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DmC: Definitive Version and DMC4 Special Edition announced. Yeeeeeees.

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SpilnerBorderlands 3Spilner started the game Borderlands 3
Comment by Beanpotter at 06:53 on 14 Sep 2019

Straight in there! I'm trying to resist as I've a shit-ton of other stuff to play and it's not cheap but I may cave. Is it good?

Comment by Spilner at 07:57 on 14 Sep 2019

As Scary as that question mark is I'll resist being offended. It's more of the same with some quality of life improvements so yeah so far

Comment by Beanpotter at 10:39 on 14 Sep 2019

I've not seen much footage at all but the TV advert looked good.

Comment by Spilner at 12:20 on 14 Sep 2019

Beware the advert misleads as it shows the characters using all 3 skills when you can only choose one at a time, otherwise its fun

SSSteinMan shared the news item Capcom's Project Resistance: Will You Be the Survivor, or the Mastermind Behind the Trap? at 11:26 on 12 Sep 2019SSSteinMan shared the news item Capcom's Project Resistance: Will You Be the Survivor, or the Mastermind Behind the Trap?
Comment by SSSteinMan at 11:30 on 12 Sep 2019

It's basically Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game. Meh

Comment by AbyssArtorias85 at 13:22 on 12 Sep 2019

I'm afraid it will be like what you said

Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 01:54 on 13 Sep 2019

You'll still play it

Comment by deathproof4289 at 09:06 on 13 Sep 2019

i was kinda hoping from the trailer it was a 4 player survival game. probably just a cash grab from the fans then...


                  Status change by Chromium Stars at 22:49 on 11 Sep 2019Chromium Stars status: I lately have been playing games on my PS4, watching shows on my Xbox One S. Uh. Go figure that one out. laugh
Comment by Chromium Stars at 22:51 on 11 Sep 2019

Also fully back on my KH hype train bullshit. Including playing KH music on Audiosurf on Steam. It's a good time. :D

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:08 on 11 Sep 2019


Comment by Chromium Stars at 07:36 on 12 Sep 2019

wave How's it going?

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 12:04 on 12 Sep 2019

good good how about you ?

Comment by NeoSm0ke at 22:29 on 12 Sep 2019

Lately I've been using my xbox to turn on my TV. :D

                  Status change by NoobgamerValbo at 21:50 on 11 Sep 2019NoobgamerValbo status: DastardlyCube added to my list of nemisises for being cubish
Comment by RadicalSniper99 at 22:59 on 11 Sep 2019

So who all is on the list now? And what is their contribution to land there?

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:10 on 11 Sep 2019

Large Coffee for being to warm

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:11 on 11 Sep 2019

EverStoned77 for making a goal against me 2-3 years ago we have battled eversince

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:12 on 11 Sep 2019

Blaizicus for having more completed games than me

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:13 on 11 Sep 2019

DastardlyCube for being cubish

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:14 on 11 Sep 2019

and al of them for the fun and the goals of beating in on different stats

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 23:16 on 11 Sep 2019

oh and Beanpotter for inventing beandive

Comment by ChewieOnIce at 23:40 on 11 Sep 2019

I'm safe though right?

Comment by imaidiot19 at 00:58 on 12 Sep 2019

well at least I made the cut.

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 04:38 on 12 Sep 2019

well its a ever ongoing process noone is safe

SSSteinManBlasphemousSSSteinMan started the game Blasphemous
Comment by AbyssArtorias85 at 23:14 on 10 Sep 2019

I'll buy it. How much is the price Stein ?

Comment by SSSteinMan at 08:00 on 11 Sep 2019

I backed this via kickstarter almost 3 years ago so I paid €20. Its currently on sale for €22/£17.

Comment by SSSteinMan at 08:18 on 11 Sep 2019

Since I'm a backer, you'll see my name in the credits smile

Comment by AbyssArtorias85 at 11:22 on 11 Sep 2019

Your real name or Stein hhhhh anyway it's fucking awesome

Comment by SSSteinMan at 11:40 on 11 Sep 2019

Not sure lol I think it was gamertag I have to check


                  Status change by SSSteinMan at 10:36 on 08 Sep 2019SSSteinMan status: EA Gets Guinness World Record For Most-Downvoted Comments On Reddit.
Comment by SSSteinMan at 10:39 on 08 Sep 2019

I'm so proud to be part of that record. Downvoting that comment ended up giving me a sense of pride and accomplishment smile

Comment by M0NTE FUEG0 at 18:44 on 08 Sep 2019

Man, who knew when down voting a truly redonkulous comment could lead you into the Guinness World Record. LOL

LMEPHISTOShenmueLMEPHISTO started the game Shenmue
Comment by B MAN LIVINLAUT at 21:26 on 07 Sep 2019

Are you looking for some sailors?

Comment by LMEPHISTO at 06:27 on 08 Sep 2019


Comment by B MAN LIVINLAUT at 13:54 on 09 Sep 2019

It's a line from the game. Got turned into a pretty big meme for a while.

