Need to finish up GTA 5 for xbox 360. Anyone else want to make some sessions?


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XBOX 360 Multiplayer Achievements
I took a scroll into my Xbox 360 games collection that I have not played in a while. I noticed quite a few titles needed 'mopping up' in the online department. Before the console transition from Xbox 360 to the current platform, I mainly stuck to multiplayer matchmaking on Call of Duty and offline NHL. It's often suggested to complete all the online achievements first. facepalmFor the titles listed below, I just never really went for online requirements when I bought them. There are a number of co-op based titles and team based (which I plan on creating or hosting sessions for) modes.

So here is the list and I hope to get some feedback or responses if there are any games we share in common:

Guitar Hero 3:
- 500 online wins (easy with a boost partner)

Rock Band
- Tug of War
- Score Duel

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood:
- All Base Game online achievements-

Gears of War
- All Base Game online achievements-
- Hidden Fronts MP 2

Gears of War 2
- Co-op (Insane)
- 1999 Rounds (3 others on Base Game)
- Horde
- Various 'Map Pack' DLC's/Title Updates

Gears of War 3
- Co-op campaign/Arcade
- Horde (Base Game)
- Horde DLC's
- All Title Updates

Grand Theft Auto 4
- 'Fly The Co-op'
- 1st in 20 different races
- Win all races

Call of Duty: WAW
- Zombies
- Base Game Co-op

Red Dead Redemption
- Top rank in online MP
- Co-op DLC
- Liar's and Cheats DLC
- Undead Nightmare DLC
- Legends and Killers DLC

Hitman Absolution
- servers are temporarily down (I hope they're back up soon)

Dead Rising 2 (360)
- Base Game 'TIR events'

Halo 3
- All online achievements; DLC's-
- MP Leveling

Halo: Reach
- Firefight
- MP Leveling

Grand Theft Auto 5
- All Base Game online achievements
- Online Heists DLC

Resident Evil 5 (360)
- Co-op on hardest difficulty anyone?

So that's it, anyone that wants to contact me and get session(s) going for these games I am glad to play, have a working microphone and am flexible in my hours (EST)

Thanks if you read any or all,

- Pr0mote

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Comment by CatDad#6128 at 15:09 on 04 Dec 2021

Nicely done

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Comment by CatDad#6128 at 15:10 on 04 Dec 2021


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Comment by DTI Spartan at 09:36 on 04 Dec 2021

is there an easy way of doing quake i started it but got bored quick, has not aged well :)

Maka91Venus: Improbable DreamMaka91 has rated the game Venus: Improbable Dream 1 out of 5
Comment by Arador at 10:19 on 04 Dec 2021

That bad is it?

Comment by OFUNBlack at 10:29 on 04 Dec 2021

Do you even listen to the story?

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Comment by MrWolfw00d at 08:16 on 04 Dec 2021

Hey BiLLz - How is this? The art for it looked really nice.

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 15:31 on 04 Dec 2021

It’s decent. It’s a side scrolling beat em up

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