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New Year, New Job, New Games, Oh My!
Again, it's been like 12 parsecs of time since I've posted on here. Not because I haven't wanted to, it's just that life gets in the way and I've started a new job. Woooooo yay al-right.

It's actually really cool. I literally get paid to play video games all day. Seriously. I'm now officially a Quality Assurance Tester at Sega which (I hope) is the start of a career within the video game industry. Not wanting to get too serious but this change of vocation has really had a positive effect on me, much more than I thought it would have. I don't dread getting up for work in the morning (something that was all too common in my last job) and even though there's a fairly lengthy commute (I live in Bristol and travel to Cardiff) I'm doing something that I find enjoyable and rewarding.

Anyway, on with the gaming stuff since the new year. I'll start with what I consider the biggest thing:

- Batman: Arkham Knight
I maxed it. YYYYYEEEEAAAHHH. It wasn't too hard, there was just a lot to do. As much as this game gets bashed around for relying heavily on the Batmobile and yeah I know the PC version pretty much just doesn't work but I really liked this game. I'm a big Batman fan in general and I think that all the games (including Origins because it's actually a pretty solid game in it's own right) are really good. I completed the Season of Infamy DLC pack which was a nice little expansion and then ran through the game on New Game+ which was pretty straightforward. All in all, I had a great experience with AK and would recommend for anyone that's played other Batman games

- Halo: MCC
I've not played this for a while but I did actually completed all par scores bar a few on ODST which is cool. I still have LASO and legendary time limit achievements to get but I'm down to my last 40 achievements which all revolve around the formerly mentioned achievements and then all the kinda stupid MP stuff

- FIFA 17
I have to be in a very specific mood to play FIFA in single player. I find it can be quite a slog for someone like myself as I only play it to be in Pro Clubs with my friends but I've started The Journey (barely) and done most of the quick ones. I need to get my friend to boost the friendly season stuff and do the Ultimate Team stuff properly but aside from that there's nothing too ridiculous other than the Draft online but that stuff is always half luck half crap anyway

- Fallout 4
I've kind of stopped playing this now but I will definitely go back to it. I used the Season Pass my friend got me to download all the DLC at once and get a high as a level as I can before I start the final questline(s). I'm following a road map as well which will save me having to restart a new file over. I got really in to the mini DLC stuff like Vault 88 and workshops, anything to raise my XP to level me up (I love dem Perks)

- Zombie Army Trilogy
I got this when it was on sale (as did 2 of my friends) but I've only had 1 proper session on it and the online was a bit buggy. I kept getting kicked out of games and it was lagging all over the place on some sections but it seems like fun. Eventually get back round to this one, it seems to have some raw MP fun available inside it

- Battlefield 1
I'm not really a BF fan but all my friends love it so I got this really only so I could play another game with them. I'm just not that good at it to be perfectly honest. I've done the campaign however, which I actually thought was really well handled with it's short story format. I'll finish it on hard and collect all the field manuals in one go when I eventually get round to it

- Grand Theft Auto V
I don't exactly know how or why I went back to it, but I suddenly found myself playing LOADS of GTA V. One of my friends is a big fan of the online so he was really up for getting as many people back in to it as he could. We've had a lot of fun doing the heists and still have more to do, it's such a shame the matchmaking and online in general is really slow and temperamental. I ended up going through the whole story again, did all the Under the Bridge challenges (an achievement I didn't get in the 360 version), unlocked all actors for the Director Mode and collected all the Peyote Plants. To my despair however, it appears my save is corrupted as one of the Strangers and Freaks won't call me to start their missions so I will have to face the facts that I have to start a new game at a heartbreaking 93% complete but hey, at least I realised before I went and got the letter scraps and spaceship parts. All I have to do is get the 100% Completion, finish the heists and rank up online which is all good stuff

So yeah, that's pretty much all the happenings since I last posted. It'll probably be another 6 months before I post again but hopefully I'll remember before then.

Take care people

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Glad the competition gave me a chance to try it. Gameplay isn't my cup of tea but the aesthetics and atmosphere would probably pull me through.

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Not a fan at all. I don't get the hype/want

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This one was really easy, i suck at fighters

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