 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
It took a very classy blog that was posted on this site earlier this week, an untimely death last month and an Easter Sunday's sermon -- that finally sunk in -- to try to maintain this new mindset and one I hope to keep.

Although the recent passing, blog and sermon have nothing in common other than that both reminded me -- and encourages me -- to not waste time with trivial things. Since I spend a great deal on this site, those discoveries mostly pertain to here.

I mean, it's entirely possible I'll forget this lesson and give out the wrong impression through my posts (again) and witness the responses from butt hurt babies, but... laugh

I'm joking. I really am. I'd like to think I am wiser and hope to learn from past mishaps. I was raised better than that.

Anyway, that sermon was about forgiveness, being mindful of others feelings, becoming more open-minded and things of that nature. With that said, I've wiped the slate clean and forgive anyone that may have done me wrong. I mean, I'm a forgetful person and one not to remember to hold grudges, but I do tend to pity people who are too stubborn to forgive and admit they were wrong. I don't think that's any way to live life. It's basically living a lie. Personally, my preference is to be the better man and move on.

I've gotten to be more like Switzerland lately too, but with a slight twist. I don't back down if I feel like I'm right, but don't go out looking for trouble either; try to cherry pick my battles because you can't win them all. Unfortunately, I may have hurt some people's feelings in the past and due to a death in this community, I don't want my words to trigger anything like that with someone else, so I'm going to be extra careful with my wording going forward. I don't want that on my conscience.

Destroyer of No WordsDestroyer of No Words
Even though I can be a destroyer of words -- that probably needs to be exercised more into reviews of games rather than towards people -- I'm also willing to apologize if I've ever gotten out of line. That side of me seemed to mostly ooze out during contests while I was trying to have fun, but regrettably, some misinterpreted it as an attack and took it too personal. Hopefully that's all cleared up now. Then again, you can't fix stupid either and there will always be that person who prefers to indulge in drama.

And, I'll go ahead and admit it. Before I had this Epiphany, if you will, I was going to be nasty with this blog in response to some silliness, but decided against it. My point has already been made, others backed me, and I essentially came out on top through that ordeal. I have flexed my superiority -- they realize this -- so there's no point to continue rubbing it in. I've walked away the better person and accomplished what I wanted through my posts and that's that. I do wish them the best, whatever that may entail. Additionally, I don't need to prove anything else and have decided to pry myself away from that petty drama. I'm better than that and shouldn't have succumbed to their level, so I'm opting to continue living by a finer example.

As my signature says, "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." And, I think it's gotten to a point where that distinction is starting to get blurry. I've already permanently put them in their place, so there's really no point in continuing this back and forth banter. I'm letting things go by letting them stay in their little bubble. Plus, it's just not amusing; not a challenge. Like shooting puppies in a barrel. I should probably tip it over and at least give them a running chance, right? Heh.

Of course, I do have a tendency to call people out in regards to hypocrisy though, especially when someone says one thing, but does the complete opposite. Again, I'm going to leave that as is and not expand on it any further because nothing good will come from it. The truth will eventually reveal itself without my aid, so I'm opting to let nature take its course.

One last thing I was going to bring up is that people who behave like keyboard warriors only has one strength: anonymity. Someone I know seems to have forgotten that. Make sure the person you're spouting hate towards doesn't know where you live. Fair warning. wink

OK. I better stop. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf here and not go to jail for karate kicking someone's head in. Ha! But, seriously - I'll still continue being grandiose, creative and make jokes, but I will tone down the negativity and our laughs won't be at the expense of another person. Life needs more sunshine and puppies and... well, I forget the rest.

  • Moving On...

All right. Let's transition into something more positive and leave all of this negativity in the rear view mirror and never look back. Truth be told, I'm at a really good place gaming-wise. I used to wear myself out too thin with all of these meta-games -- like streaks, contests, dives, bumping up the GS -- but thankfully, I've found a good balance and have been walking that line since the start of this year. It's all about that personal amusement for me and it's been refreshing. Take Rocket League the other day: it was so much fun, I somehow pulled off stunts like this one:

I still like to be a good sport and partake in all of these community events, but nothing too hardcore. I just got to a point that there's nothing to prove and put the focus back on having fun; being casual with it all. After all, only .001% of this site will only get the recognition for their gaming feats. Then again, perhaps unlocking achievements are more gratifying than I was led to believe.

The immeasurable generosity of other gamers who tirelessly share the Halo LASO achievements have amazed me. The world needs more of these people and less people who have this entitled, "gimmie gimmie" attitude. What's befuddling is that the people who have that attitude somehow get more recognition than those fine people.

Anyway, I'm about to start my Bean Dive that will perfectly coincide with my Genre Project. Details will emerge in my friend feed.

And, with that - take care everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend.

[UPDATED: June 16, 2017]

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