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PermalinkThe Internet Returns
I’m finally back in the land of the living with my internet finally getting fixed. It was a long old week without it.

Thankfully there were a few distractions (as well as being able to hotspot my phone data when I needed to use my laptop) that luckily pulled my attention away from not having a cyber connection to the outside world, namely in the form of visiting my grandparents and attending my friend’s wedding.

It was my first full wedding as an adult and I’m happy to report I managed to pretend to be normal for the majority of the day, and by the time I started to reveal my true weird self, everyone was drunk so it didn’t matter.

Getting back to the games, not that much has happened because of my internet outage. I resorted to playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate but focusing on local stuff and pretty much making up my own mini achievements and goals.

SSBU has things called Spirits, which give you abilities like more shield damage, stronger throws, or higher jumps. There’s over 1300 of them, and I spent my time trying to acquire them all. I’ve got the majority of them, the last 20 or so I need come from randomly popping up in the Shop or from in-game challenges.

Last night, I got back into the swing of things by getting some Gears of War 4 play in. I had a couple of 2v2 Gnasher wins but the big thing was that I unlocked “Got Your Back Like A Buttcrack” where you need to save your teammate 10 times. It’s pure luck because hardly anyone goes DBNO in 2v2, but now I have a hearty 8.11 TA Ratio in my Gamerscore bank.

Other than that, not much to report. We’re recording our second podcast episode this week, which I’m really pumped for. Hopefully that’ll be edited and out within the next week or so, and I’ll be sure to include a link in my next blog post for anyone that wants to listen (again, everyone that does lend us their ears is one heck a guy).

As always…

I was saying Boo-urns

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PermalinkI'm a Gamer, Hear Me Roar
I'm currently suffering a fate worse than death in 2019. I am without connection to the outside world. The dreaded looming of the orange light has befallen my household. Sadly it is true...

I am without the internet.

We asked Sky and there's apparently a fault in our cul-de-sac, I've done the usual soft and hard resets, unplugged the microfilter from the router and wall, and I still have that horrible orange light. They'll just text us when it's done supposedly. I would've opted for Virgin when we first moved in, but they don't service our area. Sky had a deal on, so we went with that and I've got a decent fibre optic speed of about 45mb down and like 37mb up.

Naturally, the lack of internet has slowed down my gaming prowess, but before that I was plugging away on Gears 4 to get to Re-Up 11 before Gears 5 comes out. Playing solo Horde (which I dare say I'm getting pretty good) and I've thrown my Guest account in as a Scout as it takes the least amount of upgrading to do what I need it to do (which in this case is earn as much power as possible).

I've also taken some time away from conventional gaming to put in effort elsewhere. Namely, my friend and I have started a Podcast about video games. We've not long released our first episode and it's up on Spotify, Apple, Google, and all the other Podcast outlets. It's been really fun and we've spent time to structure it, develop something of a script, plan segments, invest in equipment. I'd recommend to everyone to start a Podcast for whatever you're passionate about. It's just a fun thing to do.

If anyone wants to check it out, you can follow the link below (and every listen is much appreciated):

As always...

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PermalinkWell that's annoying
I literally did an entire blog post detailing my lovely exploits, and what happens? TA logs me out and doesn't even save my post as a draft. What is life? TA don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

Ima do a super quick recap in warp speed:

- Zombie Army Trilogy = MAXED
Game wasn't too bad but in the last 3 levels it throws Super Elites, Fire Demons, Snipers, Chainsaw Elites, and a huge Zombie Hitler at you all at once. Semi-unfair. My buddy helped me out though and this is finally off the list

- Gears of War Ultimate Edition = Cogs are turning (get it? I'm hilarious)
A buddy of mine (shout out Flobb212) recently picked this up so we boosted the 100 revives, 100 spot assists, and the 25 Boxes wins. We need to get a win on all maps and maybe boost kills if we're insane - I also boosted THIS! IS! ANNEX! using two controllers. That was an ecstatic Saturday night.

