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CloserSpore4Halo Wars 2CloserSpore4 won 2 Achievements in Halo Wars 2 for 30 points
CloserSpore4Halo Wars 2CloserSpore4 started the game Halo Wars 2
MysteriousViperGears 5MysteriousViper won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 105 points
SoulCoDBeastGears 5Sampler achievementSoulCoDBeast won the Sampler achievement in Gears 5 for 35 points
CloserSpore4Worms W.M.D.CloserSpore4 won 2 Achievements in Worms W.M.D. for 126 points
crazysnowfox101Gears 5crazysnowfox101 won 5 Achievements in Gears 5 for 235 points
MysteriousViperGears 5MysteriousViper won 3 Achievements in Gears 5 for 165 points
CloserSpore4Worms W.M.D.CloserSpore4 started the game Worms W.M.D.
Demon King AKIDOOMDemon King AKI won 4 Achievements in DOOM for 100 points
MysteriousViperMysteriousViper has reached a new milestone: 260,000 TrueAchievement Score
Demon King AKIGears 5Demon King AKI won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 61 points
crazysnowfox101Gears 5crazysnowfox101 won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 100 points
CloserSpore4AstroneerCloserSpore4 won 3 Achievements in Astroneer for 412 points
Demon King AKIDOOME1M1 achievementDemon King AKI won the E1M1 achievement in DOOM for 25 points
Demon King AKIDOOMDemon King AKI started the game DOOM
CloserSpore4AstroneerCloserSpore4 won 4 Achievements in Astroneer for 358 points
CloserSpore4BrawlhallaCloserSpore4 started the game Brawlhalla
crazysnowfox101crazysnowfox101 has reached a new milestone: 130,000 TrueAchievement Score
SoulCoDBeastSoulCoDBeast has reached a new milestone: TA Ratio of 1.7
SoulCoDBeastGears 5LOOTenant achievementSoulCoDBeast won the LOOTenant achievement in Gears 5 for 80 points
SoulCoDBeastDOOMSoulCoDBeast won 2 Achievements in DOOM for 54 points
            Secret AchievementSoulCoDBeast won the Secret Achievement in DOOM for 20 points
CloserSpore4Doom EternalCloserSpore4 won 3 Achievements in Doom Eternal for 183 points
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Won in All Games 20,845 View history chart 512,538 4.07
Games Played in All Games 8,094 View history chart 512,538 1.58
TA Ratio in All Games 234,154 View history chart 499,167 46.91
GamerScore in Xbox 360 Games 13,549 View history chart 493,571 2.75
Completed Games in All Games 59,998 View history chart 370,422 16.20
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
UpcountryTripod <> GAMERS STILL ON THEIR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT <> Public 2,261 2,583 87.53
MysteriousViper ToS Temple Of Sins Leaderboard Private 1 2 50.00

Recent Achievements

  • Fresh Lineup

    Escape a Hive with a team of COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole - Gears 5

    Fresh Lineup
    Yesterday - 1 guide
  • Buying Time

    Use the Scrubber Room to slow down the Venom in Escape - Gears 5

    Buying Time
    Yesterday - 1 guide
  • Shutout

    Win a match of Gridiron and keep your opponents scoreless - Gears 5

    02 April 2020 - 1 guide

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