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AwooAwoo has reached a new milestone: 790,000 TrueAchievement Score
AwooRare Replay
Awoo won 5 Achievements in Rare Replay for 481 points
AwooRare ReplayOverboard achievementAwoo won the Overboard achievement in Rare Replay for 106 points
AwooRare ReplaySerpentine! achievementAwoo won the Serpentine! achievement in Rare Replay for 89 points
AwooRare ReplayPod Person achievementAwoo won the Pod Person achievement in Rare Replay for 90 points

                  Status change by is that Hydro at 17:05 on 19 Jan 2017is that Hydro status: Path of Exile coming to XBONE - The HYPE is real!
Strategy OneWorld of Van Helsing: DeathtrapInk mastery achievementStrategy One won the Ink mastery achievement in World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap for 894 points
Comment by Har Miggido at 20:46 on 19 Jan 2017

Almost complete. Nice one

NachoAssassin's Creed Chronicles: IndiaNacho completed the game Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India and is the 819th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by Strategy One at 04:15 on 19 Jan 2017Strategy One status: Keep getting server problems on LoA, fuck off
Comment by DivineWind72 at 12:30 on 19 Jan 2017

Same, wank that it happens when there's double XP, might see some crystal compensation for it like last time.

Awoo shared the Spheroids achievement list at 03:06 on 19 Jan 2017SpheroidsAwoo shared the Spheroids achievement list
Comment by Awoo at 03:06 on 19 Jan 2017

wat dis

Comment by Death and Glory at 03:19 on 19 Jan 2017

I believe it's that new STD going around.

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RevolutionLeft 4 Dead 2
Revolution won 2 Achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 for 51 points
Revolution won 8 Achievements in ROBLOX for 664 points
RevolutionROBLOXMarathon achievementRevolution won the Marathon achievement in ROBLOX for 65 points
RevolutionROBLOXTrailblazer achievementRevolution won the Trailblazer achievement in ROBLOX for 264 points
RevolutionROBLOXPollster achievementRevolution won the Pollster achievement in ROBLOX for 78 points
RevolutionROBLOXExplorer achievementRevolution won the Explorer achievement in ROBLOX for 57 points
RevolutionROBLOXScout achievementRevolution won the Scout achievement in ROBLOX for 10 points
Re4perKnightRe4perKnight has reached a new milestone: 25 Completed Games
Re4perKnightTom Clancy's Rainbow Six VegasRe4perKnight completed the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas and is the 1,897th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Harbringernight at 00:11 on 19 Jan 2017


Comment by Re4perKnight at 01:52 on 19 Jan 2017


mfeforevermfeforever has reached a new milestone: 16,000 Achievements Won
Comment by steveRPGmr at 16:40 on 18 Jan 2017

Well Done!

Comment by scotwolf2 at 17:36 on 18 Jan 2017

nice one

Comment by WhiteWarrior933 at 18:10 on 18 Jan 2017

Nice one mate

is that HydroBen-Huris that Hydro has rated the game Ben-Hur 0.5 out of 5
Comment by He A Good Boy at 14:43 on 18 Jan 2017

deserves at least a 4/5

Comment by is that Hydro at 15:19 on 18 Jan 2017

I gave it a 5 - was an error on click.

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AwooRare Replay
These items contain commentsAwoo won 12 Achievements in Rare Replay for 1090 points
AwooRare ReplayVictory Lap achievementAwoo won the Victory Lap achievement in Rare Replay for 131 points
Comment by Awoo at 11:43 on 18 Jan 2017

that last snapshot tho

Comment by Skeptical Mario at 16:42 on 18 Jan 2017

Yeah, that one was about twice as hard as any other.

AwooRare ReplayGet a Grip! achievementAwoo won the Get a Grip! achievement in Rare Replay for 63 points
AwooRare ReplayAll Downhill From Here achievementAwoo won the All Downhill From Here achievement in Rare Replay for 117 points
Comment by Awoo at 05:30 on 18 Jan 2017

didn't hate this game, but thank fuck for rewinds

Comment by Lost Legends at 05:38 on 18 Jan 2017

But it's all downhill from there

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AwooRare ReplayGate Review achievementAwoo won the Gate Review achievement in Rare Replay for 24 points
AwooRare ReplayNot So Nasty achievementAwoo won the Not So Nasty achievement in Rare Replay for 95 points
RevolutionROBLOXRevolution started the game ROBLOX
                    Secret AchievementGHAUS24 won the Secret Achievement in Destiny for 52 points
GHAUS24Goat Simulator
GHAUS24 won 4 Achievements in Goat Simulator for 294 points
mfeforeverRocket League
mfeforever won 20 Achievements in Rocket League for 423 points
GHAUS24Goat SimulatorGoatzGHAUS24 started the Goatz DLC for Goat Simulator
RevolutionHalo 5: Forge (Win 10)Revolution completed the game Halo 5: Forge (Win 10) and is the 229th gamer on the site to complete it
AwooRare Replay
Awoo won 9 Achievements in Rare Replay for 1113 points
mfeforeverRocket LeagueNeo Tokyomfeforever started the Neo Tokyo DLC for Rocket League
mfeforeverRocket Leaguemfeforever started the game Rocket League
Comment by WhitePrinceLion at 11:09 on 17 Jan 2017

