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AndreFlash83Lost Odyssey AndreFlash83 won 5 Achievements in Lost Odyssey for 159 points
AndreFlash83Lost OdysseyTreasure Trove achievementAndreFlash83 won the Treasure Trove achievement in Lost Odyssey for 87 points
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 22:04 on 07 Mar 2021

Oh man such good sensation, I was running the game all over again and found 1 last item in Tosca Village, foooooda

AndreFlash83Lost OdysseyAndreFlash83 completed the base game Lost Odyssey and is the 4,153rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 22:03 on 07 Mar 2021

Wooooòoooooooooo I finally fucking did it!!!!

Comment by Styles Plural at 22:24 on 07 Mar 2021

You did it! Ever since 2008, I've wanted to finish this game. What would you say was your overall experience with it? Is it truly one of the best RPGs on the Xbox?

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AndreFlash83Lost OdysseyDungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep!AndreFlash83 started the Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep! DLC for Lost Odyssey
Comment by AbleHenry at 17:44 on 07 Mar 2021

Finally. Do you still need some effort to reach 99,95 % or you will be close completing Lost Odyssey?

Comment by Rafael D Arroyo at 19:38 on 07 Mar 2021

Jogão! Mas essa DLC é um pé no saco, o boss só pode ser morto de uma maneira específica com acessórios específicos

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AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 is now number 1 in the The Americas (Not USA) TrueAchievement Leaderboard for Arcade Racing
Comment by AbleHenry at 09:18 on 05 Mar 2021

Very impressive

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 09:33 on 05 Mar 2021

Thanks bud, wasn't waiting for this

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AndreFlash83Hotshot RacingAndreFlash83 has rated the game Hotshot Racing 2.5 out of 5
AndreFlash83Hotshot RacingAndreFlash83 completed the game Hotshot Racing and is the 188th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by VenomSlayer88 at 16:02 on 05 Mar 2021

Boa Flash! Queria ter fechado esse também, foda q deu bug nas duas últimas em 99% para mim, Tô tentando novamente tudo de novo =/

AndreFlash83Hotshot RacingAndreFlash83 completed the base game Hotshot Racing and is the 204th gamer on the site to complete it
AndreFlash83Hotshot RacingAndreFlash83 won 2 Achievements in Hotshot Racing for 2022 points
O Velho TiozaoO Velho Tiozao has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 22%
O Velho TiozaoAnniversaryO Velho Tiozao is celebrating their birthday today!
AndreFlash83GTASC 2020AndreFlash83 has been eliminated from GTASC 2020 - Individual
Comment by AbleHenry at 18:43 on 15 Feb 2021

What a shame. Now do you think it's time for the Warboats contest or you just play to clean the incomplete games?

Comment by MethodicBR77 at 18:47 on 15 Feb 2021

Valeu Flash, grande participação! Parabéns pela jornada!

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AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 670 Completed Games
AndreFlash83de BlobAndreFlash83 completed the game de Blob and is the 397th gamer on the site to complete it
AndreFlash83de BlobAndreFlash83 won 14 Achievements in de Blob for 4413 points
AndreFlash83de BlobKing Blob achievementAndreFlash83 won the King Blob achievement in de Blob for 679 points
AndreFlash83de BlobChronos achievementAndreFlash83 won the Chronos achievement in de Blob for 386 points
AndreFlash83de BlobBraveheart achievementAndreFlash83 won the Braveheart achievement in de Blob for 333 points
AndreFlash83de BlobRocky achievementAndreFlash83 won the Rocky achievement in de Blob for 314 points
AndreFlash83de BlobPrada achievementAndreFlash83 won the Prada achievement in de Blob for 346 points
AndreFlash83de BlobDa Vinci achievementAndreFlash83 won the Da Vinci achievement in de Blob for 375 points
AndreFlash83de BlobGold seeker achievementAndreFlash83 won the Gold seeker achievement in de Blob for 162 points
AndreFlash83de BlobIcarus achievementAndreFlash83 won the Icarus achievement in de Blob for 328 points
AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 740,000 GamerScore
AndreFlash83de BlobThe Chroma Dam's savior achievementAndreFlash83 won the The Chroma Dam's savior achievement in de Blob for 26 points
Comment by MasterHouze at 01:38 on 12 Feb 2021

Eita run Flashera

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 01:50 on 12 Feb 2021

não tá dando, tá foda, fds acho q consigo acabar pelo menos esse 😭😭

Comment by Game Machine A at 10:26 on 12 Feb 2021

consegue sim.


                Status change by AndreFlash83 at 01:47 on 11 Feb 2021AndreFlash83 status: Well time to say goodbye to GTASC I m not having time to play anymore, and maybe next week gonna start a 2nd job and still have to see the timescry
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 01:48 on 11 Feb 2021

I just hope to complete some games of GP at least

Comment by Shadykilla420 at 02:32 on 11 Feb 2021

Im right with you. Just using my bonuses up and wherever i end up is good enough. Not a bad tun though.

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AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 1,730,000 TrueAchievement Score
AndreFlash83MorkreddAndreFlash83 completed the game Morkredd and is the 103rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SiegfriedX at 15:29 on 08 Feb 2021

Como é a milzada desse? Tem que fazer 2x ou dá pra terminar e só ligar um segundo controle no final?

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 16:54 on 08 Feb 2021

Eu fiz uma vez com 2 controles e uma vez desde o início com 1 controle só, acho q nesse jogo não dá pra ligar o controle só no fim não 🤣🤣

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AndreFlash83MorkreddAndreFlash83 won 3 Achievements in Morkredd for 2105 points
AndreFlash83de BlobAndreFlash83 won 2 Achievements in de Blob for 27 points
AndreFlash83de BlobAndreFlash83 started the game de Blob
AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 25,000 Achievements Won
AndreFlash83Double Kick HeroesAndreFlash83 has rated the game Double Kick Heroes 3.5 out of 5
AndreFlash83Double Kick HeroesAndreFlash83 completed the game Double Kick Heroes and is the 181st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 23:33 on 06 Feb 2021

Good game but can cause LER on the fingers kk

Comment by Chris mad man at 00:39 on 07 Feb 2021

Nice man! Agreed on the fingers for the last two bosses on extreme. I guess we don't play enough music games to not be numb to the pain lol

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AndreFlash83Double Kick HeroesAndreFlash83 won 21 Achievements in Double Kick Heroes for 3965 points

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