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PermalinkSprained Wrist, Staples in Head & Hurricane Irma
Yep. All of this happened, in that order, and still didn't quite manage to slow me down during my Leap Frog run. I suppose the aftermath of Irma did since we had a power outage at work, outlasted my UPS stations, so had some extra work to do when I got back in the office the following day.

  • Top 10 in Leap Frog

Unfortunately, work played a more vital role in my life and gaming was low on the totem pole. I tried to slither into another day, but the lack of time availability (AKA sleep) and annoying lower back spasms prevented me. It's tough imitating MJ. wink

Truth be told, I might have been able to last two more days, which wouldn't have meant much considering Leap Frog is still going on, lol. I'm beyond thrilled that I managed a Top 10 finish and meet my expectations by lasting longer than a month while predicting I would put in 40+ days. Not too shabby with that prediction, which I made day one.

As far as another prediction goes -- more wishful thinking -- here's hoping JimbotUK goes all the way. He's already guaranteed a badge, I think, so kudos to him. I'm proud of that guy no matter where he places. :)

Now, naturally, I still occasionally wonder if gaming was my life and on how well I could actually do in these contests, but at the same time, can never take them seriously either since it's never going to be an even playing field.

Outside of the last two days, the contest was highly enjoyable and not much of a chore. It even helped me inflate my TA ratio and put the finishing touches on overtaking the top spot for TrueAchievement in Kinect Required Games. According to Dennis, I'm currently in 4th place for the entire site. After tallying the TA from my started Kinect titles, I have enough firepower to actually overtake the top spot. I have some titles in the backlog too, so that's encouraging. Might make another push before the year is up. Who knows. Depends on my ambition, I suppose.

At the time of checking, I'm edging Paul by the slimmest of margins. In all honestly, might be experiencing some burnout from Leap Frog and not quite as motivated. Plus, I know I can't make another deep run since I'm getting married in November. I could have a favorable match that week, but that's going to be the last thing on my mind. Current expectation is to at least make it out of the Group Stage and maybe last another three weeks, leading into Round 8. Seems respectable enough.

Our list has some doozies in there. Well, that's what X told me with the chatter we have had back and forth lately. And, he's right. Can't argue with him there.

Some of the them are basically end-game achievements, but I can't feel sorry for myself. My opponent got the crap end of the stick with the matching. He hasn't even started on some of our titles and to add salt to the wound, some of those require more than one playthrough. Ouch.

Still wishing Paul the best of luck and with the messages we've shared already, he seems like a great guy.

I'm currently debating on even starting a title that hasn't even graced my tag yet. We'll see. There are only 4 of them and I should be able to relatively make a huge dent into them without much hassle. Just trying not to damage my completion percentage too much on games that aren't ready to be enjoyed by me yet.

All in all, I'm hoping to at least unlock half. I have already ruled out at least five achievements, should probably rule out more, but the progress is unknown. Once I know more, I'll triage what I think is best. Two appointments today and tomorrow as well as having the Savage Race this Saturday is seriously cutting into my gaming, but confident I'll be able to unlock the achievements I'll end up setting my sights on.

And, with that, stay cool everyone. Sending out positive vibes your way!

[UPDATED: September 1, 2017]

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PermalinkYou Can't Untwist Someone Else's Panties
...unless they want you to. That's the life lesson my buddy Chip shared with me the other day when discussing an overly sensitive d-bag; it's true, it's damn true. laugh

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, what in the world is going on and it would be completely understandable for you to wonder this. Short story: I'm the bad guy on TA feedback for once. Translation: some delusional, uptight knucklehead deemed it necessary to submit my first ever negative feedback. Since January 2012 -- more than five years -- when I first joined this site, I was able to maintain a perfect record up until last weekend.

Did it bother me? Sure, at first it did. Now, it's actually a huge relief since I no longer need to concern myself about snagging my first neg. My cherry has been popped. It hurt, but now I'm hardened to take it all in going forward. wink

I suppose what bothered me most was their rude nature and their unwillingness to listen to the voice of reason. I hope to God he's not an adult, but rather a 13 year old brat because anyone who behaves like that turd has to be a kid. If he's an adult, someone needs to castrate him and his dad as well as tie up their mom's tubes because we do not need any more crumb snatchers from that family tree walking around. Heck, since he's from Peru, go ahead and euthanize the pet llama. We need to be thorough and not take any chances here.

