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Large CoffeeYakuza KiwamiLarge Coffee won 2 Achievements in Yakuza Kiwami for 40 points
NoobgamerValboThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan NoobgamerValbo won 2 Achievements in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan for 754 points
NoobgamerValboThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
            Secret AchievementNoobgamerValbo won the Secret Achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan for 74 points
Comment by Steaksaucepie at 10:54 on 14 Aug 2020

good game?

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 11:13 on 14 Aug 2020

yeah just a bit annoying with the cheevos, i highly recommend using the walktrough at least, i did a blind playthrough first i dont regret that

Sensei SinonPHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2Sensei Sinon completed the game PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 and is the 759th gamer on the site to complete it
HizameonHizameon has reached a new milestone: 440,000 TrueAchievement Score
HizameonHueHizameon completed the game Hue and is the 8,183rd gamer on the site to complete it
Two Names06Two Names06 has reached a new milestone: 650,000 TrueAchievement Score
HizameonHueHizameon won 3 Achievements in Hue for 761 points
HizameonHueCyantific Apparatus achievementHizameon won the Cyantific Apparatus achievement in Hue for 381 points
HizameonHueWith Compliments achievementHizameon won the With Compliments achievement in Hue for 70 points
HizameonHueWith Flying Colours achievementHizameon won the With Flying Colours achievement in Hue for 309 points

                Status change by NoobgamerValbo at 15:26 on 12 Aug 2020NoobgamerValbo status: is too human normally free ? at least its is atm
Comment by LV 1 Blue Slime at 17:36 on 12 Aug 2020

Think it was made free a long time ago when the developers lost a lawsuit, but I may be misremembering why it happened.

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 19:15 on 12 Aug 2020

ah cool thanks

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Large CoffeeXeno CrisisLarge Coffee started the game Xeno Crisis
Two Names06Battlefield: Bad CompanyTwo Names06 created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Battlefield: Bad Company
Comment by ZEBRA COMMANDR at 21:21 on 11 Aug 2020

How many kills are you on now?

Comment by Two Names06 at 21:58 on 11 Aug 2020

8960 so will be done very soon, have two of us double boing most sessions so average 500 kills.

HizameonHuman Fall FlatFactoryHizameon completed the Factory DLC for Human Fall Flat
HizameonHuman Fall FlatHizameon won 4 Achievements in Human Fall Flat for 1097 points
HizameonHuman Fall FlatFactoryHizameon started the Factory DLC for Human Fall Flat
NoobgamerValboNoobgamerValbo has reached a new milestone: 11,000 Achievements Won
Comment by EverStoned77 at 05:13 on 11 Aug 2020

clap Nothing Noob about that hehe wink

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 06:16 on 11 Aug 2020

hehe thanks

NoobgamerValboNoobgamerValbo has reached a new milestone: 470,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by EverStoned77 at 05:15 on 11 Aug 2020

Another one shock way to go Valle clap

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 06:15 on 11 Aug 2020

thanks bro

British GMGears 5British GM won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 83 points
HizameonHueA Yellow Streak achievementHizameon won the A Yellow Streak achievement in Hue for 68 points
LMEPHISTOSaints Row: Gat Out of HellLMEPHISTO started the game Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
Comment by Tomjeh at 15:00 on 09 Aug 2020

It’s not as good as the previous ones sadly - feels like DLC they decided they thought like they could get away with charging more for

Comment by LMEPHISTO at 15:30 on 09 Aug 2020

i got it in a deal, to be honest, and the ratio is easier than the other ones so i said what the hell lets do this too . Felt i will regret it tho.

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SpilnerForza Horizon 4Spilner completed the game Forza Horizon 4 and is the 1,128th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Spilner at 23:13 on 08 Aug 2020

Ive sent a raven to PG so they know ive finished this so they can go and add in more, just FYI for everyone else, soz

Comment by LitaOsiris at 08:10 on 09 Aug 2020


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SpilnerComplete Specific GameForza Horizon 4Spilner achieved their Goal - Complete Forza Horizon 4
SpilnerForza Horizon 4The EliminatorSpilner completed the The Eliminator DLC for Forza Horizon 4
SpilnerForza Horizon 4 Spilner won 5 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 646 points
SpilnerForza Horizon 4Bully achievementSpilner won the Bully achievement in Forza Horizon 4 for 73 points
Comment by Spilner at 15:17 on 08 Aug 2020

Certainly felt like one ramming the mini into a tree laugh

Comment by Beanpotter at 15:57 on 08 Aug 2020

Only 2 cheese mints left! You got this, Spil.

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SpilnerForza Horizon 4YOU ARE THE ELIMINATOR achievementSpilner won the YOU ARE THE ELIMINATOR achievement in Forza Horizon 4 for 134 points
Comment by Spilner at 13:13 on 08 Aug 2020

Gah every time i get a level 6+ car no minis are to be seen laugh

NomstuffBean DiveNomstuff has recovered 100% of their Bean Dive
Comment by Beanpotter at 13:42 on 09 Aug 2020


HizameonHueIn a Blue Moon achievementHizameon won the In a Blue Moon achievement in Hue for 67 points
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