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So, Skyrim with windows achievements is a thing now? Why do I miss these things?

Owen H Brown

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Comment by Triple Triad777 at 22:40 on 18 Oct 2021

I'm so sorry

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Comment by zombiefurko at 23:04 on 18 Oct 2021


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Comment by SnappleBack at 03:49 on 18 Oct 2021

One of my favorite horror games. Sucks my cheevos are bugged and I can't unlock any on 360 version

Comment by Franco 4 127hrs at 09:00 on 18 Oct 2021

yeah it's a great game. Very strange glitch,can you play it offline?

Comment by SnappleBack at 16:12 on 18 Oct 2021

Tried it before and no luck. Good thing the remaster is out and I can play that instead

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Comment by ClockWrkPhantom at 01:54 on 18 Oct 2021

You shouldn't do this till your lv 50 first so you can carry more health packs. If you wipe you start back at wave 1.

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