External image

Should have seen the red flag from the get go though: this doofus somehow received a communication ban on XBL, so I'm sure he's a real winner in the social department. I mean, from what I hear, you have to be downright nasty in your messages to receive a ban like that. One can only wonder how abusive they were to get that. He must really lose it when things don't go his way. What an idiot. His life must be miserable.

Now, let's break this whole scenario down so you all will understand. God knows I tried with them, but it seemingly fell on deaf ears. I must have used too big of words or something. Oh, I know what it was. I used too much logic. Yeah, that's it. roll

OK. It's a few minutes past the session start time, and since I was a last second participant from reserve, I figured they didn't need me. Soon after that thought, I received a party invite and then noticed a message shortly thereafter, "???" Impatient much? laugh I mean, we're talking within thirty seconds here. God forbid the entitled brat has to wait a few moments.

After the invite, I get my headset situated, join the party, introduce myself as cordially as I can and seems like any other session I have been apart of. Right away, the host thinks I'm a celebrity and exclaims how impressive my GS. Weirdo. shock

Since I'm relatively new to boosting Halo MCC, apparently splitting up into two groups of four is one of the efficient ways to go about it. Unfortunately, we continue to battle with connection issues for 45 minutes. The host wasn't very vocal during this time, so their apathy was ill-timed. Eventually, we all finally sync up and we're on a map that is ideal for environmental kills - it's the map where you shoot down the icicles from above for the ones that are familiar with Halo MCC boosting. Anyway, much to my surprise, the host asks if I need those ahead of everyone else. I said that I did, so off we go.

The other team bunches up underneath the ice, I shoot it, achievements pop and so good so far. I start to ask questions and wondering if I should continue shooting. Not a peep. Odd.

I wait a moment as the others huddle up underneath another set of icicles because I'm not new to boosting. We take turns. Nothing happens, no one else is shooting, so is it still my turn? Anyway, I proceed to shoot another set of icicles and boom - another set of kills. I'm still not getting any responses, so I'm guessing everything is going fine.

External image

Now, there's three sets of icicles (did some research beforehand), but before I had a chance to position myself for the third set, someone else takes the kills. I'm thinking I took too long, no biggie. And, again - I'm not getting any responses this whole time and my last set of instructions were to shoot down icicles, so I continue to do so. Seems like the most logical thing to do in this scenario, right? I did keep hearing someone cry out, "let me kill you, let me kill you" the whole time. Wasn't directed at me, but can't remember the gamertag they were calling for. I have no idea what was going on there, but it is kind of hilarious to think back on that randomness. Heh.

Anyway, the first ice structure spawns again, I wait a moment before shooting as they all huddle up underneath again. Nothing happens, so I take my shot once more. I get more kills. Great. I'm guessing I'm the only one that needs environmental kills?

At this point in time, I'm sensing the session is getting out of control and feeling like something is amiss. A few seconds later after having that thought, I'm getting shot at and thinking that it's either a random, someone was confused, an accidental firing or others just getting bored. Anyway, I panic, start strafing back and forth in an effort to survive and trying to get ANYBODY to acknowledge me in the party chat. One person eventually does and is just as clueless as I am because he's not hearing anything back either, but could hear me.

While we're trying to piece everything together, another player gets up all in my face, melees me, my health is sounding the alarm of eminent death and I panic even more. SMACK! I melee that player and kill him. I soon realize it was not a random, but the host. Crap. laugh

I just stop what I'm doing at this point because I have no idea what's going on and there's obvious miscommunication happening. I go straight into the party overlay on the dashboard to start to investigate what's going on and notice that everyone is "Connecting..." I'm getting situated to send a XBL message to the host, but soon after, I find myself removed from the party.

Entered back into the party and get removed promptly afterwards before I could get a word in and seemingly got blocked from joining again.

As the match is still going on, I try reaching out via XBL messages to the host, the group leader that was leading the group I was in and the only other person that actually acknowledged me through the party. No responses from either of them. During this time, I get killed somehow, spawn elsewhere and I'm just sitting there idly by, waiting for further instructions.

