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PermalinkXbox E3 2016 Press Conference and the future of Xbox
Its an exciting time for all gamers. E3 2016 is just around the corner, and millions and millions of gamers are waiting with curiosity and anticipation for new announcements of games that will be coming out this year, or the next.

But out of the Big Three console manufacturers, one company has been under watch:


But not because of the great games that has been released for the Xbox One, but for what they may be doing next. It's no surprise that Xbox Team has been getting a right whooping from not just from gamers, but from certain media outlets, and the constant resolution and framerate comparisons for ALL the Xbox One games, especially the third party multi-plats, to PS4 and the slew of exclusives including The Last of Us, and the recent Uncharted 4.

Xbox One was the underpowered console, and Microsoft had to swallow that bitter pill...at least up until this year.

Enter Project Scorpio.

There are no solid confirmations as of what will be inside the new Xbox that is slated for next year (leaked by insiders from Kotaku and GameInformer) but what has been whispered is the console is aiming for a CPGPU clocking in at a aimed 6 TFLOPS (Sony's PS4K, PS4.5 was aiming for 4.2 TFLOPS) which gives this new Xbox a huge power advantage.

But this is all but confirmed by Microsoft...but some recent news, shows Xbox in the E3 VR Showcase. VR? It does make sense because MS did have a partnership with Oculus Rift last year. And there is a confirmation from a major developer that claimed they are in fact making a VR game for...you guessed it...Xbox.

We don't know if the Scorpio will be announced this year, or even at E3, but there are reports that there will be two other devices announced. One is a Chrome-like device that plugs directly into the TV. The second is supposedly the Xbox Mini (tentative title), which will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One.

This of course is speculation, but still exciting if all this rings true. This is exactly what Xbox needs, and fans support is stronger than ever! But I hope they keep the "games, games, games" narrative, as well. Because, what good is a console without great games to play?
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