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Hello one and all, welcome to blog #94.

So first things first, thought I would mention a few things about the blog. Firstly thanks to all who interacted last week, didn't think coming back to the blog after a lengthy hiatus would be fruitful but good to see that wasn't the case.

Secondly I recently glanced at my number of blogs posted and thought I should number them seeing as the milestone of 100 will be reached soon and speaking of milestones next week's edition of the blog (3/3/17) marks the 5 year anniversary of the blog and to celebrate some developers have been awesome enough to donate some keys for me to giveaway next week so that'll be cool! clap

With all that out of the way let's swiftly move on to the meat and potatoes of the blog.

Music Album A to Z

So this week I wanted to juxtapose last weeks popular pick of Green Day's American Idiot with something in a very different vein that is not very well known. So I have chosen the relatively recent release of Black Yaya's self-titled album.

The lead singer's native tongue of french gives a very interesting flavour when it comes to the pronunciation of how he sings his songs in English (Not in a stereotypical "Allo Allo" kind of a way) coupled that with the interesting electric folk vibe and you have a myriad of toe-tapping tunes if u ask me.

Now unfortunately there isn't a full album I can provide u with but the singles do have YouTube videos, check them out and see if they're your kind of jam.

Hope you enjoyed that, Now onto the games.

Gaming Recap

So the last week has been quite good even if it did have infuriating moments at times having missed a Templar and Kingdom flag wasn't fun for sure but having music on in the background helped me get through it without ripping my hair out and also has allowed me to pick up my first completion of not only this A to Z challenge but also this year.

I did how ever take few brief gaming breaks as far as playing other titles are concerned as I played Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for the purpose of gaining a odd scoring gamerscore achievement.

Sid Meier's Civilization RevolutionGood Afternoon, Doctor Jones.The Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones. achievement in Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution worth 10 pointsDiscover an ancient artifact.

Oddly both TA and the achievement screen on say I have 10 of 50 but when I go into the tile screen with all the achievement yet unlock it shows up there so not quite sure why that is.

Also I indulged myself and had a lazy Sunday consisting of a few hours of "competitive" (for fun) multiplayer on Halo Reach which surprisingly still had a player base.

Earning 40 achievements overall which is quite good haul compared to what I normally rack in as of recent, which is a few a week at best.


External image

So deciding what to play this week was a tricky one and while a few suggestions were cast out relating to Bayonetta and Blue Dragon, I have decided on this occasion to go with a title that I feel can be feasibly be done in a week alongside just having a hankering to return to. That game is Bioshock and more aptly place is Rapture!

Currently I sit on 29/50 achievements with 485g but seeing as I'll go for the DLC achievement as I can go for it at the same time make it 29/51. As u probably cam summarise I've previously played through this so it's more exercise of collecting and cleaning up rather than a full achievement round-up which was the case with Assassin's Creed.

Not to mention a trip down memory lane or rather a blast from the past maybe more appropriate.

Choose Next Weeks Game

So while last week I didn't act on the suggestions like a ruthless dictator (Yeah I'm literally Hitler) that's not to say it wasn't fun to hear what you've got to say also if you've had any interesting experiences with any of the games listed like glitchy achievements, funny things that have happened etc let me know. toast

C for...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 43 of 50
Child of Eden 15 of 49
Comic Jumper 4 of 12
Crackdown 18 of 50
Crash Of The Titans 14 of 47
Crimson Dragon 22 of 39

Slim picking this week but feel free to mention other titles that I have not listed that are letter appropriate as I might pick it up.

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

So I now stand at 99 Achievements to go, having only gotten the Assassin's Creed achievement so not the best start but that being said the Tortoise won the race so maybe a slow start isn't all bad and progress is progress.

Assassin's CreedEagle's EyeThe Eagle's Eye achievement in Assassin's Creed worth 21 pointsKill 75 guards by throwing knives.

This week I'm gonna go for a more doable set, while I'm not actively trying to complete Bayonetta this week due to the three required playthroughs, I will try play some of it and earn these 2 achievements in the process.

BayonettaAngel May CryThe Angel May Cry achievement in Bayonetta worth 52 pointsComplete half of all Alfheim portals.

BayonettaA Mother's LoveThe A Mother's Love achievement in Bayonetta worth 26 pointsDefend ????? during the ???????, ensuring ????? takes no damage.

Will probably revisit it for the complete game on hard achievement

BayonettaSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Bayonetta worth 51 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Also Bioshock should net me this one.

BioShock (Xbox 360)Fully Researched Spider Splicer.The Fully Researched Spider Splicer. achievement in BioShock (Xbox 360) worth 13 pointsFully research the Spider Splicer.

Hopefully this weeks more minimalist approach pays off.


So I thought it be nice to keep track of my stats to see How beneficial this exercise is, so currently I stand at:

Last Weeks Totals

206, 367 TA Score
112, 396 Gamerscore
66.91% Completion Percentage

This Week's Totals

207,901 TA Score (+1534)
113,305 Gamerscore (+909)
67.40% Completion Percentage (+0.49%)

1/26 Games Completed

Also I'm part of the group The Exodus for the GTASC 2017 challenge and we seem to be in good shape currently but not sure for how much longer.

The Exodus

Currently there are 217 Teams remaining.

