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So I was playing F1 2019, working on some car set ups in Time Trial.
Anyway I get down to the Japanese GP, work on my set up for a few laps then try to save it. TEXT VALIDATION ERROR, an error occurred when validating your text!
Now I'm thinking this must be a bug, I'll try again, but no, same thing.
And then I spot it. I've been using the first three letters of the relevant country followed by either wet or dry. So, Bri dry, Fra dry and uh oh, Jap dry. I thought for a second, that surely can't be it, I mean it's so staggeringly insignificant and petty.
But sure enough I change the set up to Jpn dry and boom, saved.

So the moral of the story is, even when you inadvertently type a word, that in another context might be racist, remember Big Brother is not just watching you, he'll correct you too.
And thank you Codemasters for not trusting me to refrain from making racist save files.
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