Comment by LMEPHISTO at 10:49 on 10 Sep 2019

lol no idea yet :P I just dived the game and i will play it later

NoobgamerValboNoobgamerValbo has reached a new milestone: 250,000 GamerScore
Comment by Martay28 at 20:58 on 05 Sep 2019

Congrats :)

Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 21:13 on 05 Sep 2019

tnx man

SSSteinManDeadly Premonition (EU/JP)SSSteinMan has rated the game Deadly Premonition (EU/JP) 5 out of 5
Comment by SSSteinMan at 16:19 on 05 Sep 2019

Deadly Premonition 2 is coming out next year, fuck yeah rock

Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 18:30 on 05 Sep 2019

Switch exclusive for now :/ Good thing I have one though!

Comment by SSSteinMan at 19:13 on 05 Sep 2019

Noice. You should play this game on Switch just for the story its hilarious. A mix of survival horror and comedy.

Comment by SSSteinMan at 19:15 on 05 Sep 2019

A hidden gem.

Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 19:23 on 05 Sep 2019

Saw a let’s play on it and started it on 360 on a friend’s Xbox but I will for sure play through on switch

SSSteinManBlair WitchSSSteinMan completed the game Blair Witch and is the 39th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SSSteinMan at 19:01 on 04 Sep 2019

************************* Game Pass completion #8 *************************

Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 02:15 on 05 Sep 2019

The big gamerscore achievement for getting the good ending didn't even look that hard.

Comment by SSSteinMan at 08:37 on 05 Sep 2019

You can also combine it with ''Pacifist'' and ''Ray of Hope'' achievements in one playthrough. And yeah this game is easy.

Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 09:06 on 05 Sep 2019

Not scary either. The first time I killed a monster I had no idea wtf had happened.

SSSteinManResident Evil 7: BiohazardSSSteinMan has rated the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 4.5 out of 5
Comment by SSSteinMan at 16:03 on 01 Sep 2019

A new standard for all walking sims.

Comment by SSSteinMan at 16:16 on 01 Sep 2019

Not my Resident Evil but easily the best first-person survival horror I've played.

Comment by deathproof4289 at 08:57 on 02 Sep 2019

such a great game for something new they tried though. i dont like that it was number 7 but i would be happy with a dual series...

Comment by deathproof4289 at 08:58 on 02 Sep 2019

of sorts going forward fps and the 3rd person regular re games. what you think about resistance?

Comment by SSSteinMan at 11:13 on 02 Sep 2019

I think its a reboot or remake of RE: Outbreak with online co-op. I don't think its RE8 but we'll see in 7 days...

Comment by SSSteinMan at 11:22 on 02 Sep 2019

Better not be another Umbrella Corpse a multiplayer only garbage what Playstation got.

Comment by deathproof4289 at 13:58 on 02 Sep 2019

off topic have you tried fighting nightmare with a group in remnant. fuckers chest will not open for us no matter what damage we do

Comment by SSSteinMan at 17:16 on 02 Sep 2019

Done it both solo and co-op. Never had that happened to me before I guess the update fucked up the boss.

Comment by deathproof4289 at 08:59 on 03 Sep 2019

we tried it several times and his chest does not open we all went and did it solo no problem. worst ending to a game ever????

Comment by SSSteinMan at 09:28 on 03 Sep 2019

Yep. I was like ''Wait, is that it?'' then I immediately rerolled my world (NG+) and play all over again. I'm on my 5th rerolled world

Comment by deathproof4289 at 09:02 on 04 Sep 2019

game is fun and enjoyable and if they keep content coming it could probably stick around a good while.

Comment by deathproof4289 at 09:02 on 04 Sep 2019

are you on your 5th for achievements or just for playing?

Comment by SSSteinMan at 10:08 on 04 Sep 2019

A bit of Both. But I was unlucky to found Totem Father boss on my 5th playthrough for an achievement due to RNG. My trait rank is at 460+

Comment by SSSteinMan at 10:10 on 04 Sep 2019

I've almost unlocked everything in the game.

Comment by SSSteinMan at 10:18 on 04 Sep 2019

Weapon mods is still glitched/buggy for me stuck at 86% and its my last achievement I need. I hoping they add more weapon mods in the future to fix it

Comment by deathproof4289 at 15:05 on 04 Sep 2019

well they have been pretty good with addressing the achievement problems since launch so hopefully they patch it soon

SSSteinManOutlast 2SSSteinMan has rated the game Outlast 2 4 out of 5
Comment by SSSteinMan at 16:29 on 01 Sep 2019

The game is fast paced and well polished while Blair Witch is slow and janky as fuck.

SSSteinManBlair WitchSSSteinMan has rated the game Blair Witch 3 out of 5
Comment by SSSteinMan at 15:47 on 01 Sep 2019

Just another walking simulator with mediocre gameplay.