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POG BLOG 16/5/17 - Gaming A to Z: J for Jumper
Hello one and all, welcome to blog #102

What a week... Where to begin. I feel this one could be less whimsy filled than recent instalments of the blog as it's felt like a real drudge to get through with everything seemingly against me. So since last week I have had numerous close shaves where my streak nearly got cut short, due in part to my disc tray dying a slow death. It's gone from super temperamental to nigh on impossible to get it to play game.

Essentially the only chance of getting the 360 working again is to take it apart and realign and clean the disc reader myself, yet to muster the courage or confidence to undertake this project though. Pot luck and Neanderthal methodology will have to suffice for now. *Raises club to the sky in defiance*

Sitting around, ejecting the disc tray for half an hour to get a game to play seems to be my chosen hell, who knew? angry

Maybe some music can get my mojo back music

Music Album A to Z

Trucks' Juice

Getting all technical this week by linking from Spotify as it's a more reliable way of doing things, as for the album it's stereo-typically pop punk, needed something silly and juvenile to lift my spirits.

Haven't got a flavour of the week as far as new tracks go except for Imagine Dragon's latest offering of "Whatever It Takes" but at this point I've almost reached shill status as far promoting them here and I wouldn't necessarily say I was a massive fan of their work.

So I'll just throw in Trucks' single from the album

If all the talk about ejecting disc trays weren't x-rated enough, maybe mentioning porn takes us past that threshold. laugh

Top quality, random blog content from yours truly.

Gaming Recap

Once again I'm left thinking where to start, a real random week with very little as far as achievements earned and not to mention the amount of random games that seen play to keep my streak alive.

Games that got the 1 achievement treatment include; The Bridge (Xbox 360), Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade), Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders. A couple of things to note are that thanks to The Bridge + Sonic I'm on an odd gamerscore. I also underestimated how tough Sonic can be, not realising how much u can abuse the save system and finally Darksiders' Aerial Predator achievement was easier than I thought it be.

I also started The secret of Monkey Island which set my completion percentage back a little but when an achievement is needed, that is what you have to do.

The biggest achievement however is that the main 1000g of Alan Wake has been obtained, yet to start the DLCs but really enjoying my time with the game, having wanted to go back to it for quite awhile.

Oh and I touched on last blogs game Ilomilo briefly but hadn't managed to pop an achievement last week.

Streak Savers

The Bridge (Xbox 360)PlummeterThe Plummeter achievement in The Bridge (Xbox 360) worth 9 pointsFall for 30 seconds.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition worth 5 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade)Fast MarbleThe Fast Marble achievement in Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade) worth 28 pointsBeat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds.

Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade)Spring Yard ZoneThe Spring Yard Zone achievement in Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade) worth 9 pointsGet to the Spring Yard Zone.

Sleeping DogsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Sleeping Dogs worth 5 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

DarksidersAerial PredatorThe Aerial Predator achievement in Darksiders worth 48 pointsKill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast

A to Z Games (No changes)
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Miscellaneous Games (More games added)
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So if I can sort out my disc tray then I'll be experiencing this title which I know little about except that it's supposed to be an easy 1000 gamerscore which is nice but I'm more looking forward to playing something totally fresh as far as not playing it before or knowing anything about it.

On a side note; It took 5 stores to find this game a lot of gaming stores I went to just had Just Dance games and wouldn't that be an interesting week. I suppose Jetpac Refuelled was always a solid backup plan should I have not found disc based "J" games.

This game comes courtesy of McTennisD's suggestion. Feel free guys to join in and play the same game, would be fun to have a Mini TA playlist among my readers.

Choose Next Week’s Game

This week I have a few choices, all in the same vein of hit stuff until it dies gameplay, my favourite.

K for

Kameo: Elements of Power 15 of 27 (Co-op, A rankings and time attack stuff)
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom 16 of 32 (Grinding characters)
Knights Contract 30 of 50 (Close to the end of my first playthrough, fun hack n slash game)

Suggest your own compute

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

So this week I still stand at 92 having really underestimated Sonic and realising that Labyrinth zone is right at the end of the game. None the less persistence pays off so I'll continue to strive to get the achievement.


Last Weeks Totals

213,793 TA Score (+822)
116,085 Gamerscore (+420)
68.89% Completion Percentage (+0.19%)

This Week's Totals

214,378 TA Score (+685)
116,314 Gamerscore (+229)
68.92% Completion Percentage (+0.04)

3/26 Games Completed (Alan Wake doesn't count, this is purely for the A-Z games)

TA Playlist

So I smashed the target of wanting to get to the Aerial Predator achievement having slayed a couple bosses on top of this, I think I go for the finish this week and finally be ahead of the game.

So I have now voted for next months game with everything but Sunset Overdrive being unplayed, I'm looking forward to next month with my vote going to Bulletstorm as I actually wanted to play this anyway, so it makes good sense. What you guys voting for?

Final Thoughts

So originally I was going to write this all at once as that's what i normally do but this week I had quite the migraine, so I stopped halfway through and continued the next day. However before doing so I dove in head first and disassembled my Xbox 360 and am proud to say it now works like a dream. Pretty happy with myself thought I would screw it up. laugh

I did also want to touch on Alan Wake slightly as I thought if licensing is really worth the hassle if it means you have to pull the plug later down the line and deprive some people of being able to play a game. In Alan Wake's case it's not so bad as there are disc copies you can still get but as we move closer and closer to an all digital age, it seems that the archival of games throughout the years is going to become ever more unlikely as games can just disappear into the ether.

Alan Wake really did utilise music very well with each licensed track having a poignancy about them and really helped close off and segment the story in the sense of how the chapters played out. I think licensing could have easily been very throw away and is in a lot of games but Alan Wake is one game that I really appreciated and took note of the soundtrack which can gloss over people a lot within games and it's good to have an example of it done extremely well.

I'll leave things there, just wanted to talk about it for a bit, don't know how coherent it was but hey that's the way it goes sometimes.

Adios Amigos.
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 16 May 17 at 20:37 | There are 4 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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