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I must confess. In an effort to not be completely selfish, I don't want to bring any of my followers down with me, so this will be my last post. It has been brought to my attention that I'm a special needs gamer and apparently whenever I post something, it transforms me into having no life. As a result, anyone who befriends me or follow my posts -- somehow, this magically causes them to not have a life as well and become losers.

I'm sincerely sorry for those that are affected. I had no idea. I'm irresponsible, ignorant, and should have known better. Truth be told, I failed to see things logically and for that, I apologize.

Not sure how long I've been living this lie, but I wish someone would have brought all of this up to me sooner. Perhaps my dislike towards llamas clouded my judgement. As some people may already know, the llama sometimes spit at each other as a way of disciplining lower-ranked llamas in the herd, so with that type of behavior, I just assumed they were dimwitted animals. Unbeknownst to me, they must be highly intelligent and ahead of their time. They clearly know something that we don't. I mean, I'd rather just use my words, but apparently spitting on someone is far more effective.

Another humorous fact about llamas is that they refuse to carry the load if overburdened. They often lie down on the ground, spit, or sometimes kick at their owners when forced to move. They just keep on sitting until the burden is reduced. Reminds me of someone. wink

On another occasion, a seemingly certified "video game life coach" reached out to me recently and encourages me to play games for fun and that achievements aren't needed. It's almost overwhelming with all of these new realizations. Here I thought I had most things figured out especially a simple hobby that I couldn't possibly get wrong. I probably need to just start my life over and start from scratch.

laugh headspin

Oh, man. I can't keep this charade going on anymore. I tell you what though. People never cease to amaze me. For instance, I had Jury Duty all of last week and much like our favorite llama lover, people who think they're smart (when they're obviously dumb as dirt) are so dangerous. If people can learn to shut up for a moment and listen, the world would be so much better. Then again, God knew what he was doing when he sprinkled in idiots when he created life. Things wouldn't be nearly as interesting if He hadn't.

Anyway, at least llama’s manure is almost odorless, so at least they got that going for them.
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Yeah... I realize that doesn't making any sense, lol. Tried to think up something witty because anyone knows you can't sync something up offline! You need at least some internet connection to the outside world. You got coaxial cable, Cat5, Cat6, fiber optic, dial-up -- wink and then you have Wi-fi, hot spots and, well -- you get my drift.

Anyway, I bring all of that up because I like my timestamps. On a few occasions, I've unlocked things OFFLINE. I think -- maybe twice -- accidentally and a few times purposely due to an exploit to make a game easier, but had to delete the patch first and yada yada yada. Most people probably know the drill.

External image

Why am I bringing all of this up now? Well, I'm torn. I'm considering on doing a chunk of achievements that will be earned offline in various games. Reason being: I want to be done with my backlog sooner rather than later. I have several Xbox 360 titles that would save me so much time if I exploited the time/date setting. Only drawback is that the points wouldn't count for GTASC, which ultimately isn't a big deal.

If I took a quick peek at the time that it would take in these games, it would take me at least 42 weeks. In the game, miCoach, I don't know how long a training plan takes, but I'm guessing a month. And, I have to do two of these -- assuming I'm interpreting the achievements descriptions properly.

So, to recap, if I used exploits, it would cut down the time commitment significantly, freeing me up to play other games.

Also, I'm not as good at Double Agent like I thought I would be and since my headset doesn't work particularly well on the Xbox 360, communicating has been difficult with the original group. Fortunately, I have a local friend who's a boss at it, but he's a PS user -- booo! Regardless of his poor decisions -- laugh, we've been absolutely crushing the co-op challenges. Only bad thing is that we're doing this through System Link, which doesn't let us connect to XBL. I'm considering on just saving one of the easier challenges and when I get back home, obtain my last gold medal and unlock those achievements with a timestamp. Of course, there really isn't any of the easy challenges left and considering my friend isn't always readily available, I might just take the hit, unlock them OFFLINE and call it a day.

I mean, I've started this game last year and just getting around to finishing up the last map, lol. It's time to put this game to bed and start enjoying the campaign.

External image

All this talk of offline timestamps is of sensitive nature to me as well. It was brought to my attention recently that there's a couple people on this site that are blatant cheaters. There's not enough adjectives in the dictionary for me to describe these people. One such person has over 320 pages of achievements earned offline, lol. Two of them that's on my watch list even completed the Michael Jackson game recently, which is no walk in the park. I just find that hard to believe they completed all of that in a day. Heck, one of them actually completed 17 Kinect games in one day. Maybe even more. Truth be told, I was too disgusted to investigate any further.

Now, there's a small chance I could be wrong about them, but my gut is hardly ever wrong. I mean, for example, I'm not one to embarrass myself by calling out the wrong person for using an alt in a contest. I'll reach out to someone first, gather up all of facts, and just hope they didn't lie to me when inquiring about it. wink

And, since I'm on the topic of things grinding my gears, I just looked up something right now. There are currently 87 unobtainable achievements for the Xbox One console. Wow. I'm so disappointed in that.

