Disappointing that we won't be able to craft midnight omen or flaming skins for gears 4 till January 2020!!!


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Comment by PoppaSmurf110 at 19:54 on 18 Nov 2019

Nice one steiny

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Comment by tuhin94 at 16:00 on 18 Nov 2019

20 weeks. Glad I did this with you two :-)

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Comment by StumblesMcGee at 21:51 on 17 Nov 2019

Way to go, dude! I'm a ways off and will continue keeping my fingers crossed on more morality based missions when they finally release the Prophecy expansion.

Comment by Moody Cogsworth at 00:29 on 18 Nov 2019

I just logged on every 3 days and took pot luck on the priority missions. Only takes like 10 mins to go all three to see if there are any morality choices to suit, and it

Comment by Moody Cogsworth at 00:30 on 18 Nov 2019

Means that if there are none, you just abandon them and move on to the next ones in 3 days.

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