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The Biggest of the Daddies
Howdy all. I’m back again, failing at a literary intro, so let’s skip to the good stuff.

So in between our last meeting, I done started and maxed Bioshock 2. I dedicated my first playthrough to Easy mode, refamiliarising myself with the game and getting the collectibles, and a second playthrough for Hard. I also cracked the meta for defeating the tougher enemies (Big Daddies, Sisters, and Brutes) by using Winter Blast and Freezing Drill, and actually ended up getting through the hard playthrough pretty quickly.

I also completely forgot about the section where you play as the Little Sister. All in all, game was way better than I remember. The story is kinda standard and less impactful than the first but I think it did everything Bioshock 1 did (from a mechanical standpoint) better.

I didn’t want to dive straight into Bioshock Infinite (even though its my favourite of the trilogy) immediately after finishing BS2, so I turned my attention back to Red Dead 2. I did a couple of story missions, but I’m mostly trying to eek away at the various challenges the game has. I’m focusing on the Herbalist and Survivalist challenges for the most part as they involve travelling to various areas of the map, so I whack a speedrun or something from Seraphim17 on my phone and do your standard open world stuff. It’s actually been pretty relaxing, while at the same still working towards the 100% achievement.

I got my Perfect Chapter 1 achievement on Ghost Recon for a nice 40G, and the only 1 I can get myself left is the “Host 1000 Matches” achievement. Which, like most of the things I’ve got left on my 360 Backlog, is tedious and time-consuming, but easy. It’s on par with driving 1000 miles in Mafia II.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t played my PS4 at all. I get pretty systematic with my games, especially single player experiences, so I don’t like to have any more than 2 big games running at any one time, which at the moment are the Bioshock games and Red Dead 2. Putting Spider-Man into the mix, as awesome as it is, would overload my tiny idiosyncratic mind.

I also have to decide what game to buy next. My choices are:
Modern Warfare 2 Remaster
Hotline Miami Collection
Need for Speed Most Wanted (the old one to clear off my backlog)

IRL Stuff:
I should be working again at the start of August. Wearing jeans again will be a struggle.

For whatever reason, I’ve never been that into Twitch since forever. However, a friend of mine recently started streaming so I’ve got on it to support him. It’s pretty cool, and I can certainly see the appeal and how it caters to Gamers much better than YouTube, I think I’m just more of a YouTube person.

My girlfriend wanted to start rewatching Desperate Housewives as its all on Amazon Video. It’s not as bad as I thought it would, actually quite the opposite.

Need to finish The Last Dance.

We finished Episode 17 of our Podcast, and did our first interview. The first of which was with Chris Munasinha who runs The Arcade Vaults, a video game social space located in Cardiff, Wales. If you are so inclined, you can check out both those things using the links below:

Chris Munasinha Interview:

[Speech/Check] Episode 17:

As Always…

“900 dollery-doos?!?”


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