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Dark Matter
Call of Duty has always been a very polarizing franchise. Even those who love it tend to have a love hate relationship with it. Black Ops 3 came out and was announced as the last Call of Duty for the X360. I do all of the Call of Duty games. It started with CoD 4 and, because the achievements are all single player, Cod 2. My friends convinced me to do Cod 3 and it felt like a natural progression since I couldn't have just 2 and 4 done. My OCD wouldn't allow it and the alure of Cod 3's infamously uber hard campaign was too much to resist.

Black Ops 3 was announced and to go out with a bang Treyarch threw in the "Reach 10th Prestige" achievement again. I reached the first prestige in WaW but the other 9 were boosted in SnD with 2 other friends, who I'm sadly no longer friends with anymore. One went bat shit crazy and the other just wants to make everyone happy. I digress. The point is even though I reached 10th prestige in WaW, I didn't actually play and get good at the game.

Black Ops 1 was my first real journey into the multiplayer. I was working nights at the time and some of my buddies from work played it so I joined in. I reached lvl 55 but did not prestige. I played well over 100 hours of just the multiplayer. Commando with a silencer and fast mags and I called in dogs almost every game. My favorite kill streak of all time.

Then came MW3. I reached level 80 and played a bit after but not too much. I didn't enjoy the game as much. Mostly because I didn't care for most of the maps and the kill streaks always got destroyed quickly. It was best just to use the support class and emp the other team into submission.

Black Ops 2 required you to prestige once for an achievement and, to be honest, I enjoyed that. I prestiged and played a bit more here and there for fun. Ghosts came out and I played as much as needed for achievements and moved on. The highlight of that game was the campaign and the introduction of Extinction. Which, after the first DLC or two, became an incredibly fun game mode. AW was very similiar. The multiplayer wasn't terribly fun for me so I moved on.

When BO3 came out and it had a 10th prestige achievement, I was secretly happy. The plan was to play on the One and get 10th prestige and then pop in the 360 version and get it as well. AW's stats went back and forth both ways (giggity) so I assumed BO3's stas would as well. Wrong.

However now I am on the journey to unlock Dark Matter in BO3. Dark Matter is unlocked by unlocking Gold camo for every single weapon. All 31. Gold camo is unlocked by completing every challenge for a particular weapon. A tall task. I may go back and do the 360 version even though it will be a grind.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new challenge to conquer BO3. No achievements involved but there will be a different kind of reward. 99.99% of all people who play BO3 will not have the skill, patience or sheer will to unlock Dark Matter, even with boosting.

I'll be able to say I did it legit which will be an amazing achievement none the less. Only 5 more primaries and 4 more secondaries and I'll be there. Then it will be on to 10th presitge level 1000. More on that another day...

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