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Before I stop playing Borderlands 2 (er, like, never) I want to do a few things hence this bucket list.

1. Get to Overpower 8 (OP8 if you prefer).

2. Defeat every boss at OP8.

3. Spawn Vermivorous the invincible on OP8 and kill the bastard.

4. Have 2 Legendary loot midgets jump out of 1 container (rare glitch) or have 3 or more in a row jump out of separate containers.

5. Have all 4 classes at least level 72, done legit no glitches etc.

6. Get the Bekah assault rifle.

7. Get my favourite legendary, Seraph and Pearlescent weapons and gear at OP8.

8. Kill every variant of the tubby enemies.

I'm sure there's much more I could and would do but that'll keep me busy for a while :-)
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