Well, that's all I came on here to post about. My dilemma. Until next time, you fantastic people!

[UPDATED: March 11, 2018]

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PermalinkHello, 47 - Diana here. Your next assignment...
I remembered! That thing that was forgotten, but didn't mention in previous blogs. It's not a huge deal, but it's something I found interesting, nonetheless. It's strange, but I've actually been enjoying a game that's not directly tied to achievements and it's pretty awesome. Almost takes me back to a time before this achievement system corrupted me, lol.

Anyway, I've been really into these exclusive targets that HITMAN has implemented. So far, I've managed to earn a SA rating on every single one. I've been taking screenshots of each one too and here's the latest:

External image

This most recent target was cool and that's because it was relatable to me. Since I dabble in networking occasionally, I was able to understand the neat dialogue. For instance, the target is a hacker and was poking fun at someone for still using 128-bit WEP encryption. Not everyone would have understood it, so I chuckled at that fact.

What I enjoy most about these targets is that it gets my heart racing. Perhaps I'm an adrenaline junkie and I just don't know it? Makes sense due to the crap I did in the past. Surprised I'm still alive when I look back, truth be told. But, yeah - once you're locked into these contracts, there are no do-overs. If you fail, you fail. Now, things have not always worked out perfectly for me. One mission went pear-shaped and had to think on my feet as a result. Fortunately, I passed with flying colors, but I do find that those are the best moments when your initial plan goes belly-up.

It's also enjoyable when I hop in a party chat with Sven and we tackle them together, somewhat. I don't know if he feels the same way, but I like it because we can offer additional tips to what worked for us and what doesn't in real time.

Hm. I'm having Déjà vu here... Weird. Perhaps I'm about to be a broken record here and bring up my goals again, mostly in an effort to keep myself updated and what not. Plus, I can't help it. They always tend to keep me motivated. smile

First off, the most important goal is become number one in the world...for Kinect. Big shocker there, right? Of course, I'm going for both score and completions, which might coincide with each other naturally. And, while I don't follow GS because it's inferior to TA score -- wink, I'm actually really close to becoming number one there. Will certainly get there before the others.

Speaking of Kinect, it seems my exclusive club might get to include another member. You know, the club where I'm currently the only one to have 100 completions in both Kinect and Windows Phone.

Hey. I have to known for something, right? That whole thing about me being known as the person who suggested streaking to this site is getting old. laugh

With all that said, I'm contemplating on upping that ante by having at least 150 Kinect/WP Completions. It's possible. I would double my totals, but they only made 189 Kinect titles. Darn.

With the other two leaderboards I follow, I'm thinking reaching the Top 3 this year would be an admirable feat. Currently, I'm sitting pretty at:

On Rails (USA) - 6 (6,848 behind)

Health & Fitness USA - 4 (3,109 behind)
On Rails might be tricky, but then again, I haven't really dived into Child of Eden, so that should help pave the way for me

Health & Fitness should come naturally with what I have planned. It's just going to take a few months due to some of the time sensitive achievements. And, even though I'm not loving the idea, but might start manipulating time/dates in an effort to save time, which may result in achievements with OFFLINE timestamps. There might be a way around that, so we'll see.

I'm also wanting to at least reach a 95% completion percentage by the end of this year. I don't remember where it all went wrong because I used to be so much better about completing games, lol. I might be able to trace it back to November 2013. That's a lot of years to make up for! I've been much better this year though. Been staying in the 90s and hopefully I can keep it there.

And, finally, my genre project. Still missing 11 genres from last update, but not in a huge rush. As long as Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect remains the only game in the Skating genre, no one's going to complete every genre before me, lol. That game is a different animal. Plus, with it only having three completions, it doesn't take long to cross reference. Additionally, one gamer has been inactive for over a year, so there's that too.

Currently, trying to finish up the Birthday Challenge and pretty confident that I'll be done by tonight. I was going to accompany a shot for each achievement I unlocked, but I stopped after a couple achievements the first day, lol. Plus, mixing alcohol and Kinect does not coexist well for me.

Think that's it for now. Have a good one.

[UPDATED: March 11, 2018]

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First off, before I get too involved with this blog, I need to pay the cat tax. Don't understand? My buddy, CRUM LEE, left a comment from my last blog when I mentioned my cat's latest adventure:

When you mention cats, you're required to pay the cat tax. Pictures of the little dude, please!
So, with that said, here's a picture of the guy:

External image

This was before he was diagnosed with lymphoma because if I took a picture now, it wouldn't be all that flattering. For starters, he's shaved like a poodle, lol. I'm serious. And, his bad eye is still a little puffy from the radiation, so I'll post a more recent one when he starts to look like his old self. Plus, he stays drugged throughout the day, so he doesn't experience any pain.

That said, he continues to be a rock star and recovering quite well. His stoic personality through all of this is actually quite motivating to witness.

Anyway, I have been noticing several blogs lately stating what their goals are either by mopping up online achievements or grinding away at Xbox 360 games in order to avoid its services being discontinued. While I don't think it will happen, the threat of it being a possibility is enough for me to shift my focus towards that.

