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                Status change by MattiasAnderson at 04:42 on 21 Apr 2021MattiasAnderson status: There is hope! This game has really given me a lot of frustration. Figured that I was holding my hands up too high. lol
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 04:42 on 21 Apr 2021

But everyone who say this game is easy is wrong. It isn´t.

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                Status change by MattiasAnderson at 02:00 on 21 Apr 2021MattiasAnderson status: I can´t take anymore of this shit game for today. Freefall Racers is for sure one of the toughest games among my started games.
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 02:01 on 21 Apr 2021

5-6 hour completion? Yeah right, more like 50-80 if it is even possible.

Comment by MrZombieChicken at 02:06 on 21 Apr 2021

Not good news. I have this game and thought it would be moderately easy.

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Comment by Orion#1088 at 01:31 on 21 Apr 2021

Crazy to think how far you've come in that time. What was it, Frontlines that we played together and I got you into TA?

Comment by xxxIsaiahxxx at 01:45 on 21 Apr 2021

You were my motivation for hunting for the longest time. So much respect for you. Rest in Peace

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                Status change by MattiasAnderson at 23:13 on 20 Apr 2021MattiasAnderson status: After playing Hole in the wall for over 14 hours straight without a break yesterday I realised that I am crazy as fuck. lol My body is so stiff! haha
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 23:14 on 20 Apr 2021

Now time for freefall racers! I like the extra challenge of being so stiff already. Lets go kinect!

Comment by TheOnlyMatto at 23:51 on 20 Apr 2021

lmfao. I had that happen from play Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

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                Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 17:43 on 20 Apr 2021IrishWarrior022 status: No stream tonight as I’m celebrating my Dads bday, I would just like to thank my community for an amazing April so far and helping the channel grow! 💚
Comment by Messilover449 at 18:11 on 20 Apr 2021

Happy bday to irish senior! 💚💚

Comment by Skelix at 20:20 on 20 Apr 2021

Get your dad to do some couch coop, sure there's some coop you need finished up!

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 02:29 on 21 Apr 2021


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