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t3chm4nKorgant3chm4n has rated the game Korgan 2.5 out of 5
t3chm4nKorgant3chm4n won 3 Achievements in Korgan for 350 points
A 0 E MonkeyForza Horizon 4A 0 E Monkey won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 119 points
rafaelgrnBunny Parkingrafaelgrn won 5 Achievements in Bunny Parking for 119 points
rafaelgrnBunny Parkingrafaelgrn started the game Bunny Parking
t3chm4nKorgant3chm4n won 4 Achievements in Korgan for 322 points
t3chm4nKorganThe economist achievementt3chm4n won the The economist achievement in Korgan for 106 points
t3chm4nKorganIt's Cold Here achievementt3chm4n won the It's Cold Here achievement in Korgan for 107 points
            Secret Achievementt3chm4n won the Secret Achievement in Korgan for 0 points
t3chm4nKorgant3chm4n started the game Korgan
rafaelgrnOutbreak: Epidemicrafaelgrn completed the game Outbreak: Epidemic and is the 96th gamer on the site to complete it
t3chm4nGears POP!War Chest 2 achievementt3chm4n won the War Chest 2 achievement in Gears POP! for 38 points
rafaelgrnOutbreak: Epidemicrafaelgrn started the game Outbreak: Epidemic
mlkybrs r on memlkybrs r on me has reached a new milestone: 5,225 Games Played
mlkybrs r on meRune Lordmlkybrs r on me started the game Rune Lord
A 0 E MonkeyBeautiful KatamariA 0 E Monkey has rated the game Beautiful Katamari 5 out of 5
A 0 E MonkeyHellblade: Senua's SacrificeA 0 E Monkey has rated the game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 4 out of 5
rafaelgrnFable Fortunerafaelgrn won 3 Achievements in Fable Fortune for 89 points
rafaelgrnFoxyLand 2rafaelgrn completed the game FoxyLand 2 and is the 1,237th gamer on the site to complete it
t3chm4nGears POP!TADPolet3chm4n won the For Sera achievement in Gears POP! for 27 points in TADPole
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Games Played in All Games 2,721 View history chart 399,394 0.68
GamerScore in Windows Phone Games 368 View history chart 115,426 0.32
Games Played in All Games Brazil 22 View history chart 2,656 0.83
Completed Games in All Games Brazil 108 View history chart 2,656 4.07
GamerScore in Windows Phone Games Brazil 6 View history chart 1,170 0.51

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