Well, I eventually get a message back from the host over on TA, but you'll know how constructive that went later on in this blog. Perhaps he couldn't handle the smack down I gave him earlier and hurt his feelings? Talk about getting their panties in a bunch... See? That's what we're going to call him "panties."

External image

All in all, I'm just disappointed that no one took the time to figure out what was really going on and would rather act like whiny children and jump to conclusions. I guess XBL issues mucking things up never occurred to them. The dude is just a pissant, straight up. He'd rather just shoot at me as a form of communication (because that's so S-M-R-T) rather than be logical and send me a message because there was obvious party chat issues that no one seemed to want to address. Whatever. The session was a bust, but not for me. I was the only one to get achievements. In your face! wink

For those that might be interested, here are the responses he left me, all unwarranted in my opinion:

I asked why I was removed from the party.

Cause yiu started killing everyone like a child
How rude. I'm actually a man child. Pfft. What a jerk.


Despite his rudeness and desire to act on pure "bitch baby" emotion, I still apologized and explained how the XBL 9-man party went silent, so continued my last set of instructions, which was to kill everyone. Does he have short term memory loss or something?

In an effort on being a good sport, I also wished that their session goes well in my absence.

Each our turn what is done is done.. dont join my sessions
Not sure what he was trying to say in the beginning, but could care about the last bit even less. Any host who wastes 45 minutes of my time due to poor planning isn't something I want to join again going forward. Their crappy demeanor and unrealistic expectations on sessions to be ran perfectly can go where the sun doesn't shine.


Anyway, apologized once more, emphasized how the party went silent, leaving me clueless, and left it at that.

when things arent techincally correct you dont kill everyone... noob mistake from someone that had 500k gs... you got 7 kills though congrats.
Is it just me or does the way he types hurt your eyes? Ugh.

So, apparently having a high GS is an indication of one's IQ. Damn. I should spend more time playing games and quit my job in order to increase my learning. I must be a noob. For shame.

And, it was actually 11 kills, bro. I'm so l33t. Even snagged the MVP achievement as well as two other viral ones I got from killing him specifically, so thanks! I appreciate it, panties.

(Yes, he will forever to known as "panties" going forward)


Anyway, this is what the triggered millennial had to say in regards on my feedback:

"Had party chat issues, just starts killing everyone like the sessions was made for him. We all got together to line up for your achievements kind sir. Stay away from my sessions. Nice GS though. Be Smart. World doesn't turn around you."
Does this sound like something I would do? I didn't think so. Plus, I'm pretty sure he meant that the world doesn't revolve around me. Just a wild guess here. Sounds like he's gotten superb education though...from llamas.

Really don't know what he was trying to accomplishment with all that spat. He's not coming across smart, just ignorant. Just letting the whole incident go would have sufficed, but oh well. He's a dick. Simple as that. He probably thinks that's something to be proud of, which explains why his immaturity levels are sky high.

Tried to get the host to have them reconsider and remove the negative feedback that he left the following day, but continues to leave it as is and content on blowing everything out of proportion. That's fine. What's done is done. Doesn't seem like we can untwist their panties and the frowny face is there to stay. As the comedian Ron White says, "you can't fix stupid." Poor guy. I pity him. Maybe one day he'll grow up.

Plus, it's not like their issued negative feedback is going to accomplish anything. I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that it's not going to deter anyone else from allowing me into their sessions or wanting to join anything I host. Others would undoubtedly choose me over them with one glance at their feedback compared to mine.

Oh, well. Maybe I'll meet him again in Halo, bash his head in like I did once before, and tea bag him. Man, their squealing, toddler-like outburst would be glorious. So epic that I would have to record it.

Until then, stay tuned for my Leap Frog recap and my expectations in UHH3. I would have done this already, but this took precedence and figured everyone could use a hearty laugh.

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Going to keep this really short since my head aches. Short story: busted my head open and required stitches staples. Even got a Tetanus shot for my troubles too. roll

Nurse asked me when was the last time I had a Tetanus shot. Told her I couldn't remember. She assured me I was going to get one today. laugh Oh, their dry humor is admirable.

The staff kept asking me the same questions too. Are you dizzy? Did you black out? I just told them I briefly developed Tourette's, but that was it.

