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POG BLOG 30/5/17 - Gaming A to Z: K for Knights Contract + 100 Day Streak
Hello one and all, welcome to blog #103

One cordially invites you to another majestic blog entry, truly charmed to greet you, indeed.

Okay that's about all I'm gonna muster this week in terms of show boating as there's little to talk about so for a change I'm gonna have shorter, less blather filled blog, consider it K for qkuick!

Before I move on to the music, just want to take a moment to say I did it, I reached and have now surpassed my achievement streak goal of 100 days. Tempted to go for a year but in all honestly I'll just ride this enthusiasm till the wheels fall off.

Music Album A to Z

So this week I have a video game inspired electronic group pretty good listening.

I Fight Dragon's KABOOM!

Here's the single video for you none Spotify users.

Time to remember, games.

Gaming Recap

So this week's gaming has consisted mainly of Jumper with a bit of Bastion (Xbox One) thrown in for good measure. While it is a quick completion in theory, I just didn't have the time to commit to play the game in one sitting and by segmenting my achievement pops I didn't have to worry about losing my streak.

I'm sure a lot of you guys have a similar issue when trying to keep a streak for a reasonably long period of time.

Still finished Jumper, it just took me a lot longer. As a quick side note, I have got to say that while a lot of people don't like Jumper, I did. I can see why though, it's not a looker even by 2007 standards the graphics are atrocious, the story is pretty thread bear with a real jarring change of aesthetic between the two and the gameplay while pretty innovative is extremely one note.

However for me due to it being a 3 hour experience at best; it made for a pretty reasonable game which due to its combat mechanics and short levels made for a fun beat stuff up game.

It's so bad, it's good kind of like this blog. laugh

A to Z Games
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Miscellaneous Games (Bastion added)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Knights Contract

So pretty looking forward to getting back to this one. A game with a great story concept set in medieval times, which really needs to played to get the full idea of. The game is a hack n slash with you also having a companion on your journey with loads of awesome enemy designs. I might be hyping this up a bit but I really like it for many reasons that being said I am playing on the normal difficult or noob difficulty as it should be called.

Safe to say the 1000 would be no easy feet but for the following week just finishing the story is good enough progress for me.

Currently I stand on 30 of 50 achievements worth 570 gamerscore. If you haven't heard of the game or have considered getting it, I totally would suggest checking it out plus it has the bonus of wanting you to tear your hair out in parts which is a bonus for the summer. laugh

Choose Next Week’s Game

L is a fun week for me as all my games on my tag I have very minimal to early levels of progress in so there is a lot of pops to earn and stories to learn.

L for

L.A. Noire 18 of 60 achievements for 310/1400 gamerscore (loads to do.)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 11 of 35 achievements for 370/1000 gamerscore (Story only)
Lucidity 3 of 12 achievements for 45/200 gamerscore (finished first world)

Or your own choice compute

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

So I got nothing since last blog which is disheartening, however this week I can get this achievement naturally which if I'm succesful will bring me down to 91 achievements left quite the uphill battle.

Knights ContractAverage ExecutionerThe Average Executioner achievement in Knights Contract worth 37 pointsBeat the game on Squire

Was thinking of posting the full list on here as a spoiler tag, don't know if it would add anything to the blog but if you guys want it, I can do it. Suppose you could suggest a achievement every week.


Changing the Completion Percentage stat to show how many achievements have been earned as it's a more interesting stat, I think.

Last Weeks Totals

214,378 TA Score
116,314 Gamerscore
68.92% Completion Percentage

This Week's Totals

216,106 TA Score (+1628)
117,454 Gamerscore (+1140)
69.05% Completion Percentage ((23 achievements earned) 78 achievements until 70%)

4/26 Games Completed Jumper has jumped onto the list.

TA Playlist

So I haven't had a chance to touch Darksiders, my bad. However I plan on taking a break from next month's game as I do have and have played some of it but I have been trying to focus on my 360 list, so should allow me to get more done.

Final Thoughts

So not very short and succinct as I would have hoped, seems I just have a naturally length I manage to hit every week not sure if a longer read is a plus or minus so would be interesting to hear if you guys skip certain sections, skim read the blog or enjoy a lengthy read.

Anyway that brings to a close another edition of Gaming A to Z.

I don't know, some royal exit word. laugh
Posted by PALOFGAMES on 30 May 17 at 14:37 | There are 4 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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I can double box.

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