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I've never felt the need to let everyone know anything about my life or my views or anything for that matter. However, current political structure among adults in developed countries dictates that I post this.

Here's the deal. I'm tired of looking at Arcania; Gothic 4 on my XBOX 360 with one achievement left, "Geek", which is to obtain all other achievements. Which of course I have.

Issue at hand. I personally think it's outright thievery for m$ to have this title Currently available as a digital title AND it's still broken. Not only does m$ profit from the poor fool who buys it, but so does JoWood Entertainment.

So, why post a blog? Well, this is going to be my record of what I do to obtain this achievement. I do NOT wish to be accused of cheating again, on this title no less. It should be evident by my achievements, age, history, game types and a host of other tell tale indicators that I don't Fucking cheat. Frankly to be accused of it by peons as well as higher ups is insulting to this wiser and intelligent individual, and show's the lack of substantial higher brain function on the accusers part. Indeed, it suggests that they have nothing better to do than to call attention to themselves as if to say "look at me, I'm making noise". Which is why I shy away from the nonsensical social media posting. Case in point, I no longer post on ANY forum, topic or feed other than the ones on my friends list. I no longer post solutions and have in fact deleted previous ones. Especially spoilers. God forbid you should read ANYTHING on TA and have something so spoiled that you become a little piss ant trying to fuck a monkey. Yes I'm looking at you individual who had his ass hurt because of a NON SPOILER, and of course I had to be repremanded for Fucking someone's life up and causing them irreparable mentail stupidity. If you're going to accuse you'd better have some goddamn bulletproof evidence. That means proof FIRST, NOT BEFORE!

Anyway. Here's the skinny. I am going to email each and every single recipient at m$ AND JoWood Entertainment each and every day until they unlock this manually, by themselves, the profiteers, for those few of us who have indeed unlocked all other achievements.

The purpose of this here blog, is I am going to keep a running copy of ALL corespondence to aforementioned email recipients so that there is no question as to the validity of this achievement being unlocked. If at all. That way, when someone who hasn't even played the game notices that I have a super duper rare achievement and they decide I need to be reported, the acount of how I came by it is HERE. Now how's that for some fucked up way of having to CYA? I think it's pretty goddamn idiotic that I have to come up with a plan BEFOREHAND.

So without further nonsensical b.s., the first record should be posted here sometime in the near future when I get to it.
Posted by OneBgBdArtemis on 15 January 17 at 13:44 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by MattiasAnderson at 23:08 on 18 Jan 2017

So many titles I have never heard. :)

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Comment by TwistahXD at 14:01 on 18 Jan 2017

Used to love this game then an achievement glitched on me and I never touched it again

Comment by Luuc at 14:02 on 18 Jan 2017

Which achievement mate?

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Comment by brent1221 at 14:31 on 18 Jan 2017

Thanks to the teammates who helped me along the way!

Comment by DualHiddenBlade at 18:58 on 18 Jan 2017

Way to go man!!!

Comment by DualHiddenBlade at 19:00 on 18 Jan 2017

Let me know if you want to work through campaign on insane together doing the casual/insane method.

                  Status change by Ross Hodge at 01:54 on 18 Jan 2017Ross Hodge status: I love GTASC drama, honestly it is so amusing to tune into once and a while.
Comment by Ross Hodge at 01:56 on 18 Jan 2017

[popcorn] is my ultimate take on it all. If I comment on something with that, just know I'm laughing.

Comment by SprinkyDink at 02:05 on 18 Jan 2017

Awesome timing to add me then huh:)

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