  • Leap Frog Breakdown

Games Used in Week 5:

Halo MCC: 1
Dance Central: 4
Rare Replay: 4
Fighter's Within: 6
How to Survive - Storm Warning Edition: 2
Just Dance 3: 2
Just Dance 2014: 1
Kinect Star Wars: 3
Minecraft (Xbox 360): 1
Sonic Free Riders: 3
The Biggest Loser - Ultimate Workout: 3
Minecraft (Xbox One): 1
Wipeout 2: 4

Was primarily a Kinect week, probably like other weeks too, I guess. My head hurts, so you'll have to forgive if I cannot remember past events.

What was I talking about again?

What's really cool is that I'm gaining traction on the Kinect LBs due to Leap Frog and might take over the number one spot sooner than expected. If all goes well and once I croak out of Leap Frog, I'll be incredibly close to overtaking them. We're talking a manageable 4,000 TA, which isn't bad considering where I was a month ago.


Memorable Moments:

Actually boosted for an achievement for Leap Frog. Turned out to be quick and painless. Too bad another opportunity hasn't presented itself. Suppose I'm evolving in these contests or something. Previously, I normally wouldn't have bothered to boost something to survive another week or whatever.

Also, got to hang out with my great friend, Devin, and got to working on some Minecraft achievements. I even have a World all set up for any Evoker related achievements. Feel free to reach out if you need those.


Current Expectation: Reach Top 20

Quite surprised how well I've been doing in this contest. There's only 28 contestants left. I imagine this variation was more difficult than the previous contests, which has resulted in more eliminations at this point in time.

Anyway, we'll see how well I can do once I get home. It'll be quite the feat with all things considered.

And, with that - have a great day and be safe. I don't know why all of these Hurricanes are forming, but my thoughts go out to the victims of Harvey and upcoming Irma and Jose.

[UPDATED: September 1, 2017]

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PermalinkAlmost One Full Month of Leaping
I feel wore out. Not due to the contest. Not too sure what it is. Perhaps it was because I didn't go to bed until 2 AM on Saturday due to the Mayweather / McGregor boxing match. Suppose I still haven't caught up on my sleep.

It was an enjoyable Main Event. I don't really hop on the whole conspiracy theories or "it was fixed!" mentality, but I do think the referee made some questionable calls especially one by stopping it too early. The judges did seem biased with their scores too.

Of course, we all know McGregor would absolutely destroy Mayweather in an actual MMA fight. I would struggle to give Mayweather 30 seconds before he crumbled and hit the canvas. laugh

  • Leap Frog Breakdown

Games Used in Week 4:

Zumba Fitness: 6
Rare Replay: 5
Fighter Within: 16
Kinect Star Wars: 1

I downright abused Fighter Within this week. It was just so easy! It's not too bad of a Kinect title either, but like most things, had potential to be so much better than what it was.

Regardless, this week appears to be much tougher. With the increased requirements, I'm having to replace my planned achievements because I underestimated how much Minecraft would decay over time. Not a big deal, but would have made things that much easier.


Correct Ratio Bracket: (64/70)

I'm slacking on keeping up with this, but I'm fairly certain I achieved everything within the proper bracket last week, so kudos to me - I guess? laugh

That said, I probably won't be keeping up with this stat any longer. I looked back on my old notes and they don't match up and I didn't catch it until now for some reason, so starting to question the credibility of this. D'oh!

For the upcoming days, I will probably start overshooting ratio requirements since my tolerance of this contest is redlining. It has been fun and the extra motivation for cleanup is welcomed, but as you all know with me, as soon as something starts feeling like a chore with gaming, I bounce. All in moderation, my young grasshoppers.


Current Expectation: Reach Top 100

This goal should be in the bag within the next day or so. The requirements increased again today, so I'm anticipating that in eliminations too. I'll almost certainly last a month too, which was my initial expectation.

Outside of that, it's just day by day for me. I suppose if I opted to stage achievements or invest in a game I may not like in the long run, I could last even longer, but resorting to that would drive me nuts. I'll last as long as I naturally can and will be pleased with my efforts wholeheartedly.

And, with that - have a great day. My thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey as well. Be safe.