Hey buddy. This is a cracking game :D I have a painted item you can borrow to get that achievement if you want? I have a certified but a friend has that at the moment.

Comment by mfeforever at 12:46 on 17 Jan 2017

Thanks for the offer. I will keep in mind.

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RevolutionHalo 5: Forge (Win 10)
Revolution won 22 Achievements in Halo 5: Forge (Win 10) for 2100 points
RevolutionRevolution has reached a new milestone: 105,000 GamerScore

                  Status change by Re4perKnight at 04:25 on 17 Jan 2017Re4perKnight status: let's see if i could reach my gaol. atm Gears 2%, Gears 2 0%, gears 3 40%, Ultimate 86%, burnout 89% and R6 Vegas 2 50%
Comment by DarkVirgil89 at 16:10 on 19 Jan 2017

Dont forget Gear Judgement...

Comment by Re4perKnight at 16:21 on 19 Jan 2017

Fk that one. You can't 100% that anymore

is that HydroBen-Hur
is that Hydro won 3 Achievements in Ben-Hur for 470 points
GS13 ERGO PROXYAge of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8)GS13 ERGO PROXY completed the game Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8) and is the 348th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Tenkizuna at 09:46 on 17 Jan 2017

freegame ? Hard ? Long ? Tell me :)

Comment by Dark Sonic X6 at 16:03 on 17 Jan 2017


Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 21:22 on 17 Jan 2017

long grind you need to play it once a day er you can make it go faster buy putting money in it

Re4perKnightGears of War 3Complete Specific GameRe4perKnight created a new Goal - Complete Gears of War 3 by 01 Dec 2017
Re4perKnightCompleted GamesRe4perKnight created a new Completed Games Goal - 30 by 01 Jan 2018
Comment by Re4perKnight at 22:56 on 16 Jan 2017

let's make this so i go nuts... gears 1, gears 2, gears 3, burnout parades, TC's R6 vegas 2, Gears Ulitmate

Re4perKnightBurnout ParadiseComplete Specific GameRe4perKnight created a new Goal - Complete Burnout Paradise by 01 Apr 2017
Comment by Re4perKnight at 22:49 on 16 Jan 2017

with it being nothing but races figure this is the only way i could get myself to get this done

Comment by Honeycut1 at 02:47 on 17 Jan 2017

It's a really fun game

Comment by Re4perKnight at 03:57 on 17 Jan 2017

yea i started it last year then just got bored with nothing but racing to do left. still the love crash slow motion though

I2AINING BL00DNBA 2K17Run It achievementI2AINING BL00D won the Run It achievement in NBA 2K17 for 37 points
is that HydroBean Dive
These items contain commentsis that Hydro won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
is that HydroNHL 2K6Bean Diveis that Hydro won the Score in Under 1:00 (All-Star) achievement in NHL 2K6 for 374 points in Bean Dive
Comment by UndyingLegacyX at 19:57 on 16 Jan 2017

Dig yourself a nice deep hole with the dive!

is that HydroNHL 2K6is that Hydro started the game NHL 2K6
Ibiki MorinoDragon Age: InquisitionIbiki Morino completed the game Dragon Age: Inquisition and is the 883rd gamer on the site to complete it
Strategy OneFusion: Sentient (WP)Strategy One has rated the game Fusion: Sentient (WP) 4 out of 5
Comment by Strategy One at 06:18 on 16 Jan 2017

ACCIDENT for the 50th time on my phone...

Comment by x iKrueLTyyy at 23:03 on 16 Jan 2017

Do you not zoom in on phone when you do the ratings? That's what I always do just cause it's way too inaccurate lol.

Comment by Strategy One at 00:49 on 17 Jan 2017

No that's not what's happening, I am moving around on the screen and accidently rate the game when I already gave it a rating.

AwooRare Replay
Awoo won 10 Achievements in Rare Replay for 675 points
NachoAssassin's Creed Chronicles: IndiaNacho has rated the game Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India 1.5 out of 5
NachoQuantum BreakNacho has rated the game Quantum Break 4.5 out of 5
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Leave No Trace in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India
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