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POG BLOG 12/7/17 - Gaming A to Z: L for L.A Noire / The Overdue Edition
Hello one and all, welcome to blog #104

So... Long time no see, 6 weeks or so a lot longer of a hiatus than I was expecting to take. Got a lot to discuss so if you're sitting comfortably I shall begin.

Music Album A to Z

As always all great reads can be enhanced with some music, so my recommendation for today's read is...

Bad Suns' Language and Perspective

Alternatively for non-Spotify users, here's the lead single

Time for that catch up, me thinks.

Gaming Recap

So 6 weeks has flown by with a haze full of games taking up that time ironically though none of them was the one I had set my sights on last blog, Knights Contract so I will have to pick that back up at a later date.

Not sure how best to recollect the games in an easily digestible fashion so I'm thinking a week by week run down is the best course of action.

Week 1 - 31 - 6 of June

So this first week started with another notch in the post of Crackdown as I earned 4 more achievements putting me at 41 of 50 which is a nice improvement as it crossed the stunts and 4 star shooter rating off the list. Wanting to go for the street races next as I haven't returned to it since unfortunately.

I blame the Alphabet Challenge for this as it but a major spoke in my wheel as I directed my attention to that with pops being made on an array of games. By the End of this week I had made it to the letter E.

Week 2 - 7 - 14 of June

So the main fixture of this week was Pac-Man-Championship-Edition which I had bean dived a few years ago (2013) and never got around to finishing and having played it as part of the Alphabet Challenge decided to finish it. Which I successfully did within in this week.

This week also saw me go from letter E to Letter H, which was steady progress.

Week 3 - 15 - 22 of June

I should say that I'm approaching these weeks on a surface level examination as to go into the in-depth of every week would be too much of a slog to write on my part and I'd imagine reading it wouldn't be too much fun either I'll leave a link at the end of this recap for the individual achievements of the Alphabet Challenge for those interested. smile

This highlight of this week was starting Axel and Pixel for the purpose of the challenge, which is a reoccurring theme going forward so if I start a new game that will be why. quite a time constricted week unfortunately with me only advancing one letter to I.

Oh I also made progress with Bayonetta with Just one chapter left, haven't got round to yet though.

Alongside this I returned to Binary Domain which I'm really digging only two chapters in at the minute but the story is cool.

Week 4 - 23 - 30 of June

So this was a big week as it was now or never as far scoring that touchdown or hitting that home-run as far the contest was concerned as I had just 4 days remaining to hit Z!

Apparently that wasn't enough pressure however as I didn't put the pedal to the metal until the 25th giving 2 days to do it and I blasted through to the Letter P and hitting a wall as I didn't have an easily attainable achievement within the time frame so I resorted to the windows 8 store something I haven't done before.

I picked up Adera, Cut The Rope, Shuffle Party and Monster Go! all of which I've enjoyed although Monster Go is a bit grindy.

On a little side note during this period I revisited The Darkness as part of this challenge which I left early into the game, highly considering returning but I'm at some dumb Helicopter section and I'm clueless at to what I have to do.

By the final day I had reached S and with the end in sight and running on empty I nose dived my way to finish thanks to a collectathon on Adera.

Here my Alphabet Challenge achievements if you want the specifics. wink

Week 5 - 1 - 7 July

Following on from the challenge I was looking for a buffer game while decide what to hit next and having played Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution as fair bit in the challenge I got the bug to play it some more and I've been doing one class each day (most days) since this point still got a bit to go but I've really enjoyed going outside of my comfort zone.

Also been working towards finishing the Windows 8 games I started, as I say Monster Go! is going to be quite time consuming so I'm a long way off yet.

Week 6 - 8 - 12 July

The focus this week has been finishing Darksiders that has been significantly sidelined so I bit the bullet and blasted through the rest of my apocalyptic run.

What a wrap up.

A to Z Games
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Miscellaneous Games (No changes this week)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Alphabet Challenge

So before I move onto this week's game, I wanted to take a minute to talk about my thoughts on the challenge as while it was a bit stressful I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to future events.

L.A Noire

L.A Noire was last weeks winner and I'm looking forward to finally delve into it properly having dipped in and out of it multiple times having not managed to stick to it for a significant length time.

Currently I have 18 of 60 achievements with a gamerscore total of 310 out of a possible 1400, suffice to say I have a lot of ground to cover.

Choose Next Week’s Game

M for

Mass Effect 675/1200 (Several runs to go)
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes 25/220 (Only Just started it)
Ms. Splosion Man 40/200 (A lot of levels to complete)
Monster Go! (Win 8) 80/300 (A gradual grind)
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 1100/2025 (Haven't started title update 40 on wards achievements)

Or in the spirit of the bean dive suggest something not on this list.

Bean Dive

Speaking of Bean dive I wasn't planning on doing a major plunge as I have quite a few titles still to get through but I wouldn't mind doing a minor one so feel free to post some games I should take the plunge on.

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

Congratulations, you won the following Achievements from your ToDo list:

• Extra Mode 3 in Pac-Man Championship Edition for 41 points
• One Mistress and No Master in Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for 24 points
• Ideas Control the World in Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for 27 points
• First at the scene in Dead to Rights: Retribution for 43 points
• Headshot Master in Binary Domain for 27 points
• Spider Killer in Binary Domain for 18 points

So I unlocked 6 achievements of the list which is keeping to that steady one a week schedule honestly though I wasn't going for a particular achievement so I got these by accident.

I now have 86 to go which is still a mammoth task but seeing progress made is always good.

L.A Noire has two attached to which is good news:

L.A. NoireLead FootThe Lead Foot achievement in L.A. Noire worth 19 pointsKeep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving.

Should be easy as it's a miscellaneous task.

L.A. NoireSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in L.A. Noire worth 29 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

A DLC based achievement which shouldn't be too tricky.

Last blogs Totals

216,106 TA Score
117,454 Gamerscore
69.05% Completion Percentage

This Week's Totals

219,232 TA Score (+3126)
119,186 Gamerscore (+1732)
69.49 Completion Percentage (42 more achievements to 70%)

4/26 A-Z Games Completed (no games completed since last blog)

TA Playlist

So having finished Darksiders from the May playlist, I'm turning my attention to Shadow of Mordor which I've been wanting to play for a while now, looking forward to seeing how it plays.

Final Thoughts

So a lot has happened leading to a very wordy blog but hopefully this recap has brought you back up to speed! Now that the A-Z train is back on track, I can hope to speed through a lot of these games. Also before I forget my streak is still going and it currently stands at 146 days!

See you all, next week!
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