Final Thoughts

So I do have one amendment relating to my final overarching challenge of completing 13 of the 26 games, however I realised that would put me on 99 completed games and who wants to be on that number so let's push the boat out at and go for 14.

Well this has been quite a lengthy blog, hope it hasn't sent you to sleep sleep unless that was the intention laugh really starting to get back into the groove of this and lets hope Bioshock isn't as much of a headache as Assassin's Creed was in the collectable department.

Bye until I'm back wave
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PermalinkPOG BLOG 16/2/17 - Gaming A to Z: A for Assassin's Creed
Hello one and all,

So for any longtime readers you'll know that this blog can be quite scatter brained and experimental in terms of format and sections I often introduce, scrap and recycle into something different.

Well I felt the need to stretch my writing legs recently (ignore the shoehorned metaphor) laugh and do something to both motivate me to try and play games I'm yet to touch, that just sit around collecting dust alongside something interesting to write about that has a degree of structure to it.

So with that in mind I'm gonna do a gaming A to Z which is pretty explanatory but for those that don't know, I essentially select a game that starts with the corresponding letter of that week and try and get as far as possible / complete within that week and move on to the next letter the following week. Simple and hopefully an interesting read wink .

Music Album A to Z

So with these blogs I've always liked to include a music track as a bit of background sound as a lot of people seem to like that and I've mostly covered gaming music but I thought it would be fun to do a album A to Z in tandem with the Gaming A to Z as a fun tie-in.

My music tastes tend to be wide ranging so hopefully there will be some fun picks u may not have heard and enjoy but we'll see, also I may find on certain weeks like Y I might not have an album already chosen and will have to do some searching which will be fun for me too.

So for A I thought I'd go with a pretty predictable/ mainstream pick with American Idiot by Green Day. While I can't say Green Day's later works have been easy listening for me and while some of their earlier stuff like "Dookie" was good in their own right, I find this album to be indicative of Green Day finding their sound and running with it.

Assassin's Creed

So my pick for this week is Assassin's Creed which I have only briefly touched upon due to the "Ultimate Head to Head 2 Contest" which I quite enjoyed doing and look forward to the 3rd instalment of the contest. Currently stat-wise I sit on 5/44 achievements unlocked equating to 100 gamerscore which gives me quite the margin for improvement which is good.

Also this one of the rare examples of a series that I played out of sequence having played 2 and brotherhood previously. I hope this should be a relatively doable completion outside of the associated collectables, of which there is quite a few but no miss-able achievements so that's something.

Choose Next Weeks Game

So I thought it would be nice to include the interactive element of listing my games for the next letter to help me choose, so feel free to give your opinions on games that jump out at you for one reason or another.

B for...

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - 43 of 50
Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) - 21 of 56
Batman: Arkham Origins - 12 of 50
Battlefield 4 - 51 of 67
Bayonetta - 10 of 50
Binary Domain - 4 of 50
BioShock (Xbox 360) - 29 of 50
BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) - 55 of 68
BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) - 70 of 80
Blue Dragon - 15 of 43
Blur - 41 of 50
Bully: Scholarship Edition - 6 of 38

Quite a few to choose from which is nice also feel free to mention other titles that I have not listed that are letter appropriate as I might pick it up.

Random 100 To Do List Challenge

So I've created a random list of 100 Achievements through the "To Do List" system and hope to work through some of them each week to give the blog an overarching element to it as well which will be fun but challenging hopefully.

Luckily one achievement on the list is for Assassin's Creed which is:

Assassin's CreedEagle's EyeThe Eagle's Eye achievement in Assassin's Creed worth 21 pointsKill 75 guards by throwing knives.

Gonna also go for the other achievements related to A games as well as there's a nice cluster of them;

Alan WakeChild of the Elder GodThe Child of the Elder God achievement in Alan Wake worth 17 pointsHave a rock'n'roll moment without dropping to a low health state.

Alan Wake's American NightmareGlorious DawnThe Glorious Dawn achievement in Alan Wake's American Nightmare worth 13 pointsSurvive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level.

Alan Wake's American NightmarePoetry in MotionThe Poetry in Motion achievement in Alan Wake's American Nightmare worth 64 pointsGet a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.

Alice: Madness ReturnsThat's Using Your HeadThe That's Using Your Head achievement in Alice: Madness Returns worth 43 pointsComplete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes

Alone In The DarkNOT ALONE ANYMOREThe NOT ALONE ANYMORE achievement in Alone In The Dark worth 46 pointsFinish the episode without skipping any sequence.

Army of TWO: The Devil's CartelBarbarianThe Barbarian achievement in Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel worth 13 pointsDestroyed 500 objects

On average I'll need to get 4 achievements a week so I could potentially start quite strong if I can achieve this but either way this can add an extra flavour to my gaming habits at the very least which is cool.


So I thought it be nice to keep track of my stats to see How beneficial this exercise is, so currently I stand at:

206, 367 TA Score
112, 396 Gamerscore
66.91% Completion Percentage

Also I'm part of the group The Exodus for the GTASC 2017 challenge so I might as well keep track of that too

The Exodus

Currently there are 235 Teams remaining.

Final Thoughts

So this should be a fun project feel free to join me and do the same and I'll look at incorporating some more stuff for next week and as a last goal I'm gonna aim to have half of these A to Z games completed within there respective weeks so if all goes well I can have 13 more games be added to the completed pile.

Bye for now wave
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