Stupid Destiny 2 triumph seal achievement didn't pop.....Did the log out/in stuff and nothin....


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                Status change by Beanpotter at 07:15 on 03 Jul 2020Beanpotter status: dive Monday.
Comment by rekikire at 07:29 on 03 Jul 2020

So all I need to do between now and then is complete Skyrim.

Comment by Beanpotter at 07:29 on 03 Jul 2020

Bean Dive 2020, 6th - 16th. Huzzah!

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Comment by Chad and Jessie at 07:03 on 03 Jul 2020

Best walking sim EVER!!! What??? Not a walking sim??? But that was the BESTEST parts of the game, except for when the character were in dialog during the walking...

Comment by Chad and Jessie at 07:07 on 03 Jul 2020

portions of the game. Then I prayed for a character to spontaneously combust.

Comment by Chad and Jessie at 07:09 on 03 Jul 2020

Dialog and character development did not do justice to the LiS franchise.

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