- Crash Team Racing = Harding
Currently smashing out adventure mode on hard. The first race was tough but once I finally did that, it opened the floodgates and I'm 12/16 races (minus the bosses)

Until next time my loyal 12 followers....


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Permalink(Never)Dead Money and Zombie Sniping
Sadly, there is little to report since my last post.

I've been putting in some more time and work to my achievement-related ventures, but there I'm yet to hear that sweet, sweet (and ever so fleeting) achievement pop come from what I've put the time into.

RE Revelations has slowed down considerably, mainly because it just got really boring. Some days I'm really up for it, but I've been playing games that are just way more enjoyable lately so that's slid down the priority list a bit. Currently still sat at level 47 grinding out Stage 1 on Abyss to level up and buy upgrades for my magnums. I also caved and paid £2 for Lady Hunk. I'm not proud of myself.

Don't look at me...

My girlfriend has really taken to playing my Switch however, and she's really into Breath of the Wild and Pokemon, so on the weekends I generally move my TV and X1/360 into my living room so we can both enjoy some gaming goodness. Before I was moving my 360 in, but this time I've moved my X1 (mainly because my friends wanted to play FIFA) but this made me turn my attention to Zombie Army Trilogy (ZAT).

I've been plugging away at the campaign on Sniper Elite (my last achievement) doing one or two chapters each day, and I think I only have three or four chapters left. The game would be way easier if I had some friends but I, I guess....I'll just.....play...by myself.....*sigh*

It's not actually that bad. Only the mini-boss type enemies prove a problem. The Super Elites and Fire Demons mostly, with the Zombie Snipers being the biggest pains in the ass. If I try I can be done with it pretty quickly.

I've actually completely lied because I did actually randomly boot up NeverDead and got all the abilities by following the XP farming method and eventually got the total property damage achievement too. I've started a Hardcore playthrough but again it's not really "fun". A battle of attrition will hopefully wear it away. Tortoise and the Hare and all that.

I'd like to attempt to finish the online portion of FIFA but God am I just not that good at that game in Single Player. Pro Clubs, I'm actually quite good, but playing FUT against people who are dedicating way more time and money than I am is pretty much just a losing battle.

So yes, that is my update since the last time we spoke. Well, I spoke, you listened/read/absorbed.

Until we meet again.


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PermalinkCasting Spells in a Basement
It's been yet another week and I have yet more good news to report. My completing games run is still going full steam ahead with the long-awaited maxing of Skyrim.

It took many mornings of power levelling by continually stabbing the Greybeards in the back (which I eventually ruined by getting caught and making them all mad at me) and casting spells in the Thieves Guild waterways, but I finally got myself up to the mythical Level 78, headed straight to Arcwind Point and had a valiant battle with a Legendary Dragon.

It made things a little trickier because I accidentally disturbed a Dragon Priest and some not too happy Draugr Deathlords so there were arrows flying around, fire was raining from the sky, I think I caught an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe to the elbow at one point, but thankfully I'm a f***ing tank and Ebony Warhammer'd my way to victory.

I've now reverted my attention back to reaching the max level on Resident Evil Revelations, which I've now improved the method to earning about 4000 XP a run and roughly 65,000 - 80,000 BP depending on what Bonuses I get. I'm sure the game would be much more enjoyable if I had a co-op partner, but what can you do other than just keep posting in forums. I'm currently Level 47, which I'm hoping will spur me on to the proverbial finish line of Level 50.

One day, it will be over.

Aside from that, I'm moping up on NeverDead, which is a goofy but fun hack 'n' slash game. I had a blast last night following the guide on where to farm XP and it probably only took me a collective hour to get the 10,000,000 needed for the final ability. The next goal will be to do $1,000,000 total damage, then look at a Hardcore playthrough.

That's me for another post. As a wise man once said...


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