[UPDATED: August 16, 2017]

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PermalinkXbox One X for Kinect - Wishful Thinking?
Hoping this comes to pass as I want it to, but saw a list of Xbox One X enhanced titles and noted two Kinect 360 titles on there. Not sure what this means yet. It's doubtful Kinect titles from the 360 era will start to become backwards compatible. The mentioned enhanced titles will undoubtedly be a port, maybe even a remaster in some respects. What I want to find out is if those games will actually be Kinect Required or be ported in a way that it will only be played with a controller. As optimistic as I can possibly be about this, I'm predicting the latter, unfortunately.

I say that because there is no Kinect jack on the back of the console. You'll need an adapter, much like the Slim versions implement. As an article I read states, "Microsoft is continuing the slow, quiet death march for the system's once-bundled motion-control camera." It's such a shame too. In my opinion, so much potential is lost. I suppose there's not a market for gaming and exercise to coexist. Guess we're all doomed to be couch potatoes now. laugh

EDIT: Two Last-Gen Kinect Disney Games Revamped for Xbox Play Anywhere

Looks like I was partially right: Kinect Enabled.

  • Leap Frog Breakdown

Games Used:

Week 1:
Parachute Panic (WP): 1
Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition (WP): 1
Assassin's Creed Pirates (WP): 2
Age of Empires: Castle Siege (UWP): 1
Jeopardy!: 1
NCAA Football 12: 2
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do: 1
Fighter Within: 1
Motion Explosion!: 1


Week 2:
Dance Central: 1
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do: 1
Body and Brain Connection: 1
Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved: 1
Wreckateer: 2
Just Dance Greatest Hits: 1
Zumba Fitness: 1
Halo MCC: 2


Week 3:

Halo MCC: 5
Fighters Within: 6
Zumba Fitness: 5
Kinect Star Wars: 1
Dance Central - Spotlight: 1
Rise of Nightmares: 1
Just Dance Greatest Hit: 1
Rare Replay: 1

Yesterday was the first day I used the heavily frowned upon, Rare Replay. Cycled between the same amount of games as last time despite having to unlock more achievements too. Don't know if it was because I went the "easy way out" or it just ended up being random chance on the convenience of the achievements I decided on. Either way, my endurance remains the same and haven't hit any sort of wall yet. I'm sure the time will come when I'll need a second wind and it might happen this week. I'm having to work longer shifts all week, but I do have Friday scheduled off, so I suppose that cancels out the long hours. I also have an eventful weekend planned, most notably going out to watch the Mayweather/McGregor fight. I'm a MMA fan, so I'm rooting for The Notorious via KO.

If I can survive until Sunday, I'll feel pretty good about my chances on lasting the entire month, which was my original expectations.

Correct Ratio Bracket: (33/39)

Messed up twice this past week, but those unlocks caught me off guard. I think one is actually unavoidable (somehow), but the other one could have been prevented. I was playing as a Rancor in Kinect Star Wars and just took out too many TIE fighters. Guess I was flailing my arms around too much, like an air dancer or something. Heh.

However, I still need to replace one of them that was originally planned for the first day in Week 4, so that's a bummer. Right when things should supposedly heat up. It shouldn't be a problem though. Got plenty to choose from the spare tank.

Current Expectation: Day 29 - unlock at least 5 achievements with a ratio of 6.6 or greater

Feeling pretty confident that I can reach Week 5 of this contest, but this week will be a challenge. If I want to make life easier for myself, I should start to prep some. While it may not be needed, it would give me more confidence to survive the upcoming days should something critical in "real life" come up.

Dawn is also working tomorrow and Thursday, which stinks because I was hoping to recruit her as my Kinect buddy for Leap Frog achievements then, but will have to rely on Plans B, C and possibly D.

Anyway, nothing new to report outside of sneaking outside to experience that historic solar eclipse while at work. It was really neat, actually. We only had one pair of protective glasses to share among the office, but one of the maintenance guys brought out their welding face mask. While cumbersome, it did the trick!

I'm probably going to go ahead and get my wrist examined and have a x-ray done later this evening too. It's been bothering me for three weeks now despite wearing this wrist brace I bought from an Academy store. I should have gotten it checked out sooner, but thought it would have been healed and gotten better by now. Perhaps I'm stressing it too much because I'm still training. Meh. Hopefully everything goes well because I would hate to miss out on the Savage Run next month. I've been looking forward to that since signing up for it.

And, with that - have a fantastic day and be safe out there.

[UPDATED: July 27, 2017]

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