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POG BLOG 21/4/17 - Gaming A to Z: G for Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Hello one and all, welcome to blog #99

How’s it going people? Normally I write out this blog on TA but today I’m trying something different and writing it on Word, in an attempt to mask any little grammar hiccups that may occur. Got to say it’s a little jarring to change up my writing ritual so to speak, alongside experiencing the 2016 version of Word which is a little quirky in terms of the interface but I’m sure I’ll acclimatise to it.

Any way this a gaming blog, so let’s get onto that by talking about music (transition-tastic!)

Music Album A to Z

The Postal Service’s Give Up

So, I’ve been listening to a lot of music this week as Fairytale Fights is quite dull when it comes to the achievement side of things. To remedy this I put on some albums in the background to keep things interesting.

The reason for this album was that it was something I had never heard before and it made for some pretty chill listening which is great for some zoned out gaming. I was also toying with going the other end of the spectrum and going with some Godsmack but due to no full album being on YouTube I went with this instead.

I also gave Gorillaz another shot as I’ve never gelled with their music, not sure why but interesting to hear they are getting an animated show.

Once again here’s something more lively and recent.

Bleachers - Hate That You Know Me

Got to say I’m digging Bleachers’ latest exploits, both singles come across well and being a big fan of electronic music it’s a real treat.

Anyway, that was a rather lengthy music section so let’s go down to gaming avenue.

Gaming Recap

So, it’s been 10 days since the last update and there has been a fair bit of progress to show for it which is cool although Alan Wake still hasn’t seen the light of day, so a lengthy play after this blog should remedy that (Put some puns there, I couldn’t help myself).

The first mention should go to Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, as I managed to complete it shortly after last blog, which is a major coup as I thought the kraken boss would be particularly difficult but I think I psyched myself out a bit on that one as I did it quite quickly.

So, a main area of focus for the last few weeks has oddly been Batman: Arkham City and I’m set to finish off everything in my first playthrough only having 3 physical challenges and 1 side quest to complete. Making my second playthrough very quick not having to bother with Riddler Trophies.

Funny how I went from jumping in to the game to see Calendar Man to completing a large portion of it but what of last Blog’s game Fairytale Fights, well since last blog I have gained 5 achievements worth 90g.

You’d think I wouldn’t have much to go but I still have another single player run to do and then when I have a solid bit of time spare, there’s also 3 coop runs to do. Oh and a lot of collectables to pick up too. (This completionist thing sure is fun lol)

So, my stats for the games on my list, now look like this:

A to Z Games
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Miscellaneous Games
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Golden Axe: Beast Rider
So, this week’s game is brought to you by jotg05’s comment, thanks for presenting me with the insurmountable challenge of completing the game forged in the fires of hell as this is surely a demonic, twisted overall evil game that takes your time and discards it with reckless abandon.

Seriously it’s like the AI is programmed to laugh at your false hope.

So why have I hyped it up so much, why is it so hard? Well my dear Watson it’s because the achievements I’m left with are to complete levels with the “Battler’s Blade”. A weapon which allows you to one hit kill anything with one caveat, it only takes one hit to kill you!

Now this is a Hack n’ Slash game which lends itself to a lot of combat orientated gameplay and you’re probably thinking that sounds tricky but not that bad, well if you die you are forced to restart the level, no checkpoints, no second chances.

Finally, the game also has ranged units causing you to be constantly on the lookout for a stray shot that threatens to wipe the last 30 minutes of careful progression from a level.

I hope that paints a picture of what I’m in for and be sure to check in next week as the rage could be real.

Choose Next Week’s Game

So this week has a few choices albeit mostly Halo titles but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I suppose.

H for

Halo 3: ODST 40 of 47 (Legendary/ Collectibles and a couple Fire Fights)
Halo Wars 51 of 54 (Legendary playthrough, coop partner needed)
Halo: Reach 52 of 55 (Multiplayer stuff)
Hexic HD 10 of 12 (I'd rather not laugh)
Hitman: Absolution 12 of 46 (Probably the one I'm rooting for)
Hydrophobia 7 of 12 (Collectible/Challenge run needed)

Or suggest one of your own compute

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

Congratulations, you won the following Achievement from your ToDo list:

Sphinx' Riddle in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) for 24 points

So, I have finally cracked the curse after unlocking a solitary achievement acting as a lighthouse to hopefully bring all the achievement boats back to shore. (I have no idea what I’m talking about at this point).

94 Achievements now remain, 2 of which are up for grabs in Golden Axe: Beast Rider so I suppose that’s my task for the week.

Golden Axe: Beast RiderFiends Path ExpertThe Fiends Path Expert achievement in Golden Axe: Beast Rider worth 118 pointsComplete the "Fiends Path" level with the "Battler's Blade" sword.

Golden Axe: Beast RiderTitan Wastelands Class A+The Titan Wastelands Class A+ achievement in Golden Axe: Beast Rider worth 115 pointsComplete "Titan Wastelands" with an A+ ranking!

Last Blogs Totals

211,188 TA Score
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This Week's Totals

211,946 TA Score (+758)
115,370 Gamerscore (+260)
68.54% Completion Percentage (+0.16)

3/26 Games Completed (And another one, added to the finished pile)


So, my new personal best is currently 64 days which isn't a lot compared to the heavy hitters on the site but it's pretty ace for me personally #Roadto100

Final Thoughts

I think I need a better opener that "So" laugh, I was planning on doing a little think piece based on conversation in the comments last week about Ghostbusters in which it got me thinking about whether achievements can hinder good games due to the bad implementation of an achievement for example. Think this is too long as it is though so maybe next week, if you got through it without starting to snooze then good job and I'll catch you in the next one!
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I just got myself a copy of that game. It`s supposed to be challenging on the hardest difficulty, which i`m kind of looking forward to. What`s your impression of it?

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Alien AI works in a dumb way imo. Hardest difficulty generally turns into hiding 50% of the time by Mission 5.

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