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Its been more than a week... And I probably should have written this earlier but Calus is down and boy was he a boss fight. Many of my teammates had trouble but we pulled through. The raid is now over and I have two of the Warlock raid gear.

My thoughts on the raid? I'm glad its over and that I never have to redo the dog room and the boss room (unless I decide to do the Exotic Shotgun quest). I think my clan is happy that its over but I know that my Fireteam are glad that we did it.

What's next? Who knows. I'm probably gonna finish the other classes I started just for the achievements, Hunter and Titan. Probably will need to do Prestige Nightfall at some point but I'll wait for a good reset for that, maybe this week's one. In the meantime, I'll carry on Tales of the Borderlands.

I might make a review later on Destiny 2 just because I've spent a lot of time on it.
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So Destiny 2 has been out for a month now and boy I cannot drop it. Like it has been part of my daily basis to get better loot/gear/exotic. But for around 2ish weeks I've been with a clan making our way through the raid, also being slightly more internet social. This is the first raid I have done ever, so me helping on how to plan out each room as well as each member and weapons has been pretty fun (even if there are some people who just don't listen). Right now in the raid we are just a breath away from the boss which would make my week if we get it done on Wednesday (hoping that people actually understand the mechanics). Good luck to us and hopefully Calus can suck it.

I need to remind myself about other games on my xbox list, like Borderlands Telltale or Darksiders or something I have on the download bucket. That and I need to slow down on Destiny plus other things, anime (Digimon Adventure Tri and Dragonball Super) and emulator games.

Welp here's to another blog and hopefully I'll write another in like a week or so.

Cher signing off.
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