For instance, I already have a list of Xbox 360 titles that are not backwards compatible for me to focus on. And, yes, a good chunk of those are Kinect titles, lol.

Here's the list:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

While it all looks daunting at first, especially when you consider those are only my started titles, but I can only hope more games will become Backwards Compatible and help lighten the load. In a perfect world, all of those titles will become BC and it will just leave me with the Kinect titles to work on because as we all know, they will never receive that treatment and will forever remain bound to the 360 console.

Plus, this will all ultimately help improve my completion percentage, which will result in making me a happy camper. smile

I would like to improve my percentage up another percent (92%) before starting anything else, but we'll see how my willpower holds up. Lately, anything that I've started was completed within a few sittings, but there's a couple games in mind I would like to sink my teeth into and enjoy it for what it's worth -- mainly Mass Effect series. Been chomping at the bit to start those before GTASC gets too crazy.

Hoping that this current Community Challenge will help aid me with completion percentage recovery too -- and it should -- because I'm confident I won't need to start any new titles to meet the requirements. I mean, we're looking at -- at least -- 29 achievements. Of course, I currently need 157 more achievements to bump up another percent, but hey -- those 29 achievements are better than nothing, lol.

Going back to my list for a moment, there's a few games I'm dreading on going back to. I might go into more detail about this in another blog, but F1 2013 is one such game. Started it up when GWG offered it for free and back then I was a bit more reckless and masochistic. My goal was to mop up any online achievements that were listed, including anything that GWG was offering. I didn't care what game it was. As long as I technically owned it, I was going to get the online while I still could.

First off, I don't have the natural ability in games like this as I do in others and while most online achievements -- in my experience -- were manageable enough by muscling through it, these were brutal to get. Nasty achievements. They weren't just Online Required, they required a cooperative partner too. Not only did you have to depend on your own skill, you had to depend on someone else's too. No slacking here!

At the end of the day, found some kind soul that reached out to me who mostly carried me through it when previous efforts failed and so relieved to have that portion completed. I figure when the time comes, I'll revisit the game and will just have to stick with it with loads of repetition.

Oh, been branching out when it comes to imports too. At first, I was planning to just stick with Kinect titles, but saw an import that's labeled as On Rails and that game is called Gal*Gun and from what I've read, it's going to be interesting. It's probably something I shouldn't play when Dawn is around either because I'm going to have a hard time explaining why it's even in my console, lol. Here's a quick snippet of a review:

The player takes the role of a male student, Tenzou Motesugi to shoot his female classmates with "Pheromone Arrow" to prevent him from falling in love with them, while he finds one of the four lead girls before the sunset.
Nothing else springs to mind that needs discussing, so I'll just end on that note and wish everyone a great weekend. Take care all.

[UPDATED: March 4, 2018]

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PermalinkBehind Schedule
So much has happened since the last time I posted a blog. I'm incredibly behind schedule on past events. I've been meaning to post about the wedding -- had been waiting on the pictures and video to be finalized -- and also update you all in terms of my gaming projects.

Unfortunately, the universe tosses you a curve ball and everything else needs to take a backseat.

Don't have a whole lot of time to dive into the specifics, but my dad ended up being diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome. Never heard of it? That doesn't surprise me. Apparently, only one out of 100,000 patients are diagnosed with this every year. He's doing better, but not even close to being his former self. Played tennis often and while he's improving, not quite there yet.

After that, my cat gets diagnosed with lymphoma. He went through two weeks of radiation. He had a checkup yesterday and all signs are pointing towards a great recovery. Again, I'll go into all of this into greater detail in another blog.

What kept me staying positive is something that's been preached to me in the past: "God won’t give you more than you can handle." My great friend Sven has a little twist to that statement, which I adore. I'm paraphrasing here, but it goes like this: "God must think I'm a bad ass for what he's thrown my way." I'm allegedly a bad ass.

I knew that. wink

As far as gaming goes, I've managed to snag all Asian imports of Kinect titles, so excited to try them all out and get confused by what they're saying, lol.

Made a couple small steps towards my Genre Project too. Managed to completed both the Badminton and Survival genres.

Badminton | Blazing Birds - this is probably a game most haven't heard about. In fact, no one completed the game in 2017. It was an enjoyable experience though and oddly enough, playing the Arcade mode on the hardest difficultly was easier than normal difficulty. Perhaps it was because I was accustomed to the mechanics by that point. Anyway, it's only $5, so give it a shot if you still own a Xbox 360 because it's not Backwards Compatible, currently.

Survival | How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition - would have probably not played this game if it wasn't for the fact it went Games with Gold and my other great friend, Chip, didn't start me out with the best equipment in the game. Made the game so much easier, lol. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed this game as well. More than likely, would have completed this game months ago, but had a difficult time finding a Flexible Branch to complete the final monkey quest. Derp.

Here's the remaining genres I have left to do:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Fairly confident I'm forgetting to bring something up, but hopefully I'll remember in the next post. For now, felt like giving you all a quick update. Until next time!

[UPDATED: March 4, 2018]

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