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POG BLOG 5/9/17 - Gaming A to Z: M for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes / The 200 Day Streak Edition
Hello one and all, welcome to blog #105

That’s right like a bolt out the blue another edition has appeared for a blog which is as active as a sloth’s gym membership. Got to say, feels weird doing one after almost a 2-month hiatus but as you can imagine this will likely be even longer than the last one, if that’s even possible.
As is tradition though, it’s time to talk tunes.

Music Album A to Z

Metallica: Metallica

Pretty easy choice this week, not sure if it makes for good listening while trying to read though lol

Gaming Recap

Almost 7 weeks without an update means there’s loads to cover even though I’ve not played as much as you might expect during that amount of time, so with that being said let’s see what went down.
Let the recollection commence!

Week 1 – 13th – 20th of July

The big mention coming out of this week was finishing Forza 2 with reasonable grind from level 46 to 50 being needed as well as buying all the cars, which is a completion I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I also finished the homicide desk in L.A noire and got 3 more achievements in Civilisation relating to wining as factions.

Week 2 – 21st – 28th of June

This week was an interesting one as the big standout was a return to DOOM! Let me preface this by saying like most, I loved the single player component but the multiplayer side of things didn’t click, further more I wasn’t in a hurry to get the DLC so I passed on the season pass figuring it will go on sale later.

What happened was one better, the 6.66 update which saw the achievements relating to the DLC being able to be acquired via progression. So, long story short I found myself playing and enjoying the multiplayer immensely once I got into the groove of the game and for the first in forever, I found myself getting lost in playing a game and finding myself still playing it into the early hours of the morning. This lead to me getting a good chunk of the achievements with the last few still to be obtained.

Week 3 – 29th of June – 5th of August

Quite a bit happened during this period as I progressed with L.A Noire, finishing a few more missions alongside The Reefer Madness DLC, doing the game in bursts I prefer as the game can feel a bit samey. Also, started and finished the Windows 8 edition of Microsoft Majong.

Week 4 – 6th – 13th of August

Due to Leap Frog starting, I adventured into older games such as Lucidity, PGR4 and Perfect Dark Zero which have been on a pile waiting to be picked back up for quite a while.

All of which I enjoyed quite a bit even if there was a bit of grinding involved with Perfect Dark Zero and Lucidity was a lot more interesting than I first gave it credit for, as far as puzzle games go.

Week 5 – 14th – 21st of August

This week saw my swan song from the Leap Frog contest making it to period 15 which was 3 achievements at a 3.8 ratio attached which was one to many achievements for me to manage, on a side note congrats to the 43 people still going strong in the contest at the time of writing this.
Achievements were earned in Wheelman, Rayman Legends and Fairytale Fights.

Alongside this though I started Ride to Hell: Retribution and even though I heard it was bad, I was still surprised how bad it was as I have a high tolerance to bad games and this took the cake and I haven’t even started the hard mode at the time of writing.

I also finished Spiderwick Chronicles, having finally sorted a second controller out for the multiplayer modes stuff.

Week 6 – 22nd – 29th August

More games were played with Majong making a comeback Windows 10 style, what can I say I love me some Majong. I unlocked Rayman Legends’ Axe skater achievement, which is significant as it was my second to last achievement with the Truly Awesome achievement being the only thing left to obtain, which I’ve working towards on and off for ages like Forza 2.

More Ride to Hell was played and boy is it hell, beat Meathook though so progress is progress I suppose.

Week 7 – 30th August – 4th September + TA Playlist

The final week or rather this week has seen a lot of gaming as the final days of August saw me play more Majong as well as on a whim trying the TA playlist game of August, Life Is Strange. Based on the first chapter I couldn’t understand the hype and it came across as pretty dull and trying really hard to be interesting.

For those of you have played it in its entirety let me know if you felt it was very paint by numbers, insert plot point here, throughout the whole game or felt more organic in later episodes without spoilers would be awesome.

I also played and finished The Naked City DLC for L.A Noire and have made it to the Arson Desk and to top it off, today marks my 200th day of my on-going achievement streak made possible with the Truly Awesome achievement for Rayman Legends, finishing the game! Whoop, whoop all round!

A to Z Games

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Miscellaneous Games (No changes this blog)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

So, I have decided to veto against playing Mass effect which was last blogs choice made by jotg05 and go for something more casual and relaxed in an attempt to finish more games and finish previous instalments of the A-Z challenge.

Choose Next Blog’s Game

N for

Need for Speed Rivals 14 of 25
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 28 of 50
NeverDead 1 of 42

or suggest your own :)

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

Congratulations, you won the following Achievements from your ToDo list:

All Cars from Germany in Forza Motorsport 2 for 40 points
1000 Kills in Team Killcount in Perfect Dark Zero for 83 points

I was surprised to see I made progress as I wasn't aiming to, so I now have 84 left to go.

Last blogs Totals

219,232 TA Score
119,186 Gamerscore
69.49 Completion Percentage

This Week's Totals

226,018 TA Score (+6786)
122,117 Gamerscore (+2931)
70.07 Completion Percentage (Another big milestone this blog as I hit 70% on wards to 75% I suppose)

4/26 A-Z Games Completed (no games completed since last blog )

Final Thoughts

What a ramble, eh. Well I was thinking how I could rejuvenate my interest in games and figured I could mix things up with an all-out assault on my backlog by playing as many games as possible with the obvious aim of finishing a few, so that's what I'm gonna do! I'll let you guys know in October how it goes.

Suppose it could do with a name, so let the September Blitz begin!
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 05 September 17 at 12:14 | Last edited on 05 September 17 at 12:19 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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