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IrishWarrior022AgroundIrishWarrior022 won 5 Achievements in Aground for 237 points

                  Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 08:36 on 17 Aug 2022IrishWarrior022 status: Make Achievements Great Again!
Comment by EDLESON2K6 at 12:14 on 17 Aug 2022

I agree, id also add that they should make games great again...less reboots and same game with different skins, and more new fun games that are not broken outta the gate.

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 12:46 on 17 Aug 2022


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mclaine xxxmclaine xxx has reached a new milestone: 390,000 TrueAchievement Score
IrishWarrior022Mickey Storm and the Cursed MaskIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask 1.5 out of 5

                  Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 20:29 on 16 Aug 2022IrishWarrior022 status: S/O to @_sarah_2231 for the amazing Twitch art they were able to do for me!! New channel art and emotes coming soon! Please follow!
Mr SLiiCKsHoTsCoffee TalkMr SLiiCKsHoTs started the game Coffee Talk
mclaine xxxConanNoble Conan achievementmclaine xxx won the Noble Conan achievement in Conan for 10 points
mclaine xxxConanmclaine xxx started the game Conan
IrishWarrior022Nirvana: Pilot YumeIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Nirvana: Pilot Yume 2.5 out of 5
Mr SLiiCKsHoTsCalicoMr SLiiCKsHoTs started the game Calico
HTID XtremezMyMaitêLevel 24 achievementHTID Xtremez won the Level 24 achievement in MyMaitê for 354 points
HTID XtremezMyMaitêLevel 21 achievementHTID Xtremez won the Level 21 achievement in MyMaitê for 318 points
IrishWarrior022Andro Dunos 2IrishWarrior022 has rated the game Andro Dunos 2 3 out of 5
IrishWarrior022NECROPOLISIrishWarrior022 has rated the game NECROPOLIS 2 out of 5
IrishWarrior022NECROPOLISIrishWarrior022 started the game NECROPOLIS

                  Status change by Cheetahzooie at 11:13 on 10 Aug 2022Cheetahzooie status: Voyage - Achievement Walkthrough (1000G IN 65 MINUTES)
Mr SINCE1894NO THINGMr SINCE1894 completed the game NO THING and is the 8,529th gamer on the site to complete it
CheetahzooieVoyageCheetahzooie completed the game Voyage and is the 14th gamer on the site to complete it
CheetahzooieVoyageCheetahzooie won 4 Achievements in Voyage for 473 points
CheetahzooieVoyageA way home achievementCheetahzooie won the A way home achievement in Voyage for 118 points
CheetahzooieVoyageStars achievementCheetahzooie won the Stars achievement in Voyage for 118 points
CheetahzooieVoyageResolve achievementCheetahzooie won the Resolve achievement in Voyage for 118 points
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Mr SINCE1894
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