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SmiththedudeSmiththedude has reached a new milestone: 1,290,000 TrueAchievement Score
LifeExpectancyHalo Infinite LifeExpectancy won 2 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 96 points
LifeExpectancyHalo InfiniteWatt Say You? achievementLifeExpectancy won the Watt Say You? achievement in Halo Infinite for 80 points
Comment by FQX at 23:22 on 16 Jan 2022

Ayee, congrats on that one.

Comment by MiggyBombs at 00:28 on 17 Jan 2022

Thanks for the help!

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justoneunclejustoneuncle has reached a new milestone: 315 Completed Games
justoneuncleThe Walking Dead: The Final Seasonjustoneuncle completed the base game The Walking Dead: The Final Season and is the 6,134th gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 00:49 on 16 Jan 2022LifeExpectancy status: Would anyone be interested in buying an R2D2 edition Xbox 360? Still factory sealed new.
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 00:50 on 16 Jan 2022

Can't see carting it around for another decade or more.

Comment by wildwest08 at 01:18 on 16 Jan 2022

How much you asking?

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                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 21:10 on 13 Jan 2022LifeExpectancy status: 90% better already. Only had a fever Monday night and all day Tuesday. Fever broke by Wednesday morning. Only symptoms now sinus drainage and mild cou
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 21:12 on 13 Jan 2022

Cough*. Now for what I took: Methylprednisolone 6 day taper, Ivermectin 18mg capsules 2 capsules daily, high dose Vit D and Vit C, and Famotidine.

Comment by LifeExpectancy at 21:13 on 13 Jan 2022

DO NOT get political here please. This is FYI for any TA friends interested in my regimen. Maybe it helped maybe it was just my body fighting off the weak omicron strain.

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Baiano42WarframeBaiano42 completed the game Warframe and is the 10,077th gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 17:54 on 11 Jan 2022LifeExpectancy status: Whelp it finally happened. After nearly 2 years of testing negative despite living my life unafraid, I finally got covid. From a vaccinated and booste
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 17:54 on 11 Jan 2022

Boosted* coworker. She came in sick claiming it was allergies bc she's vaccinated and "knows her body".

Comment by LifeExpectancy at 17:55 on 11 Jan 2022

Proceeded to cough and sneeze in a very small office we share for 8 straight hours.

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Baiano42WarframeBaiano42 won 2 Achievements in Warframe for 136 points
Baiano42WarframeShield Saver achievementBaiano42 won the Shield Saver achievement in Warframe for 44 points
Baiano42WarframeLiberator achievementBaiano42 won the Liberator achievement in Warframe for 91 points
SmiththedudeThe Elder Scrolls OnlineMorrowindSmiththedude completed the Morrowind DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online
Comment by doMePieceKiLLA at 11:04 on 11 Jan 2022

Huge! Keep it going! Hope all is well!

Comment by Smiththedude at 18:03 on 11 Jan 2022

I know I'm just about done with this beast of a game haha. And I'm doing very well over here, hope everything is going just as well for you!

LifeExpectancyHalo InfiniteLifeExpectancy won 2 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 109 points

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 13:23 on 09 Jan 2022LifeExpectancy status: Might be short on players for my TA session here in 40mins at 8am US Central (2pm London time). Anyone available to help put with Zone Ranger in Halo?
Comment by FQX at 13:41 on 09 Jan 2022

I could help if you still need someone.

Comment by LifeExpectancy at 13:42 on 09 Jan 2022

Will pm u on Xbox if we wind up short in about 20 minutes just after the hour. 3 of us at the moment will see if a 4th shows

Comment by FQX at 13:44 on 09 Jan 2022

Alright. I'll be on the account 'notFleqx' instead of this account.

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